Guests can play Dance Dance Revolution at this love hotel in Japan

As we know, love hotels come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve previously noted steampunk hotels, retro-themed vintage ones, and hospital ward themed rooms.

It’s not just the exteriors, which are always a bit garish (albeit not always as crazy and extravagant as reputation suggests); it’s the interior facilities and amenities that also make this genre stand out from regular modes of accommodation.

Increasingly offering a variety of services to keep punters coming, from WiFi to food, bathing options, massage chairs, tanning beds, and more. (So much so, in fact, that women can even have a nice time staying at a love hotel alone.) A TV and karaoke set are pretty standard, and you can often play video games on a console, too.

But what about Dance Dance Revolution?

The Japanese arcade game is a classic and remains popular around the world. As shared by Kotaku, Dance Dance Revolution is also now available at a love hotel in Kobe for pre- or postcoital guests to enjoy.

The DDR luxury room at Hotel Eldia in the Kansai city costs from ¥6,490 for a two-hour stay. The hotel also has a deluxe room with Taiko no Tatsujin.

love hotel japan kobe dance dance revolution video arcade game play

love hotel japan taiko tatsujin play video arcade game

While it’s not actually the first love hotel to install DDR in a room, Hotel Eldia takes things considerably further by adding such features as a slide and rock-climbing wall. It’s also a little unusual for an inner-city love hotel to have these kinds of novel additions. It’s more often the rural love hotels that resort to such features — because they have the space and also need to attract guests, whereas hotels in Kabukicho or Dogenzaka have generally no trouble filling their rooms. That being said, Hotel Eldia seems to be located slightly out of the center of Kobe, which may or may not be a factor.

Either way, folks, just remember not to play too much. Be sure to leave some energy for the real purpose of your stay at the hotel!

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