Miss Rigid Tools

A monday evening at SRL working on machines; 12 new photos start here. My dear longtime friend Eric Paulos came and gave the new operators of our hyooge prehistoric machine Big Walker an operational tutorial; this machine hasn’t been run in so long there’s no info for it on our site for me to link to. I got great video of the machine that I’ll post in an update tomorrow after I get some sleep (it’s 2:40am)!

Update: geeky SRL home movies here and here. While I was fliming this one of the operators had the gas siphoned out of his truck outside the shop compound. We’re in a pretty bad neighborhood out there.

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[Video] George Washington

Skip this post if you’ve already seen the video — I have, but Sean Bonner, the boss of me at Metblogs, *made* me watch it again. Did you know that George Washington fucked the shit out of bears? Learn about our greatest president after the jump.

* * * * * * *

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Monday reads, filthy lucre, forced fellatio ideas for Mac enthusiasts

Fun things to read:

* Wired reviewed my new book The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn — and loved it! Check out Smart Girls Need Smart Porn.

* Ever get with a guy and he has a system crash before *you* even boot up? The lickable Mark Morford wrote a very fun sexified treatment of Windoze vs. Mac in Windows Gives No Tongue — Reminder: Microsoft’s bloated OS is truly terrible in the sack. But a Mac will make you moan (popup warning).

* If you can make it past the arrestingly smolderingly sexy photo of Rachel Kramer Bussel to read her terrific article Fucking and Feminism: Blowjobs, Casual Sex and Rape Fantasies are Under Attack, you should. Personally, I prefer my empowerment one thick swallow at a time.

* And while we’re at it, let’s do another installment in This Week in Porn Hysteria — at Fleshbot we’ve been following the Devner Post’s filthy mind into its knee-jerk definition of filthy lucre, but you should see what I’m up against with my new book by checking out the disturbing (and very disturbed mainstream) opposition in Porn epidemic? The Infusion of Sex Into Popular Culture Has Been So Seamless That Some Critics are Calling it a Public-Health Crisis. I love some of the phrasing in this piece, calling porn a “sinister carnival” with “corrosive powers”. Neat!

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BoingBoing brunch in LA

I’m back! I took a blogging break — got tangled up in a delicious boy, then took a spontaneous trip to LA to visit a friend I hadn’t connected with in a long time. I happened to be there on the day that Mark Frauenfelder was having a welcome back to the U.S. brunch for Cory Doctorow and his sweetie Alice — and I was delighted to be Xeni Jardin‘s guest. A BoingBoing brunch! I had a fabulous time and met a lot of incredibly cool, smart, grounded, funny and down-to-earth people (though perhaps with martian lineages).

The whole album and photo captions begin here; cherry-picked photos from the album are after the jump. Back to regular posts tomorrow. Left to right, above: Sean Bonner, Xeni Jardin, me.

* * * * * * *

Cory, Mark:

Mark, Xeni:

Sean Bonner — in da hizzouse:

John K., Mark:

Violation of a pie:

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The first SRL machine

Spent the whole day at SRL sorting through image files for a media outlet that wants hi-res images of four machines to make drawings of the machines — which meant I spent hours and hours going through image files of 25 years of shows, few labeled. It was nice to spend the day on Mark’s computer and hang out in the office; the guys (and a few girls) would escape the heavy machinery periodically and come in and visit and bring me snacks and gossip and make jokes, very fun.

I found some pretty mind-blowing images, completely by accident. I clicked a file and opened graphic pictures of Mark’s hand surgery (warning, link goes to a bloody image). Outrageous images of flaming mayhem and machine operators running machines while laying on the ground under the smoke and fire (even a few of me like that). But what really captivated me was finding the above image of the first SRL machine ever made for Mark’s first show, Machine Sex.

And guess what? We have the machine, and it still works.

I had a few minutes between waiting for files to upload and send, so I took pics of Mark’s office around me while I occupied his massive office chair and drank iced soy coffee. Today’s pics start here; in case you’re new here, I’m photoblogging the whole show and the album starts here, complete with a diary of my experiences and picture captions. You can buy tickets for our August 11 San Jose show here.

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[Audio] Open Source Sex 41

Did a midnight podcast last night, snip from post:

“I’m thrilled — thrilled! — about the arrival of my newest book, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn! Tonight I thought it would be fun to read the introduction to the book, where I explain how I got to be a professional female porn reviewer and sex blogger, my sad-yet-funny trials trying to find good porn, and why –and how — porn can be hot and lame and fun all at the same time. It’s that fun, and that personal.

I hope you like it; it means a lot to me. Check out the entire table of contents for the book in this post.”

Link to post; link to Open Source Sex 41 (MP3).

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A long day of meetings

First, a meeting at the SRL shop (sharpie tats inspired by this).

Then a long meeting with my dear friends from Gay Porn Blog, Gay Sex Blog and Naked Sword (among other tasty gay porn sites) about the Temptation Awards at the end of the month…. phew, tired.

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