Do you plan on visiting Scott one time greater amount?

I went up to watch him yesterday. This time… unlike last time… I was able to visit with him in person… sitting at a table across from every other… as opposed to just talking with him through glass. Much more fantastic! 

And he was in a much greater quantity worthwhile mood than the final time we talked.

But overall, he’s not doing well. He’s very pale; I could tell he’s lost weight.

That guy told right now he’s sharing a cell with three other guys. When I asked him if this chap was ok, if this man had been in any other fights, if this chab was getting along with everybody, this chap said, “It’s ok. I’m doing alright.”

That stud asked me how Kimberly was, expressing concern that that babe has not been up to watch him. I told him to just be patient with her, and to give it time. This dude told what his mother had said him regarding what she saw that night, when Ty was leaving the pool abode, and asked me…

“Do you know who this chab was?”

“No. Probably just some guy she’s seeing.“

“My mother said it was a dark guy. That this chab looked aged.”

“I have no idea. I’ve at no time noticed her inviting studs over, except for Giancarlo.”

“I’m worried about her.”

“Just relax, sweetie. It’s not a large deal. Kimberly’s very charming. She’s going to have boyfriends. I’m sure she’s being careful.“

“Can u talk with her about it?”

“About what?”

“To find out who the man is?”

“I don’t wanna embarrass her, or violate her privacy like that. I’m sure this babe wouldn’t appreciate it.”

“Just to at least make sure she’s safe.”

“You have to let it go, sweetie. She’s a smart girl. That babe can take care of herself.”

This chab then asked me if I had been seeing James. I told him I have… a few times… but merely at his place; that James has not been to the house… which is true.

Then he asked me, “Do u love him?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course I don’t love him. U know that.”

“You’ve known him a lengthy time. And said me once that you’re drawn to him.”

“I love having sex with him. And hanging out with him sometimes. But that’ s all it’s. That’s all it’s ever been.“

“It bothers me that you’re still seeing him. Especially now.”

“I’ve solely seen him a few times since you’ve been here. He’s been helping me throughout it. Sometimes we just talk. He’s been very supportive. He’s truly been kind of worried about you, especially when I told him that u got in a fight.”

“Why did u tell him about that?”

“I thought he could assist me understand what might be going on.”

“What did this chab say?”

“That there’s no shame in doing soever you’ve to do to protect yourself in here. He too told the worst thing you could do was be a rat. That you could be seriously hurt if u did that. That u have to be careful.”

Right about then one of the guards walked over and said us the visit was over, and I had to leave.

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