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I’m so in love with Vex Clothing that it kind of hurts; if I could, I’d have a closet full of their glorious latex designs (like the Stained Glass collection, which my buddy Kumi was lucky to get to model for them). In new editorial Sérénade for Factice Magazine #7, there are a lot of hot Vex pieces, plus some Chromat, William Wilde, and Lascivious. Gorgeous!

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Sex News: 2015 sex and porn roundups, hoverboard sex, Handjob Cabin horror, condom machine death

  • This was the year of Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby, of the Ashley Madison hacking scandal and the movie of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” In some ways, American culture loosened up sexually, but it wasn’t all good news.
    2015’s biggest moments in sex and gender, from Caitlyn Jenner to Ashley Madison and “50 Shades” on screen (Salon)
  • Dominic Ford, Huccio, Kink, Marc Dorcel, Naughty America and Utherverse’s new HoloFilm Productions, all jumped into the VR production scene in 2015 — while websites such as,, and, started showcasing this new form of adult video. Other VR porn highlights from 2015 include the integration of VR with haptic devices and teledildonics, plus live cams, bringing sex toys into the digital age — or perhaps that should now be “the virtual age.”
    2015: A VR Porn Snapshot (XBIZ)
  • For someone new to porn, this makes a lot of sense. The truth is, the types were already there. What happened in 2015, finally, was visibility. “This year brought more types of porn, more feminist options, and more ways to watch it. We basically started looking into the porn of the future, and it looked pretty awesome. So here are six ways porn changed in 2015 …”
    Here’s How Porn Changed In 2015 (Bustle)

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  • In 2015, these best-selling sex toys were welcomed into bedrooms far and wide, bringing a bounty of pleasure one OH MY GAWD orgasm at a time. Whether you’re a sex-toy virgin (no shame in that) or have a nightstand full of handcuffs and erotica, here are 18 goodies to get you hot and bothered.
    The Sexiest Sex Toys of 2015 (Thrillist)
  • Yay! This article features Sex is a Funny Word by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth: “The year’s best kids book has a surprising amount to teach adults too, as Silverberg tours through all the questions about sex and gender kids could have, while Smyth’s bright and funky illustrations give it all vibrant life. After a year of vicious debates about sex-ed in schools, here’s the book that definitively proves its worth in belonging on every school library shelf.”
    The year’s best non-fiction queer books (Daily Xtra)
  • “Each year I spend time collecting names and stories of people who passed away whose lives were spent, in part, trying to make the world a slighlty better place. Because those of us whose work focuses on sexuality and gender rarely get the kind of public attention that other kinds of education, art, and activism get, I focus my attention on this area.”
    Sexual Losses 2015 (About: Sex)

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  • “As long as Samantha had been in the business, it had been structured in a way that was disadvantageous to dancers. The girls were the main draw; this was as plain as the neon lights outside every strip club in America. Yet traditionally, instead of the clubs paying the dancers, the dancers pay the clubs for the privilege of working there. Not only that, they’re expected to tip out the bartender, the hosts, the DJ, and the house mom, as well as pay assorted other fees …”
    The Hustlers at Scores: The Ex-Strippers Who Stole From (Mostly) Rich Men and Gave to, Well, Themselves (NY Mag)
  • “A man is pumping into the woman wrapped around his waist as he effortlessly hovers across the room, like a god. She bounces up and down, moaning, while he glides in circles. This is one of the recent hoverboard sex videos that emerged across the web this winter. In another, a woman squats on a hoverboard, floating in slow motion towards an erect penis that eventually glides easily into her mouth.”
    People Are Having Sex On Hoverboards (Broadly/Vice)


  • I LOVE THIS! Champions of the Year: The people who make violence possible, created collaboratively by local animator Sakyru and Project X, caricaturizes the diverse individuals – from entitled clients to abusive cops to sensationalizing journalists – who perpetrate and enable violence against Singapore sex workers.
    Singapore Sex Workers Take on “Champions” of Violence With Humor (HuffPo)
  • The splendid Sugarbutch writes, “When I was traveling around to toy stores and bookstores across North America for the release of Say Please, I started keeping a list of the best of the best. And eventually, I made a map of as many as I could find. …”
    On the Importance of Queer, Women Centered, & Feminist Sex Toy Shops (Map) (Sugarbutch)

