Phonecam pic?

Supposedly from a bus shelter here in SF? A friend just sent it to me. Uh… anyone know about this, or its location?

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Sitewide updates, phew!

I’ve been mulling over a whole bunch of changes to this site for a few days — actually I’ve been depressed, with a few high points, you know, it’s my birthday soon and birthdays have a way of being really great and sucking all at once. Like having my server go down for a while yesterday, and finding out that the impostor stupid racist porn performer who keeps using my name is at Exotic Erotic here in town this october — it’s not me, just someone trading on my name and making it look in local advertising like I’d do *anything* at that shitty event. And my stomach hurts. And I think I’ll be hanging with myself on my birthday, which is weird (Mark P is outta town, or I’d work on machines). So today I spent the day doing what Virgos like to do when we feel upset; organize, clean, spiff up and touch all the objects that constitute meaning in our environments. Actually, I got the bestest, truest Virgo birthday quote this week: I was at SRL monday and hung out a while with my SRL sibling Bob. It was early afternoon and he was drinking a beer — and I happened to be there on his birthday! I was all like, “me too! this friday!” And he replied, ‘yeaaaaah, Virgos!” We clinked, his beer to my special Mark Pauline soy latte with chocolate sprinkles. He continued, “yeah, Virgos fuckin’ rule. ‘I clean the house *and* I’ll fuck the shit out of you!’” I think I shot latte out my nose laughing…

So, updates: take a look around! My front age check page now has a cute new photo taken last weekend; and the really big change is that it now links directly to my blog. I made the old “main” page into a full-on page of my books. I added six new sex podcasts, bringing the total of my curated collection of sex podcasts up to an amazing 45. I re-did my links page and added lots — more incredible resources, more friends, more sex culture blogs. The couples page is much more involved and has more info, as does the erotica page. And a fun update is on the articles/HOWTO page, where I’ll be adding more howto’s as I write them. I also tweaked the porn page a bit, and rearranged my top and left-hand nav. I think everything flows a bit better. I really want to add sitewide search — that’s next.

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Living sex dolls in Second Life?

A reader writes, “V,

Saw this in Second Life and thought you might find it interesting. Essentially, people volunteer to be remotely controlled sex dolls.”

Check it out while it lasts at this URL: “Real Slut: Three Hole Edition. A living, breathing sex doll.”

Anyone know more about this?

Update: Lots of responses to this! Two fun ones to post here… Starting with the owner of the Flickr photostream I linked to, who tells us, “I noticed you’ve got a picture up from my Flickr account showing The Real Sex Doll from Second Life. That’s actually a photo I posted that goes with a blog feature I just did on the SL resident who created that doll (as well as some other interesting products.) The Real Slut and The Real Sex Doll are two separate products, only one of which (The Real Slut) offers a degree of control over the user who becomes the ‘slut.’ Everything is explained in detail in my post.” Read Becoming the Real Slut in Second Life.

Also Evil Signtist writes, “hey just read your post about 2nd life. did you happen to track back the flicker set? check out all the peni!”

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With love, Bo Logan (HUMP! 2 redux)

This is one of those moments when I realize I live a truly charmed life — remember the movie that won Seattle’s amateur porn contest/fest, HUMP! 2, put on by The Stranger? I waxed at length about Cum On Love, Bo Logan is Waiting, how sweet and funny and heartwarming it was, which was surely why it won.. and guess what!?

BO LOGAN EMAILED ME!!!!!!! w00t! w00t! w00t! Throw your panties on the stage! Free mustache rides!

The world’s sexiest retired fake porn star, the man with the moves the ladies can’t resist — Bo Logan himself — emailed me today and said,

> i am/was the infamous bo logan in the
> HUMP entry CUM ON LUV! i just wanted
> to thank you for your shining review of our
> film.

Of course, like all proper whores, he has a MySpace page.

Also, it has come to my attention that local sex toy retailer Good Vibes is now attempting to create an amateur porn fest like HUMP!. Hmmmm.

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Out out out

I’ve been sick and overworked this week. I’m going out!

Update: So… about last night. Extra Action snuck me into a $125 per-person Friends of the Earth benefit at Broadway Studios in North Beach, and madness/inebriation ensued. I was calling it the “Friends of Ben Franklin benefit”, and it was packed with upper crusty San Francisco rich people. Like, you know how when you pick up a copy of San Francisco Magazine or 7×7 magazine and you see all these pictures of rich skinny white society people and you’re all like “who the *fuck* are these people? do they live in San Francisco?” Well, it was those people.

Actually, my SRL pal and EA trumpet player Greg Jones snuck me in — usually my ex boyfriend lets me tag along, but he had a *date* and didn’t want me to cockblock him, I guess, so he told me I couldn’t go with him. I was good and did not cockblock.

