One more Hotwife texting her Darksome Bull from work…“I…

Another Hotwife texting her Black Bull from work…

“I actually miss u! Can you come over around nine tonight?”

“Is your husband plan to be around?”

“Yeah. Why?

“I’d rather be alone with u.”

“I know. Me likewise. But this chab can’t live without to see. It turns him on.”

“Why don’t u just come by here, instead?”

“You know why. I’m not allowed to be alone with u. It’s one of the rules.”

“Fuck the rules, baby. I crave u alone. Just us. No hubby around.”

“I’m sorry. Maybe some day. I’d indeed like that.”

“Tonight. Just come by after work.”

“My spouse won’t like that.”

“He don’t need to know. Just come by for a bit.”

“I don’t wanna lie to him.”

“Does this chab receive to be there the whole time?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry. That’s one of rules.”

“Your husband has plenty of rules.”

“I know. But he’s my husband. And I love him. This chab lets me play whenever I want, with whoever I want. But I receive to follow his rules. Sorry.”

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