Insane days in my life

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My grandmother goes to summer residence in summer and autumn, I live alone in our apartment in Recent York, and it’s valuable to me of course. But in November (to her returning) despair comes to me, depression (in “anticipation” of the next year in one apartment with her), almost suicide moods start. From November untill May I try to spend less time at home, I go home merely to sleep. AI always do something in the evening: I loaf with allies in bars and night clubs, go to fitness. I don’t wanna rent flat, it becomes greater quantity expensive, and it appears to be to me that it will be boring and terrible alone though I live alone in summer. My young man is greater quantity younger then me by THREE years, and comfortably to him to live with parents and to have sex during week-end when anybody’s apartment will be released. We love every other, we are jointly already 6 years. He does not crave to rent appartment together, and I can’t expect for some years when this chab “will rise on feet” cause I’m not 17 years old! Sometimes I suppose that it’s greater amount easier to discover “the husband with apartment” (I can fascinate anyone!) But after all then I will lose love, and “gold cage” – not for me also! So the situation is despairing. My mood is naughty, one thing that saves me now is my hobby – to write my blog, to strike up recent acquaintances with people on PersonalClips There I’ve met with my fresh ally Chad, now he writes posts with me on my blog, I am surprised as quickly this site becomes popular, I have not time to overlook more all recent movie scenes and pictures which appear there, I saw plenty of porn sites, but it was boring to me to look at movie scene and pictures made in studio. it’s greater quantity interesting to look on big homemade porn episodes and images, all these people fuck so naturally, out of instructions of director, out of a make-up! And when dark guy with large shlong fucks white hottie, these are the hottest films which I could discover! Please, visit and leave the comments about PersonalClips, let’s discuss dilettante interracial episodes which you like! I will be very glad to discuss ’em with you!

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