Japanese virtual reality project makes fetish videos of female crotch while riding bicycle

If you’ve got a fetish for bicycle seats or close-ups of crotches, then this is the experience you’ve been waiting for. However, we can’t help but wonder if this is the kind of usage that the original creators envisaged when they invented virtual reality.

A Japanese crowdfunding project is seeking funds to make virtual reality simulator videos that show the crotch of a young woman in close-up as she rides a bicycle.

The aptly named Fetish VR Video wants to raise ¥1 million to make its specialist content. The perks offered include viewing rights for the first videos if you pay ¥3,000, being able to select the model if you pay ¥5,000, and actually appearing in the video if you pay ¥20,000.

virtual reality bicycle rider crotch simulator

virtual reality bicycle rider crotch simulator

The preview video shows a girl in denim shorts riding around a regular neighborhood with the camera fixed firmly on her immediate crotch area.

The idea is that you wear a pair of VR goggles while watching the content to experience the full straddled view. The footage can be swiveled 360 degrees, though we presume most viewers don’t deviate too far from the crotch view.

While the amount of funds collected so far is not made public, the preview video has over 18,000 views at present.

The crowdfunding campaign began on July 8th and will run until September 1st, after which we hope to see the finished VR videos flooding the Japanese Interwebs.

If you start thinking about the wonders of Japanese girls riding bicycles, the fantasies are endless. Needless to say, there’s already a considerable subculture devoted to this fetish. From office ladies to schoolgirls, it’s all out there for the aficionado.

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