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  • A petition started by a porn star to push for sex education in schools has received almost 30,000 signatures online. The campaign, being headed up by ‘Italian stallion’ Rocco Siffredi, is attempting to bring the lessons into schools in Italy where very few teach the subject. In a petition addressed to Italian Education Minister, Stefania Giannini, the 51-year-old adult film star who has appeared in almost 2,000 porn films and has also enjoyed a career in mainstream media, wrote: “I wanted to launch this appeal because sex is a magnificent thing.
    Porn star’s petition for sex education in schools could spark government rethink (Mirror UK)
  • Leave it to the Guardian to give a decent article on sex work an intentionally disrespectful, asshole headline. “At Sheri’s, the madam asks one of her courtesans to give a skill-sharing seminar every two weeks. More than 75 women tour through the bordello’s 25 slots – some commuting from as far away as Florida, Hawaii, Germany, South Africa, Thailand – even Fiji. It’s a diverse and worldly group, which allows for some interesting cross-pollination – it’s akin to a conference of carnal knowledge, 60 miles outside Sin City.”
    Survival of the freakiest: how some of Nevada’s brothels are staying afloat (Guardian)
  • Cosmopolitan interviewed adult star Daisy Ducati about ‘fin domming’ as a financial dominatrix, wherein she satisfies the fantasies of clients with a money-spending fetish. While some fin dom fetishists enjoy being ignored and outright used, Ducati also offers “more of a gentle relationship” with public displays of gratitude.
    Cosmopolitan: Daisy Ducati Fulfills ‘Financial Dominatrix’ Fantasy (XBIZ)
  •, which launched in May, seeks to bring “the ease and flexibility of online dating to the currently underserved world of open relationships,” according to its website. Now that sites like OpenMinded and 3nder — a poly alternative to Tinder — are beginning to emerge, poly folks have the option to use dating sites specifically designed for them.
    OpenMinded is the online dating site to find a partner—or three (Daily Dot)

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  • Police in Germany say a man has died after he and two others blew up a condom machine and he was hit in the head by a flying piece of metal. Officers were alerted to the explosion Friday in Schoeppingen, near the Dutch border, and found cash and condom packets lying on the ground apparently untouched. A local hospital informed police that a 29-year-old had died after being brought in by two other men. They initially said he had fallen down stairs, but police said Monday one of them later admitted the victim’s injuries were related to the explosion.
    Man dies after blowing up condom machine (WTNH/Associated Press)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. The landmark accord announced Monday between Japan and South Korea over the use of sex slaves by Japan’s army before and during World War II is unlikely to end all debate over Japan’s horrific behavior at the time.
    Coming to Terms on Japan’s Wartime Sex Slaves (NYT)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. Islamic State theologians have issued an extremely detailed ruling on when “owners” of women enslaved by the extremist group can have sex with them, in an apparent bid to curb what they called violations in the treatment of captured females.
    Repellent ISIS now has official rules on who can have sex with female slaves (NY Post)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. “A disturbing article crossed my Facebook feed in multiple places, as multiple friends sent it to me as soon as they saw it, about the arrest of self-proclaimed BDSM “expert” and author Michael Makai (real name Charles Michael Segaloff). … Listen, what we do in this BDSM lifestyle, regardless of the trappings and the slashy-speak and everything else around it, is CONSENSUAL when you boil it down to its basic elements. Slavery in the United States is ILLEGAL.”
    Why you trust your gut: #BDSM and predators in the lifestyle (; thank you for sending this, V)
  • India’s 2016 film calendar will begin on a controversial note. Two Bollywood adult comedies starring the same actor are releasing within a week of each other in January. Both Maastizaade and Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 are releasing after facing considerable objections from India’s censor board.
    Amidst censorship row, two ‘porn-coms’ are releasing in India in January (Mashable)

Thank you to wonderful, longtime reader D for sending me the trailer for Handjob Cabin.

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New book! Extreme HR Violations, tales of ridiculous office sex

EHRV cover med

It’s here! Extreme HR Violations ($3.49) is a collection of ridiculous, extreme, and -intentionally arousing- office sex stories.

These people are unhireable, and their sexual escapades are unbelievable! No really, this thing is like an employee handbook written by perverts. That’s because it is: The authors in this anthology are in award-winning erotica collections, and are also clearly recovering from painful office jobs in their past. This book is what really skilled erotica writers do when they’re blowing off steam… and I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

* Get Extreme HR Violations on Amazon ($3.49).
* Or… get Extreme HR Violations direct from me at Digita Publications ($3.49, .pdf, no DRM).

If you’re a book reviewer, click here to get an advance review copy.

