Gifts, condolences, love and immortality

I’m stunned.

I just got a special delivery gift from Coop and Ruth.

A pic of the whole pirate booty is after the jump.

* * * * * * *

(the books are mine, to hold the prints down)

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Light reading

Here’s a great quote from my pal Mark‘s column today:

“But through it all, there seems to exist this one general rule: If you have that much to hide, if you are living some sort of secret and embarrassing and family-endangering double life, if you are constantly burying images and hiding data or altering your persona to the point of endangering your work, if you cannot let someone, say, cruise through your personal sex-toy box without massive blushing and fainting and humiliation, perhaps you’re living the wrong kind of life. You think?”

Read Behold, All My Dirty Secrets (popup warning). Then read my guide to safe porn surfing! (Thanks, Sean.)

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I found myself wandering into Radio Smack today looking for something to do with my hands. No one got lucky, but I did decide to combine my need for making something with my urge for depression-fueled retail therapy. Strangely, lipgloss, fetish shoes and new panties just would not do. And no one is around to wrestle me to get my new copy of Make Magazine Vol. 06 out of my panties. I wanted a project and new tools. So I decided to follow along with this instructable that caught my eye (seen on that blog everyone links to all the time), and destroy a Griffin iTrip right out of the box. Very satisfying, especially since I decided to forgo the rusty dull razorblades lying about my house as a result of accidental theft from SRL, and got myself a really nice X-acto kit. This project should only really be done with a kit like this.

Progress photoblogged after the jump. It was a very successful operation.

* * * * * * *

My fancy new X-acto set and work area:

I read that more wire equaled more better. So I opened up some speaker wire I had laying around:

They said to use a razor blade to pry it out, but the antenna popped out in one second with this square tool:

Not pretty, but the Griffin wire is super-delicate thin braid so you have to be nimble when you wrap the copper:

Sealed with sexy black electrical tape; I found that you can pinch the wires together with force once they’re inside the tape, and the more I pinched the stronger it made the signal:

Looks good, sounds better than out of the box:

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Femmebot dreams, human abilities

Also — Xeni is back (YAY) and Boing Boing is fast and furious right now. Yesterday she posted about an article that’s not to be missed: the post is Yay, robot sex! Ahem. Ethics of machinophilia considered. Here it seems that the article’s author is considering the ethics of robot (and by proxy, machine) sex. But what’s really funny about the article are all the unintentional points the author has us (okay, me) considering… I mean, as humans we’re certainly hard-wired to enjoy sex and programmed to share it. But read the article — and talk about manufacturing consent!

I really, deeply agree with the human-orgasm-as-priority that’s inferred in the article, though I think this is unintentional too. And this line, oh, *especially* in regard to sex, snip:

“The greatest danger, however, is likely to lie with robots that are able to learn from their ‘experiences’. As systems develop, robots are likely to have much more sophisticated self-learning mechanisms built into them and it may become impossible to predict exactly how they will behave.”

YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unpredictable smart sex. OMG, I wish I was in the future RIGHT NOW.

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That incredible GETV segment


In case you missed it, Eddie posted the segment I told you about a couple posts back, where I interviewed the man making prototypes of an exoskeleton to aid motion and mobility for people with spinal cord injuries. Read the Boing Boing RoboGames wrapup post here; visit the GETV post here.

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Me update

Doing okay, but in a daze. I keep finding myself just staring at stuff. I’m now at the point where I need to do things, like things with my hands, but can’t concentrate yet to write, nor do I feel like I’d be safe to work at SRL. It’s okay; I have my machine assignment and everyone knows I’ll be in the shop with a vengeance next week.

Seeing friends last night was necessary; shots were bought, a few tears were spilled, asses were grabbed. All good.

And this blog needs more sex. Don’t you think?

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Stop the robomadness!


Friend Scott Beale took terrific action photos yesterday, as always — including this favorite (above) and this moment of Eddie and I showing our vloggy feelings for old media. I’ll do the rest of my video updates to this post at Metblogs and visit my album for final photo updates later tonight. Lots of you wrote me about the soccerbot video — and if you liked that you’ll *love* this awesome video shot by Bre Pettis over at Make (great music, too).

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