MIA from iTunes

I’m getting a lot of emails like this tonight:

“Hi Violet,
I really enjoyed your “quickie” and when I saw you also had OSS26 I went to itunes but could not find it there. (…) I tried to search on “sex” and “open source” in the itunes podcasts but could not find ANY of your work there! What Gives?”

Also, another: “This is so frustrating, I don’t know how you deal with it.”

No kidding — but in the time it took for me to check iTunes, write this post, and check again, my podcast was put back into iTunes (but with no #26: New Year’s podcast, which I downloaded from iTunes earlier this afternoon). So my podcast was off iTunes for several hours, so weird. I really appreciate everyone helping me keep an eye on this strangeness; iTunes seems hella buggy — but I have to wonder while I sit here waiting for my hair to set before going out, *who* at Apple has to work on New Year’s?

My dear, ever-subtle friend Thomas emails me with the best New Year’s wishes, a message worth sharing with the world:

“Have a debauched and hopefully drunken NYE celebration without me. Try not to puke on the Baby New Year. Remember: HE IS NOT THE BABY JESUS. Puking on babies is something good girls save for the Baby Jesus alone.”

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