These gigs with the super square crowds are always my favorites; the crowd ‘takes a walk on the wild side” and the band has a lot of fun with them, even if it winds up looking like a bachelorette party sometimes. Everyone had to wear name tags; Shane and Serina had good ones, I got one so they couldn’t toss me out when I didn’t produce a horn or pom-pom at showtime. I took three great videos of the flag team; this is hot, this is sexy, this is fun. There was a hoity-toity silent auction, fancy free food, and cops. When I took this picture, Mark Leno kissed me and said in front of his crowd, “Violet, *you are a flirt*.” Flag team insanity ensued and then the ridiculousness continued outside. We were wasted, and the party almost came back to my house. I drunk dialed two of my current boyfriends after midnight and one ex; at least two of those three phone calls were little more than shrieks and giggles on my end before hanging up. I got asked out on dates by three different guys I actually want to go out with, and I made out with a hot boy for like two minutes in a North Beach parking lot.

Exactly what I needed. The entire album is here. Favorite pictures after the jump.

* * * * * * *

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[Audio + textcast] Open Source Sex 45 (and more)

goeddearia.jpgLots of podcasty goodness here… First, check out a fresh crop of sex podcasts over at Fleshbot in my new post (The Return Of!) Sexy Podcasts. Next, I’ve been busy with Open Source Sex this week. I added a new feed just for erotica — some of you have been wanting an erotica-only feed, and so combined with iTunes’ requests it made perfect sense — go ahead and fondle the RSS over at open source sex :: erotica. You’ll notice I nibbled and bit the template of my podcast blog a bit and it’s got a nicer new look. I also figured out how to podcast a .pdf, which I’ll do next. Multimedia sex ed, for reals.

And how did I resolve the iTunes erotica removal? I was hard-pressed to take the episodes out of my feed (half my episodes to date), so I migrated the erotica over to the new feed and then got super sad about losing the stats (they’re fun to look at) and the post comments from over the past year and a half. It was Libsyn to the rescue — they walked me through a sweet hack to block individual episodes from iTunes, so excellent.

And now the podcast! One of my favorite topics, bending over the boyfriends… yummy! Snip from Open Source Sex 45:

Prostate pleasure for couples! To celebrate my brand-new book The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys, listen to me smilingly talk you through an intro to male anal pleasure from the “bend over boyfriend” chapter. Here, you’ll find out about prostate pleasure, how couples can get started and have a lot of fun with male anal penetration, and a strap-on sex primer for couples. There’s a lot more detailed info about this *delightful* sex act in the book, and you can hear hot erotica about it in Open Source Sex episodes 8, 31 and 40.

This is a textcast; if you got this podcast in iTunes and want to read along (or refer back to the information later), click the center of your iPod’s trackwheel three times and scroll through the text at your leisure. You can also read it in iTunes on your computer.

Link to post; link to MP3. Link to Open Source Sex in iTunes, where you can get the textcast. Image of Aria Giovanni by Steve Diet Goedde, via Stockroom.

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The confirmation number of the beast

I just registered to attend the Podcast and Portable Media Expo at the end of the month. It looks like The Learning Annex Donald Trump Real Estate Wealth Expo, but for podcasting. But, like, omigawd, all my friends are going! Well, okay, all my friends I never met in person. And I am not ‘invited’ to go or anything like that. I just registered as — Occupation: ‘wetware hacker’; Kind of podcaster: ‘iTunes’ redheaded stepchild’; Reason to attend expo: ‘to crash it’; Heard about it from: ‘inebriated videobloggers’. And I just got my reg number — starting with 666. This is so perfect. I’m going to bring another troublemaker with me, and we’ll podcast/videoblog the whole thing. I will call this person my lawyer. I am also going to bring roofies to use on the guys, a very expensive and delicious inebriant, federally prohibited fuel injected lubricant, and a piece of toast that looks a little like Adam Curry. I mean, one look at the website and it’s definitely a bring-your-own-party party. Seriously. Learning. Annex.

My schedule at the PME:
* show up, huff Lemon Pledge from a thigh-high stocking, begin recording audio
* heckle Leo Laporte
* slap a Laughing Squid sticker on his back when he turns around in an angry huff
* meander aimlessly telling anyone who will listen that I have “7 Proven Strategies to Monetize Your Podcast in 30 Days or Less” in my pants
* find beercasters
* use knowledge gleaned from the ‘godcasters’ PME forum and find their meetup; begin the praise jesus barf bonanza from fuel attained in beercasters’ private coolers, videoblog entire scene from start to finish while explaining I bring the immortal gift of vomit to godcasting
* wander back to expo while vicodin kicks in; display buttocks to Microsoft/AMD Blogger Lounge and passing conference attendees while bragging about being a judge for the Vloggies
* find beers stashed earlier in the day
* heckle Andrew Michael Baron about quality of porn on Rocketboom; demand to hump his wooden leg
* wonder loudly where all the hot babes are
* ask if I can take a nap at the Libsyn booth; when denied, realize that by expo standards I am a “hobbyist”, weep openly
* commence after party

Update: I now have a lawyer who instructs me, “as your lawyer, i advise you to add some sort of rubber microphone protector to your arsenal. and look out for hitchhikers. with irivers. ok, i am now officially attending in order to ‘represent’ and i heard about this shindig from ‘wasted podshow staffers last year.’

it promised me ‘attendee tools.’ i believe we’ll have those in abundance.”

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