I’m good with a whip, too

Cat’s coming out of the bag: Jackson points out to me that if you read today’s San Francisco Examiner, you’ll see this in P.J. Corkery’s column:

“SFist.com, that daily gallimaufry of things San Francisco, showed that San Francisco hospitality isn’t just an old-school drill – by jamming ’em in jolly down at Otis, the Otis elevator size club on Maiden Lane. That makes for intimate mixing. Weighing in on the seminarlike salon: Matt Gonzalez … law partner Whitney Leigh. … SFist co-editors Eve Batey and Rita Hau. … That Liebling of the blogs, Jon Shurkin, and founding genius Jackson West … Maiden Lane’s been cleaned up since the Gold Rush days when it was a street of stews, but one argument fit the old themes: Wade Lagrone of Tribe.net was chewed out by local sexpert Violet Blue (and lawyer Jason Schultz) over changes that Tribe has made to cozy up to new fed obscenity regulations. Very hot talk. …”

Goodness, there were a lot of witnesses. Scott Beale remarked to me afterward that he was very bummed he didn’t have his camera on hand. Also after, Jason told me I’d make a good lawyer because I was relentless with Tribe’s esteemed marketing pawn. In my own defense, I was minding my own business at the holiday party (in 8″ heels and sock garters) when Lagrone interrupted me. He apparently came to the party to confront me “off the record”; at first I pretended not to see him to avoid a holiday party bloodbath but he insisted on making me talk to him and jumping right into a Tribe.net 2257 policy discussion. I was very excited to challenge him to every bit of bullshit about this whole thing, from start to present; I didn’t care who heard or saw. So I did. Jason Schultz just happened to walk into the party mid-confrontation; he calmly walked up, folded his coat over his arm, listened for a minute, and joined in.

When Jason was finished calmly and bemusedly grilling (receiving what people called later “oh shit” looks from the Tribe man), Jason took a spot on a nearby couch. (I’m just getting to know Jason, but our timing in countering Lagrone’s bullshit and not letting up on him was… unexpectedly awesome.) I finished with Lagrone, who kept insisting on trying to get my sympathy about their poor plight. (I hate it when people try to get me to agree with them about something I obviously don’t, just so they can feel better, or at least feel like they “got” me.) I told him “I am not talking to you about 2257 anymore.” He wouldn’t stop, going on about how it’s just awful they have to do this and decide the fate of gay tribes and artwork, etc. I told him several times to stop talking to me about it because I was getting very angry. I had to ask him at least three times that I can remember to stop talking to me until I finally ended it in a somewhat ugly way.

I was fuming. I told him something along the lines of, “I *said*, we’re not talking about this anymore. It doesn’t matter now. Now that you’ve lumped obscenity and sexually explicit conduct together, 2256 and 2257, with your site’s content filtering policy, you are going to be very VERY busy. Good luck to you.” He kept talking about it as I was turning away. Some men don’t know how to leave a woman alone, even after she tells him to repeatedly. I finally said, not nicely, “I *told* you we’re not talking about this anymore. I do not agree with you, and that’s the end of it. Someday you won’t work for Tribe anymore, and I’ll be seeing you around town for quite a while I’m sure. So good luck. You’re going to need it.”

Don’t confront me if you don’t want a fight. And do your fucking homework if you do.

(best part: me = no panties that night.)

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