Kimberly and Darnell

So…. I learned about smth else that happened the night of the party with Kimberly. Ty had a conversation with Kimberly, and told him. Ty then said me.

After the party, Kimberly left with Darnell, who had promised to receive her home. This babe told Darnell was indeed enchanting to her… said her how glamorous this babe was, and all that.

When they got back to his place, she told him she felt “messy”, and wanted to take a sexy shower. But Darnell wanted to do smth else 1st.

Kimberly told that chap nude her… that babe was merely wearing her bikini bottoms, a shirt that babe had borrowed from the party abode, and shoes… and they got into daybed jointly. Kimberly told it was basically just a mattress on the floor.

This babe said that babe thought this dude wanted to have sex anew. Earlier that night, at the party, Darnell was the first dude to screw her, in advance of the other 3 men had their turn with her. But that’s not what this chap wanted.

This babe said this babe was lying on her back, that stud was next to her, and that dude started giving a kiss on her. This man told her to spread her legs, which she did. Then he… slid down… and started going down on her! After all those boyz drilled her, Darnell wanted to eat the cum-hole!! But this dude apparently didn’t crave to do it in front of the other boys. That’s why this chab offered to take her home.

Kimberly said that babe felt “kinda weird” about it, coz she felt “so bawdy down there”… but that babe let him do it.

That babe told they ended up falling asleep together, and she never take the shower she wanted.

Darnell had set his phone alarm for 6am, but she told they slept past it. 

When the light lastly woke them up, she told Darnell flipped her over on her stomach, and screwed her doggy position. After that guy was done, with her still on her stomach, with her butt up, that babe told this stud spread her ass cheeks, and went down on her again… after he ejaculated inside her!!!

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