Here’s my cheeky marketing copy:

The keg: Seven sordid offices…
The powder: Their depraved hiring practices…
The fuse: Applicants’ willingness to do anything with office supplies…
And the white-hot spark was: A horrified human resources department!

The blasts that follow will either confirm—or explode—your ideas about corporate team building!

In Extreme HR Violations, seven skilled authors deliver clever tales of behavior highly inappropriate for any workplace… Secretaries willfully file everything in the bottom drawer. Female execs put male assistants to the oral test in overtime. Interns stage pantyless catfights in the break room. IT workers get “accidentally” trapped between ladies’ legs under desks. Punishments involve filling out forms in ways you’d never imagine.

The ridiculous sex antics by bosses and underlings in these tales of office kink lead readers down shameful career paths, yielding referrals that can only be whispered by the most depraved recruiters.

There’s a ton of chemistry in these stories, and a fun bit of romance too. But make no mistake: These offices are an HR department’s nightmare, and that’s entirely the point.

Table of contents

* Introduction: The Ins and Outs of Office Politics by Violet Blue
* This Call May Be Monitored for Quality Assurance by Xavier Acton
* Quiz Day by Sommer Marsden
* The Importance of Good Networking by Saskia Walker
* Disciplinary Action by Marie Sudac
* Fair Trade by Jodi Fowler
* The Job Interview by Thomas S. Roche
* Memorandum by N. T. Morley

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Sex News: James Deen speaks, Penthouse does plus-size, first penis transplant, MTV does gay for pay

Pre-order my ridiculous new erotic collection! Extreme Human Resources Violations (ebook, $3.49)

alana dee haynes

Image: The art of Alana Dee Haynes, via 25th Centruryyy.

  • James Deen responds to the allegations: “I know some people will understand me and what I’m saying, and some may be offended by it and say even worse things as a result. We live in a world where accusations get great attention and no one really seems to want to get the truth. I’m in porn, and when you take porn activity into polite society it sounds really twisted. The media needs stories and I can see how this is one hell of a story.”
    James Deen Breaks His Silence: ‘I Am Completely Baffled’ by Rape Allegations (Daily Beast)
  • “A discussion about ethical practices and informed consent is well overdue, especially within an industry that is largely unregulated and gets by using the labour of contracted workers. This is the discussion that we’ve been having for years within the feminist porn community. Now it’s time for the wider industry to stand up and be counted, to make an effort to ensure that performer safety and consent is given priority. It’s also time to talk about how to make consent issues visible to pornography fans, partly to educate but also to address the often-held concerns about porn production.”
    How The Porn Industry Can Lift Its Game On Consent (Medium, @msnaughty)

  • The U.K.’s tax and customs authority on Friday announced that it has set up its first task force targeting the adult entertainment sector. The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said it was targeting strippers, online escorts and adult club owners, among others, in a move to find unreported revenue.
    U.K.’s Tax Authority Creates Task Force Targeting Adult Entertainment (XBIZ)

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  • The first penis transplant in the United States is set to take place within the next year. Surgeons from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine — which has an active hand and face transplant program — say the recipient will be a young soldier injured in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.
    First U.S. penis transplants planned to help wounded vets (CBS News)
  • This article is about sexual assault. Articles in this series have so far have examined fatalities and excessive force at the hands of law enforcement officers in Kern County, California, which has the highest per capita rate of officer-involved deaths anywhere in the US so far this year. But a Guardian investigation into the county’s two largest police departments also identified a string of sexual misconduct cases involving officers, and a pattern of secretive attempts to pay off victims with small sums of cash.
    The County: sexual assault and the price of silence (Guardian)
  • According to decades-old research by psychologist David M. Buss, men are hardwired to feel jealous over a partner’s sexual infidelity, while women are more likely to feel jealous when a partner is emotionally unfaithful. This theory has led to what is known as the parental-investment model.
    Why Does Evolution Want Infidelity to Hurt So Much? (Vice)

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  • In the English language, the word “he” is used to refer to males and “she” to refer to females. But some people identify as neither gender, or both – which is why an increasing number of US universities are making it easier for people to choose to be referred to by other pronouns.
    Beyond ‘he’ and ‘she’: The rise of non-binary pronouns (BBC)
  • The FPPC will consider a $61,500 fine against porn-industry opponents of a 2012 Los Angeles County ballot measure to require adult film actors to wear condoms. A similar measure has qualified for the November 2016 state ballot. The state Fair Political Practices Commission will consider the penalty, the largest fine of the year, at its Dec. 17 meeting.
    Porn industry faces $61,500 fine for putting foreign money into 2012 campaign (Sacramento Bee)
  • MTV’s docu-series True Life is turning its lens towards straight men who perform in gay adult films (known as ‘gay for pay’) as the subject of its next installment. The episode will focus on two guys who perform in gay adult films because of the lucrative payouts. However, while one performer is open about his involvement in gay for pay films, the other keeps it a closely guarded secret.
    ‘Gay For Pay’ Adult Film Stars Talk Gay Sex and Double Lives in MTV ‘True Life’ Teaser (Towleroad)

