HowTo: Sex toy PC casemod for dirty girls

I almost didn’t make it past the top photo with all the candles and the photo of Brad Pitt for inspiration, but I have to admit that this DIY PC casemod, where a vibrator is mounted on a B*rbie PC, is pretty damn cool. Granted, if it were my mods, I’d swap the picture out for Harvey Birdman, add a disco ball, include several yards of pink rope, a pair of roller skates and a Pilates ball, but that’s just me.

Of course, I’d have also done it to a Mac Mini which would be ideal for expoxying sex toys (I notice they tried to use hot glue and failed, which would never work with the oils in jelly rubber). I’d imagine one could use silicone caulk or hardcore expoxy to glue a flared-base dildo (and butt plug for a double dip) and a hard plastic remote-control clit buzzer on the front, while the weight of the Mini would keep it stabilized. And looking sexy. Not to mention that the cute B*rbie PC would never withstand the strain like my Mini would — girls, our thighs would crush that thing like a grape, no? And whither the headphones plug for iTunes? Hello, sexy podcast?

Okay, I’m a special case. But click on over to the Sex Toy PC Case Mod for Girls at Homemade Sex Toys for the excellent howto. And those pink handlebars *rock*!

Thanks, Xeni!

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