One hot reason to have an Android: MiKandi’s comic store (explicit images)


I regret switching to an iPhone for a lot of reasons (although security isn’t one of them). I miss a lot of things about the Android OS, and now MiKandi’s comic store has me seriously considering fitting an Android tablet purchase into my budget. I love comics. Especially explicit erotic comics; my apartment is dotted with stacks of them, which have overflowed from my bookcases, piled knee-high in a gloriously NSFW mix with rare erotic art and photography books.

MiKandi’s store has a hell of a selection, the kind of titles my local store would special order for me. (Hint: I like my sex comics well-drawn, imaginative, outrageous, impossible, and filthy.) I’d love to see MiKandi add all the old Eros Comix & Fantagraphics (@eroscomix), as well as Last Gasp’s erotic comics and erotic graphic novels in their store.

binary gangbang hizzacked

At present, I noticed they have Deimos, comics by Hizzacked (that’s her Binary Gangbang above, here’s Sequoia State), CutePet, and MiKandi just announced it’s adding “Switch” by artist Reinbach (main post image; image below). I especially like MiKiandi’s line, “Experience the best adult comics, hentai manga, and erotic books anytime, anywhere from the app store that treats you like an adult.” Thank you.


* Researching Hizzacked for this post I discovered that Coinbase doesn’t allow “adult” transactions, and banned her for selling her comics and artwork with bitcoin through the service. WTF, Coinbase?! I’m never recommending Coinbase again.

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