PussyBoy can’t seem to receive a job. He’s had twelve interviews, and no suggests. That man keeps failing the background checks.

The government case against my husband is scheduled to receive done in three weeks. They are forcing him to take a plea which will result in a prison sentence, but his lawyers are assured it will be suspended, and he’ll be put on probation. As part of the deal, he will be required to pay a biggest admirable, pay full restitution, and accept a lifetime ban preventing him from working in the financial industry.

He’s intend to lose almost all of his net worth; they’re solely going to let him keep 250k in a retirement annuity, and 25k in cash. They’re even taking the college savings fund that my spouse has been paying into for Kimberly. I’m going to lose all of my specie, except for 50k. My lawyers lost the legal fight for me to keep the rest. I’m also plan to lose my car. Fortunately, because of some legal thing I don’t understand, they can’t touch the abode, coz it’s owned by a trust which is now controlled by his parents. But I’m not sure how much longer we’re intend to be allowed to live here. His parents still don’t know what’s going on; when they do, bad things are plan to happen.

Scott’s fallen into a unfathomable, angry depression. This stud got up early this morning, and left the abode. I have no idea where this chab went. He’s not answering my calls. I’m getting actually worried about him.

And I’m not doing much greater amount astonishing.

I cancelled my weekend with James, so now he’s upset with me also.

This completely sucks.

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