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Pretty Christie Stevens screwed by a BBC

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The A to Z of porn by Bish Training

Bish Training is a widely respected, indie porn UK-based education website that fouces on helping people of all ages (particularly young adults) understand the entertaining artifice of pornsex – as well as know how to make enjoyable choices surrounding one’s own porn observation and consumption. Bish just published The ‘A’ (Amateur – Anal) start to its A-Z of Porn series and it’s completely fantastic, practical and refreshingly sane.

From A – Anal:

Anal sex is probably more popular in porn than it is in real life, but that’s not to say that it isn’t popular in real life.

(…) People have been having anal sex (both heterosexual and homosexual couples) long before porn became as popular and widespread as it is today. Some people think that porn might be encouraging more people to try it, or that it might make people more inclined to say that they’ve tried it.

(…) Remember porn is edited. You don’t see them having a cup of tea or farting or stretching their legs when they get ‘pins and needles’ either. They are using lube and gently stretching the anus away from the camera (as well as carefully cleaning the anus). However in porn it looks like the penis (or sex toy) slips inside the anus really easily and quickly without preparation at all

It’s one of those situations where porn is a really bad sex educator. A-Z of Porn: ‘A’ (

Most people in the sex-positive, all-gender and -orientation education/activism circles respect and share every pixel of what Bish lays down online in the effort to give young adults the tools they need to safely and consensually navigate a brave new world of generally findable online porn. While Bish’s A-Z is for adults only, I wish what Bish does with youth-focused pornsex educating (this) would be made into some kind of required reading for young adults everywhere.

Image: Beatrix – Call Me

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