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I decided to reactivate my Tinder account today… just to kinda see what’s out there. It’s linked to a intimate Facebook page I created; not my regular one. I’ve had admirable luck with Tinder before… although there aren’t as many black males who use it as I’d like… or at least my sort of darksome men… the coarse built thug types. There are a lot of hipster types on Timber… and I imagine every other online site… but I’m not at all into angst-ridden, bearded, feminized, politically correct, chi tea sipping, beta male faggot hipsters. They bore and sicken me. To me… they’re not really studs.

I too set up a profile on a web site that caters to traveling business professionals… basically, professional men who are looking for some business tour pussy… and professional chicks who are looking for some business voyage rod.

Beneath my agreement with my spouse, I can solely see James no more than once a month… but there is no limit on how many other men I can see, date, or play with.

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