Gaijin explains how to get laid as a fat guy in Japan

It’s a stereotype but there is some truth to it: a foreign male who’s below average can come to Japan and get himself an above-average lady, if not several (sometimes even at once). It all depends how determined and sleazy he wants to be, or how savvy he is at using the tools at his disposal (certain bars and clubs, dating sites and apps).

From students to coworkers, “language exchanges,” and random girls on the street, there’s a lot of options out there if you have the time and energy.

It goes without saying that you will have even more dating and bedding success if you are actually good-looking and blessed with a funny, outgoing personality. As do factors like height, build, hair color, skin color, and so on.

But pretty much anyone can get laid if they set their mind to it. You just need to not be fussy or worry about potentially looking a fool, even in public. After all, you will get rejected but with enough “attacks,” sometimes your sorties will get through.

How many times have you seen an “imbalanced” foreigner-Japanese couple? Does it bother you?

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YouTuber TkyoSam posted the following video in January giving the low-down on “how to get laid as a fat guy in Japan”. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there’s no revealing footage posted — just Sam riding his motorbike around Tokyo while he talks — but readers may find his insights amusing (or infuriating, or both).

What do you think? Do you agree with TkyoSam (who has permanent residency in Japan)?

Incidentally, YouTuber TkyoSam recently got himself into hot water over a video he made in a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant after he put the GoPro camera on the conveyor belt and let it film its journey around the eatery. The video went viral but the restaurant was not amused, issuing a public apology. The resulting controversy has even made the television news, with some speculating that TkyoSam might face a serious fine or even a jail sentence. That sounds a bit harsh for breaching etiquette and hygiene basics. (He’s hardly the first to do this kind of stunt, of course.)

Anyway, that “notorious” video is no longer online but it’s how we stumbled upon his YouTube channel and his other, perhaps equally contentious videos like the above.

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