Hello everyone! I am proud to announce the new revamp of my Tumblr blog – Masturbation Pleasure. If you love masturbation, porn, and want to get stimulation, this blog is for you. I truly hope you enjoy it! Just like most of your blogs, Masturbation Pleasure shares porn, erotica, and other arousing material to stimulate and pleasure one another. It has been an exciting time in Tumblr though I spent more of my time enjoying the blogs rather than posting in the past. Since joining Tumblr on April 2015, I have met a few new friends who enjoy masturbation, porn, and all things sexual. We have enjoyed being naked, explored our arousals, fetishes, and shared experiences together with no shame and embarassment.

One key factor I noticed is how real life affects our time and relationships, as we juggle what are the most important things in our life. For some of us, self pleasure and solo time is an important part of our lives. Perhaps you want to find ways to balance between masturbation and sex. Perhaps you find more solace and enjoyment in masturbation and wish to join a circle-jerk group or mutual session with another person. Maybe you like erotic roleplaying or have fetishes you want to explore with another friend. Whether you are in a relationship, a casual masturbator, a group masturbator, a solo-sexual, an edging goon, a swinger, or porn enthusiast, I believe all of us can act as support for one another to commit to our pleasures and go on a terrific sexual journey together.

I have often viewed masturbation’s process as more enjoyable than the destination. The act of stimulating, watching porn, and stroking my penis is what I long for, rather than the orgasm and end. I still do see orgasm as a reward; but rather working towards it and prolonging it, as we call edging, has been the source of most my pleasure, and I am sure it is the same for many of you. On Tumblr we are referred to as a “goon”, a subculture of masturbation and enjoyment of our favorite porn and erotica. Some of you relate to being such a goon, some of you don’t. For some of you more experienced edgers, the destination is not what you seek, and in fact you may prolong your experience and hold back on orgasm for days, weeks, or even hardly or never (never say never.) This blog aims to capture both the essence of a masturbator as well as the goon lifestyle.

With this new revamp of Masturbation Pleasure blog, I aim to begin a platform and foundation of strong supportive masturbators who support one another in this wonderful and pleasurable act. Whether it is:

– advice and having a friend to talk to,
– picture or porn requests, and
– other forms of stimuli, or even
– lending another a helping hand,

I am really looking forward to building new levels of friendship with all of you together. What this blog is not, however, is to judge or negatively impact someone else in life. I believe that if porn addiction is affecting your real life and you use it to destroy yourself, this for example, is a negative impact and therefore I aim not to share or encourage it. This blog and our support group aims to arouse one another, share ways and help each other incorporate masturbation and self pleasure into our lives while enjoying a healthy, wholesome, balanced and terrific life!

Please feel free to send me a message by using the Ask Me Anything button above at anytime!

Spreading fetish awareness.

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