Hands off my content!

Last night Casey emailed us GETV kids alerting us to a website — myheavy.com — republishing Blip.tv video content without videobloggers’ permission and plastering it with ads. When I went to the site and searched for my name I found a bunch of my videos as well — plastered with Cingular ads, among other companies! Whoah! So. Not. Cool. Holy Creative Commons license violations, Batgirl! What makes someone think this is okay? The situation seems to be getting resolved thanks to Mike at Blip — the content has been taken down. But it’s hard to not feel like they should have given us all a cut of the ad money they made off our content. Grrr. They suck. Sleazy startups, being douchebags again…. *sigh*

See also, link: MyHeavy Stealing Works Without Permission (digg.com)

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