Japanese Adult Toy Roundup: August 20th

Here is a new roundup of the latest Japanese adult toys to catch our eye from the daily releases on Kanojo Toys.

Geki-fera Ian Hanasaki Porn Star Blowjob Onahole

gekifera ian hanasaki blowjob onahole

The most recent arrival in the bestselling Geki-fera series of oral sex masturbators is this Geki-fera Ian Hanasaki Porn Star Blowjob Onahole. As we have come to expect from this brilliant series by Nippori Gift, the mouth is superbly rendered with a realistic tongue, lips, nose, and throat. Let Ian Hanasaki swallow your cock!

G Project Hole Quick Dry Keisodo Stick for Onaholes

gproject keisodo quick hole dry onahole stick

gproject keisodo quick hole dry onahole stick

Any masturbator user knows that maintenance is vital if you want to retain the quality of your toys. The G Project Hole Quick Dry Keisodo Stick for Onaholes helps you dry out a masturbator sleeve after washing. This is particularly neat for toys that can’t be reversed or dried easily. Leaving moisture in them leads to mold and other nasty elements, so this is a welcome and natural way to dry your favorite onaholes.

Keisodo (diatomite or diatomaceous earth) is actually a popular material in Japan for use in products, like these bath mats and other drying items.

Slutty Nurse Onahole Mao Hamasaki

mao hamasaki nurse onahole masturbator

If you like adult video stars and nurse fantasies, you will want to try this Slutty Nurse Onahole Mao Hamasaki. It’s based on the top AV idol. And if Mao Hamasaki in a nurse costume is not your thing, there are actually several others in this series, each based on a different star.

Shoko Takahashi Orgasm Vibrator

shoko takahashi orgasm vibrator

shoko takahashi orgasm vibrator

The Shoko Takahashi Orgasm Vibrator is endorsed (and presumably tested) by the top Japanese porn star Shoko Takahashi. Following her first clone onahole toy released earlier this year, it marks another success in Shoko’s incredible commercial performance.

The vibe offers joint clitoral and vaginal stimulation. After all, a lady as experienced as Shoko demands plenty of attention down there.

Yuria Satomi Sex Technique Supporter Vibrator

yuria satomi sex technique supporter vibrator

And finally (and continuing this theme) is the Yuria Satomi Sex Technique Supporter Vibrator, which is produced by the titular top AV star (the “queen of fingering”) and comes in three different colors and versions.

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

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