My soul-deep need and wish to be controlled, trained, and…

My soul-deep need and want to be controlled, tutored, and punished… which almost certainly stems from some of my early raunchy experiences… sometimes consumes me to the point where I start to say and do things in an effort to bring it on.

James knew this about me, and always gave me what I needed. He never hesitated to take a thong to my gazoo, and worse. This chab made it gorgeous clear from the very beginning that if I ever resisted him, or failed to do exactly what this chab wanted, I would be harshly and severely disciplined. And that dude didn’t care where we were, who knew, or who was around.

I did things with him, and for him, that were absolutely crazy, dangerous, utterly vicious, shameful, and disgusting. But there was an honestly and a pureness and a angel to our relationship that is nearly impossible to describe. James knew instinctively who and what I was, and what I wanted and needed, not quite as if this chab could read my mind. I nearly not ever safe-worded on him ‘cuz that man always seemed to know where the edge was for me.

If I guess about the top ten raunchy experiences I’ve ever had… situations full of lust, want, anticipation, humiliation, pussy-creaming fear, and totally explosive orgasms… six or seven of them would be things I did with or for him.

My husband… who I absolutely love to death… is a worthwhile, honest, and decent guy. But he’s basically clueless about this need of mine. This guy doesn’t acquire it. This man not ever has. And this chab probably at no time will.

It’s coz I know that about him… that he’s inherently incapable of actually being dominant… that I basically reverse roles with him, and become extremely corporalist with and over him… or try to.

Essentially, as my ally Gina has said me many times, I take on the “James” role, so to speak, and turn my husband into the doxy. I openly and frequently fuck other chaps, and cuckold him. I lock up his ding-dong. I control his orgasms. I tease and publicly abuse him. I fuck him in the a-hole with my strap-on. I feminize him. I make him wear panties. I make him suck knob for me. I make him suggest his arse to Johnny and to Marlon. And I’m constantly poking him to the breaking point.

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