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  • I wish I had an article in the January issue! Kelly Shibari is featured as the first-ever plus size model in Penthouse Magazine. “For Penthouse, 2015 has been a year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the magazine, and of its mission to honor the grace and allure of the female form,” Managing Director Kelly Holland said.
    Penthouse Features Kelly Shibari as First-Ever Plus Size Model (XBIZ)
  • And not a risk was taken, nor a stereotype opposed. Pamela Anderson may get the cover of the historic last nude issue of Playboy, but blonde Kristy Garett snagged the last nude playmate spot, as the 749th (and last) woman to earn the centerfold spread.
    Kristy Garett Named Playboy’s Last Nude Playmate (People)
  • Chloe Mafia, a former porn star, claimed that a married pilot of a Kuwait Airways flight from London to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport invited her and a friend into the cockpit for champagne and a ride on his lap as he smoked, let them play with aircraft controls and boasted about being a member of the “mile-high club,” according to British tabloid reports in July. Now, the wayward aviator apparently has had his license revoked.
    Kuwaiti pilot punished for letting ex-porn star visit the cockpit (Washington Post)

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  • Australia’s Parliament says it is seeking input on whether access to online adult content is harmful for children. The Australian Senate has opened an inquiry called “Harm being done to Australian children through access to pornography on the Internet” and seeks to track online consumption of porn by those under 18.
    Australia’s Parliament Seeks Input to Decide Porn Access (XBIZ)
  • For Lucie Bee, the strangest thing that has ever happened on a porn set was the time a pair of window washers materialised at a high-rise window.
    “They stopped, we stopped,” she says.
    “We just stopped in place for a really long time.”
    “I waved, which is awkward when someone’s face is between your thighs, they waved, washed the windows, waved again, down they went.”
    So you want to be a porn star? (ABC AU)

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Kink Your Kindle: Erotic Paris, lust and espionage, sci-fi trysts, stepbrothers and bi-girls

Kink Your Kindle

To give a Kindle book as a gift:
In the Kindle Store, select the book you want to purchase as a gift.
On the product detail page, click the Give as a Gift button.
Enter the e-mail address of your gift recipient.
Enter a delivery date and an optional gift message.

Amazon has really fucked up search when it comes to finding or discovering quality erotica and sex titles. That’s why I started this series. My handpicked Kink Your Kindle selections follow strict standards. All fiction must have explicit, realistic sex within rich storylines that are framed by excellent storytelling, as well as complex and compelling characters. Sex acts can range from sweetly romantic to thoughtfully quick and dirty. All nonfiction must be accurate, nonjudgemental, and sex-positive, preferring an all-gender, all-orientation approach.

I hope that Kink Your Kindle helps to hack a path through the Kindle store’s overwhelming swamp of untalented fetish-spammers and inability to sort for quality, which dominates Amazon’s erotica and sex categories. I hope that through Kink Your Kindle you discover new authors you grow to love.


  • Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy ($9.99) edited by Jiz Lee
    “This revealing, moving, and often surprising collection lets you go deep inside the lives of generations of porn stars and explicit performers. It’s an absolute must-read for anyone interested in sex industry politics, sex-positive culture, and porn studies––and for anyone whose friend, lover, or family member has taken their pants off in front of a camera. One after the other, these memoirs add up to a powerful, if ironic, conclusion: Porn stigma is the biggest problem many adult performers face, and it is at least as likely to come from our feminist moms as from prudish conservatives. Once you’ve heard the clear, articulate voices of these porn stars, you’ll never look at a sex movie, or the people who make it happen, the same way again.” (— Carol Queen, PhD Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture)
  • Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life ($11.99) by Emily Nagoski
    “Ever wondered if something’s wrong with you? What happened to your sex “drive”, or why you’re body’s arousal doesn’t match you’re brain’s, or just whether you’re normal? This book distills all the latest research about women’s sexuality into something that is immediately useful into people’s lives. As someone who struggles with changes in sexual function, I found the material life-changing. The writing is clear, friendly, accessible, and just a bit nerdy.” (Amazon review)
  • Sex Addiction: A Critical History ($21.80) by by Barry Reay
    “The concept of sex addiction took hold in the 1980s as a product of cultural anxiety. Yet, despite being essentially mythical, sex addiction has to be taken seriously as a phenomenon. Its success as a purported malady lay with its medicalization, both as a self-help movement in terms of self-diagnosis, and as a rapidly growing industry of therapists treating the new disease. The media played a role in its history, first with TV, the tabloids and the case histories of claimed celebrity victims all helping to popularize the concept, and then with the impact of the Internet.”
  • Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work ($16.17) by Kimberly Kay Hoang
    “At a time when ethnographers in sociology seem inclined to write sensationalist accounts designed for mass appeal, Hoang represents the relationship between sexual and economic relations in Vietnam with exceptional thoughtfulness, methodological self-reflection, and theoretical sophistication. The book beautifully examines the relationships among masculinity, femininity, power, sexuality, and financial transactions among Western and Vietnamese women and men, making clear the many ways that sex workers and their clients or patrons manipulate their relations to meet complex personal and economic needs. She respects her subjects enough to avoid feeding two most common tropes in common representations of Asian sex workers, the exotic doll and the helpless victim.” (Amazon review)


  • Paperback only, and so worth it: Horizontal Collaboration: The Erotic World of Paris, 1920-1946 ($39.95) by Mel Gordon
    “Mel Gordon, author of Voluptuous Panic, the celebrated history about the sex culture of Weimar Berlin, returns with a stunningly illustrated look at Paris, The City of Pleasure, prior to and during German occupation during World War II. The book Horizontal Collaboration encompasses the Jazz Age, Depression, World War and Occupation, and Liberation. It concludes with the shuttering of the licensed brothels in 1946, which some Parisian intellectuals thought was the final “destruction of French civilization”. Hundreds of images, most never before seen in a book, encompass this fascinating but little-known history.”
  • Even Deeper ($2.99) by Alison Tyler
    I’m hooked on the story of Jack, Samantha, and Alex. “This series is Ms. Tyler’s best writing to date, and the Paris trip in “Even Deeper” leaves you breathless, hot, and bothered. But this is just the start of their wicked journey in the heart of the city and later into a dizzying erotic foray into the French countryside. Stay tuned because it’s only going to get better! The only way it could be better is a print version to go with my paperback set.” (Amazon review) See also: Bent Over His Desk: Hot Office Kink($4.49)
  • Fierce Enchantments: Ten Erotic Tales of Myth, Magic and Desire ($7.99) by Janine Ashbless
    “One is struck by the sheer breadth of author Janine Ashbless’ inventiveness, her natural gift for storytelling honed to acute sharpness with rigorous intellectual focus and well-practiced craftswomanship. Covering all the archetypal bases from folk ballads, myth, legend, and fairytale to futuristic sci-fi, well-researched historical fiction, contemporary horror, paranormal thriller, and post-apocalyptic action-adventure, there’s something for everyone in this wondrously abundant, cerebrally and erotically stimulating, perpetually entertaining collection.” (Amazon review)

rough magick

  • Rough Magick ($3.99) by Francesca Lia Block
    “In Rough Magick, we have gathered together a collection of haunting, sometimes chilling, short stories and poems about the darker side of love and sex. Some of the stories are magical; some are more realistic and the “magic” comes through in language and lyricism. Some protagonists are teens and some are adults. There is romanticism and eroticism and even horror. What unites the stories is that the writers have boldly faced love’s shadows in unique and gripping ways.”
  • The Circlet Press Steampunk Bundle: Four Full-Length Novels & An Anthology ($5.99) edited by Elizabeth Schechter, Peter Tupper, Vinnie Tesla, Lionel Bramble, J. Blackmore
    “Five complete book-length works of steamy steampunk, available only until February 15th, 2016 in this bundle! A discreet brothel staffed by robots. A theatre that enacts your most secret fantasies. A mad scientist whose machines are powered by human arousal. A team of secret agents on a mission to the steam-shrouded jungles of Venus. “Elizabeth Schechter fuses diverse genres with such artful subtlety that we barely notice the genius at work before our eyes. Steampunk, erotica, fairytale romance, horror, sci-fi; Schechter does it all so deftly, blends it all so seamlessly, we are left wondering by what weird and wonderful magic such stories are created. “—Big Brain Erotica” Also: Buy direct from Circlet Press.

