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My girlfriends are all off on a shopping spree somewhere right now. They couldn’t understand how I could choose a camping trip over shopping. They were sending me all kinds of sad face texts earlier today. I’m sure they would be singing a different tune if they saw the awesome campfire I’m having with all of their boyfriends. They all know I’m a tomboy, but I still have three holes for the guys to use. All the guys get horny out here in the wild and I’m more than happy to get wild all over their cocks. I love fucking out in nature, but what makes it even better is that each one of these guys is one of my best friends’ boyfriends.

I’ve been letting them fuck me two cocks in my ass at a time and sometimes two in my pussy. I know I’m a fucking slut, but the best part is that none of my friends know this about me. Of course all the guys know because they can’t keep their cocks out of me. Most people would feel guilty about this, I guess, but not me. It just makes me cum harder, to be honest. 

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