Email to Sam

I’m very sorry about what’s happened. Obviously, Rachel has kept me informed.

Cuz of the restraining order she took out against you, Rachel isn’t allowed to contact u directly, so that babe’s asked me to reach out to see if you’d be willing to meet with me to talk about how u boyz might possibly resolve things. You don’t need to, it’s just an offer.

I know I haven’t always been your favourite person, but I’m sincerely motivated to assist Rachel with this situation. I know this babe indeed loves u and is very sorry about what’s happened. That babe’s in pain right now, as I’m sure you’re too. Please know that that babe at no time meant to hurt u, and doesn’t desire you to be prosecuted or go to jail.

U did a horrific thing, the way u violently beat her, but I also know that we all have our breaking points, and are all capable of extreme and uncharacteristic behavior in certain circumstances. I don’t judge u Sam. My merely motivation is to aid.

Please contact me if you’d be agreeable to meet and talk.


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