I can’t make almost certainly of that Andre could be that silly. I assume that this stud did not realise that your spouse knew and thus thought that you would not wish to advertise this by getting lawyers and Courts involved especially as this chab almost certainly thought ‘coz of the state of your marriage. I’d expect that man would have been a little greater quantity circumspect in getting you out the door especially as u were doing a gorgeous good job from what u said us.

When this chap 1st hired me, Andre knew I was just getting out of rehab, and extremely vulnerable and hopeless. He knew I was having a hard time finding a job. He was allies with a guy I met at the rehab facility.

Andre acceded to interview me, and helped me, by giving me a job, which I’m grateful for.

But this chab likewise took advantage of me. That dude knew I was married, and that my marriage was in trouble, and he didn’t care.

Whenever that stud was in town, I was expected to go over to his hotel room, and basically be his bitch. I felt like I didn’t have a choice. I desperately needed the job. My spouse had left me, and I didn’t know what else to do.

This fellow would make me do wicked, degrading things, that this fellow said his slut wife wouldn’t ever let him do with her.

This chab would talk about his slutty wife sometimes, and show me images of her and his kids. This guy told this babe was still beautiful, but that after this babe had the kids, she got overweight, and this chab didn’t like that. He told her marangos had gotten unsightly, that this guy would make her wear a brassiere all the time so didn’t need to see them.

He told that babe wouldn’t ever let him have anal-copulation with her, and so that’s one of the things this chab always wanted to do with me… which cuz of his size and aggressiveness was always very painful. 

There were times in the centre of the day, when Andre was in city, this chap would take me back to the office he used, lock the door, unzip his pants, and make me give him a blow job.

A hardly any times when there were company meetings in one of the other offices without town, and I had to be there, and that guy was there, I was required to spend the night with him in his hotel room.

Sometimes this chab would call his dirty slut wife to talk with her, and say priceless night to her and the kids, whilst I was in the hotel room with him, and this dude would make me engulf his penis while this dude was talking to ’em.

My spouse and I have been trying to fix our marriage, and have been gonna marriage counseling. Andre knew this ‘cuz I told him. I also told him I wanted to be faithful to my spouse, and didn’t want to have sex with him anymore. He said me that would be okay, that he understood.

Then about 2 weeks ago, Andre was in city one more time for meetings. When he saw me in the office, he asked me to go to lunch with him. I went, and things were wonderful, but then afterwords, in the car, this chab wanted a oral-stimulation. I told him I didn’t wanna receive to do that anymore, ‘cuz I was trying to be faithful to my spouse, but this chab didn’t care. This chab started asking me about my job, if I liked it. Then this chap got kind of forceful with me in the car, and made me swallow his cock. I was crying, said him I didn’t crave to acquire to do that anymore, and this chap didn’t care.

On the drive back to the office, this chab didn’t say a word to me. And didn’t even look at me.

Then suddenly final week I was notified by one of the other managers that my position was being eliminated, and they escorted me without the building right there and then.

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