I’ve been experiencing such a crazy mix of emotions not long ago.

Sadness and sorrow regarding what’s happened to Scott, and our relationship. Anything was going so consummate, and then it appears to be like we drove off a cliff.

Fear regarding what’s plan to happen to him. I’m actually, indeed worried about him, not just the jail thing, but his physical and mental health. He’s extremely vulnerable right now, and when that guy is, things usually acquire worse for him.

Frustration at Scott regarding how he has totally screwed things up ‘coz of his weakness and stupidity.

Craving regarding my insatiable raunchy needs and cravings. I’m in the midst of this catastrophic mess, but when the Ginger chap called me today, wanting to hook up after work, I couldn’t turn him down, and didn’t wish to.

Worry and anxiety regarding my financial future. This is truly beginning to stress me out.

Happiness regarding the fine place… emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and maturity-wise… that Kimberly is at right now.

Spitting anger regarding Scott’s Twat Mother. I swear, everyone on his side of the family, they’re all assholes. Except for his dad, who has always been very sweet to me.

Passion regarding the possibility of eventually moving past this turmoil, and starting recent on a fresh path in life.

Uncertainty regarding my feelings and my “situation” with James.

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