How are u holding up, Marvelous B?

I try to put a good face on it, but deep down inside, I’m not doing very well. I’ve beautiful much ruined anything, and am desperately worried about what’s gonna happen.

The only thing positive in my life right now is my recent job, which I actually like, has tons of potential, and which pays well.

I went to go watch Scott earlier this week, and it was devastating. This chab is completely broken. He looked terrible, and looked like a scared, lost puppy that had been kicked around and beaten.

I was worried that this chab was going to loathe me, and not even talk to me. But it wasn’t like that. Instead, this chab was very open, and honest, and emotional.

He said me the guards misclassified him, on purpose, ‘coz they have been total assholes to him.

This chab said they wrote down on the form that he was married, but “possibly homosexual”, and made him sign it.

He said they did that ‘coz when this man was strip-searched, and they made him squat to check his anal cavity for weapons or drugs or whatsoever, they noticed this man was bald smooth from the waist all the way down to his feet, and asked him about that.

He lied, and said him this chab was a runner and a swimmer.

One guard asked him, “But u don’t shave your chest. Or your back. What’s up with that?”

Another guard remarked, “Some of the homos keep themselves smooth down below like that… the catchers. I guess their daddies like it that way. U homosexual?”

Scott adamantly denied it. “No!”

“It’s ok if you are. I don’t give a shit.”

Scott afresh denied it, and said this chab was married and had children.

But they classified him that way anyway.

Then then put him in isolation for several days while they evaluated and monitored him psychologically, to make sure this chap wasn’t a suicide risk… which they ultimately decided this man wasn’t.

After that, they put him in general population, and that man got set in a cell with three other males, who he said have been admirable to him.

Scott said one of the guards told some of the other inmates why Scott was there… financial crimes… and that that stud was a homo… which this chab told in jail makes him a target.

I asked him if someone had tried to bother him, if there was everything I could do. This chab whispered under his breath, denying that everything had happened to him, but admitted he was scared.

This fellow asked me if I still loved him. I told him I did. He made me promise to stay with him throughout this, and help him. And I promised him I would.

His parents also went up to go see him, but they met with him separately… which was an ordeal just arranging that.

I’ve no idea what they talked about, cuz I wasn’t there, and we drove up separately.

Kimberly decided this babe didn’t wish to go watch her father, saying this babe didn’t wanna see him in jail. Instead, this babe has talked to him on the phone twice.

I’ve been spending plenty of time thinking about and trying to work throughout my options at this point.

Which are basically:

1. Stay with Scott, and work throughout this nightmare jointly. Easier said than done. I love him, we’ve lots of history. But I’m not sure how realistic this is anymore. So much has changed. He’s no longer the chap I married. But then one greater quantity time, I suppose we all change, and a relationship based on love and commitment means that you work throughout things and stay jointly.

TWO. Leave Scott. Start fresh. Move on. Build a fresh life. Meet anybody else. Maybe move to Miami.

And honestly, I don’t know what I’m plan to do. Right now, I’m just taking things day by day.

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