It’s sad to me that #heroinkids is even a thing. There’s nothing…

It’s sad to me that #heroinkids is even a thing. There’s no thing charming or spruce about a heroin addiction.

Heroin ruins lives. It destroys families and relationships.

Heroin is a naughty, depraved, furious nest of screaming devils in your head creating chaos in your life. They feed off love and happiness and leave self-hate and a withering depression in their wake.

Heroin is like your worst nightmare, multiplied by a thousand.

If you’re a youthful gal using heroin, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll go from being that pleasure, happy, glamorous young beauty at parties who everybody loves and wants to meet… to being a strung out street doxy living in a ghetto shack, engulfing off darksome boyz in alleys to pay the rent.

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