Japanese otaku students sit college entrance exams with onaholes, cosplay, and anime characters

Prospective college students are now sitting down in halls around Japan for the various exams that will allow them to enter universities. It’s a stressful time, but fortunately there’s plenty of strangeness to keep everyone amused.

Some otaku like to wear their favorite characters on their clothes for good luck. Some people cannot resist bringing their onahole to the exams to help relieve them of the stress, though we’ve never seen a masturbator toy used to store pencils before.

And at least one girl attended her tests in full Lolita fashion cosplay.

As shared by Nakanojorounin, we wanted to show solidarity with the teenagers by celebrating the more unusual ways they sit these important tests every year.

otaku japan classroom test exam anime clothes

otaku japan classroom test exam anime clothes

japanese cosplay fashion lolita gothic exam student test

japanese otaku onahole masturbator toy

Regular readers with good memories may spot that one of the otaku pictures has been around for a while. We first posted it way back in January 2014. Moe for exam success, as we wrote at the time.

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

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