On my way…

I’m super nervous. And kind of unsure about this. I’m slutty though. At least I can count on James to keep me safe. In case smth goes wrong. He’s plan to be sitting outside in his car down the street expecting for me. Ready to come bursting in if this chab doesn’t get my texts that things are going well.

Afterwards, James is taking me home with him, where I’ll be spending the night.


On some other subject… I had a conversation with Kimberly this afternoon. Nothing peculiar, we were just chatting, and the subject of dance class came up. That babe made a comment about how much she loved it, and thanked me for asking her to do it with me.

So yeah, she’s been fucking Enrico, one of our dance instructors.

I decided to lastly break the ice with her, and asked, “So… not to pry… but have u been seeing Enrico? I’ve noticed the way this fellow looks at you. And the way u look at him. Like your chemistry jointly.”

She seems surprised that I asked, and didn’t quite know how to react at first. She nervously bit her lip, not answering.

I tried to reassure her. “It’s ok if you have. I was just curious.”

“Would u be upset?”

“Are you kidding? Certainly not. I think he’s really hot.”

She still wasn’t answering.

“So, have u?”

“Yeah. We’ve gone out a hardly any times.”

“Next time we’re relaxing in the hot tub, you’ll acquire to tell me about them.”

“Uhhhh… okay.”

“Are u still seeing Giancarlo?”

“Kinda. But not as much. He’s more like a ally now.”

“I’ve always liked him.”

“Me likewise. He’s always been indeed sweet to me.”

I said her I could tell something was going on between her and Enrico, but that it was nice, that her secret was my secret.

She smiled like she had just won the lottery, and said, “You’re so awesome. Thank you!”

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