Enforced Male Chastity & Orgasm Control – It keeps him from…

Enforced Male Chastity & Large O Control

– It keeps him from cheating on u.

– It keeps him perfectly sexually deprived and on edge all the time, and crazy to please you.

– It’s a perfect demonstration of your authority over him.

– He’ll have so much pent up sexual energy that he’ll do just about anything for u.

– It’s joy and keeps him in his place.

– He’ll buy you lots more diamonds to keep you pleased.

– He’ll stop saying things like “we can’t really afford that right now”.

– Just the scent of your cookie will drive him fucking crazy.

– He’ll go down on you 3 times a day if you let him.

– All of his resistance to getting the strap-on will melt away.

– He’ll eat out your wazoo like never previous to!

– If you want, and you’re insistent and patient with him, he’ll even suck a rod for you.

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