Oh Flickr, no

So, okay, they won’t tell me what photos have violated their policy. But I just logged out and viewed my Flickr page and — the ONLY photos viewable to the public are the ones the Flickr staff marked as safe: the photo sets of me IN MY PANTIES. That’s right, you can’t see any of the cat show I went to, pictures of me and my cat or my vacations or SXSW, the SRL show from last March, *none* of my non-sexual photos are visible.

And I’m going to take the fact that my previous contact there (Stewart) has quit since I was put “in the wrong bucket” last time as a bad sign for Flickr and Yahoo! overall. I’m pretty sure that my photos are being flagged by a viewer seeking to penalize me (Jonathan’s ex who has been Flickr stalking him? A certain former Yahoo! employee who went to town vandalizing my Wikipedia page?). I am a high-profile target, that’s a fact — and clearly I’ll need to let Flickr know that I am also a journalist involved in a Federal lawsuit. But this action, from Flickr, is certainly punitive.

Wonderfully, I can still find plenty of accounts like this.

* This is all going to fold right into the online sexual identity (and privacy) talks and panels I’m giving at ETech and SXSW next year.

Update: The irony — I just got this email:


I enjoy reading your blog, and I have to say: I’m jealous! I never get
to go to holiday parties where there’s so much skin and sensuality
going on in the corners. Lucky you.

You don’t know me, of course, but I’m writing to ask your permission
to add you as a Flickr contact. You always have the best sets, and I
look forward to seeing your adventures. I’m even looking into Helios
after seeing how much you seem to do with yours.

Thanks for everything,

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