Is it worse or more outstanding than this chab has been saying?

From what they tell me, it’s worse, but they are going to spend a few days checking around. One of my lawyers has a sister who works at the prosecutor’s office.

They said me that what Scott is trying to do is use my money… including the money that has already been set in a separate trust to make future payments to me… to settle the lawsuit with his former partners.

They too warned me that if I assent to what Scott wants, and give him back anything I received beneath the separation agreement, as well as my right to acquire future monies under that agreement, there’s nothing that would prevent him from filing for divorce the next day. And that coz of his diminished financial position, and possible prison sentence, and ‘coz nearly all of his core assets are separate assets that were his from in advance of we got married, that I might end up with virtually no thing.

They explained that Scott is definitely not acting in my best interest. He’s merely acting in his superlatively valuable interest cuz if this chap can settle all of the financial claims, it will aid him get a lighter sentence.

The other thing I found out is that one of his former business partners has his own serious legal problems that predate my husband’s.

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