I’ve been a lengthy time follower. There is this wacko boy who’s been sending me messages about u. I guess he noticed that I sometimes comment on your blog. That chap sends like these long-winded rambles with little punctuation. At various times he is claimed that u are secretly working for the government, or that u are indeed a man, or that your father is a renowned politician. Do you know about this lad?

Wacko is right. Ha ha. There are tons of trolls out there. I’ve heard of him from some of my readers. His name is alpha smth. He’s some nut job who kept messaging me, sending me fotos of his penis, wanting to talk. When I ignored him it escalated to demands, etc. At one point this guy threatened to discover me and show up at my abode. I blocked him and reported him to law enforcement.

Now I hear he’s sending his crazy ramble diatribes to some of my followers. If you read what and how that man writes, It’s possible he may be in a mental ward or smth.

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