spy games

  • Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica ($5.99) edited by Jillian Boyd
    “A scintillating collection of eclectic espionage-themed erotica… Ashton Peal starts things off with “The Sound of the Chime,” in which we experience how isolating spycraft can be. Stuck in her routine of spy protocols, Chime develops an illicit flirtation with Operator during their weekly phone calls. Then one night things go too far and everything changes. … In Anna Sky’s “Clean Lies,” Ciara enters a hotel suite disguised as a maid to install a high-tech device to steal information from a Scottish multimillionaire. When she’s caught in the act by the devilishly handsome rogue, she can either preserve her cover as a naughty maid and submit to a spanking — and maybe more — or she can get away while she can.” (Amazon review)
  • Bisexual Beauties: 10 Sexy Stories of Girls Who Love Girls… and Guys ($7.99) by Giselle Renarde
    “Girlfriends share their first taste of man in “Felicity’s First” while frisky folk singers take Winter along for the ride in “Forbidden Folk.” A curvy girl joins the action when she walks in on her co-worker crush seducing a sexy stranger. A proudly bisexual building super fixes more than just leaky pipes, and a concerned BFF helps her married friends break down barriers when she jumps into bed with them.” See also: Everybody Knows: 15 Transgender Love Stories ($6.99)
  • Step Beast: (Military Stepbrother Romance) ($3.99) by Selena Kitt
    “This book is so much more than I ever expected from it. Its dark yet sweet, gritty yet fun. There are enough twists to keep you reading ‘just a few more pages’ until you realize that the entire day/night is gone and you’re not at the end yet. I can’t really say more without giving major spoilers and this is the sort of book where you really want to go through the book because in each chapter it seems like you see a new facet of the one of main characters’ personalities. With books like this, Selena Kitt is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.” (Amazon review) See also: Peter and the Wolf (New Modern Wicked Fairy Tales; $0.99)

flight of the black swan

  • The Flight of the Black Swan ($2.99) by Jean Roberta
    “The Flight of the Swan, set in England and at sea during the time of the U.S. Civil War, more than lives up to the “bawdy” promise in its title. This is a story constantly in motion, as Emily learns about young love and lesbian sex, only to be parted from her Lucy very early on. She winds up on the Black Swan, a ship full of men who, due to their homosexuality, wouldn’t be welcome in the official English Navy ships. There is plenty of subterfuge and secrets that are slowly revealed, and Roberta slyly lets the reader in on both the jokes and the true emotion behind some of these secrets, which include cross-dressing. There is plenty of drama, love scenes and adventure as the ship’s crew fight to save themselves and battle for the cause of ending slavery, though their own thoughts on the topic are brought into relief when they encounter a former slave, Mary Ann.” (Amazon review)
  • Cathedral of Furs: Ardent Erotica Inspired by Anaïs Nin ($2.99) by Lana Fox
    “From taboo eroticism to ardent longing that ignites the page and makes the heart thump harder, no one writes passion like Anaïs Nin. That’s why erotic author and publisher Lana Fox created Cathedral of Furs — five ardent linked stories inspired by Anaïs Nin’s diaries. Much like Nin herself, the protagonist Arielle refuses to let her heart be bound by rules that make no sense for her. Thus she embarks on a journey of forbidden liaisons, exotic revelations, and courageous encounters that society would have her shun in spite of their heart-driven passion. “
  • Show Yourself to Me: Queer Kink Erotica ($6.99) by Xan West
    “Xan West introduces us to pretty boys and nervous boys, vulnerable tops and dominant sadists, good girls and fierce girls and scared little girls, mean Daddies and loving Daddies and Daddies that are terrifying in delicious ways. Submissive queers go to alleys to suck cock, get bent over the bathroom sink by a handsome stranger, choose to face their fears, have their Daddy orchestrate a gang bang in the park, and get their dream gender-play scene–tied to a sling in an accessible dungeon. Dominants find hope and take risks, fall hard and push edges, get fucked and devour the fear and tears that their sadist hearts desire. Within these 24 stories, you will meet queers who build community together, who are careful about how they play with power, who care deeply about consent.”
  • Under By Treaty (Alien Shapeshifter Romance; Qui Treaty Collection) ($3.99) by Kayla Stonor
    “This story manages to thread the needle … This difficult feat is accomplished through the use of the alpha submissive concept. Essentially, an alpha submissive can be described as a man who is normally dominant, but during the course of the story one special Domme figures out a way to bend him to her will — willingly, or otherwise. … The hero, General Jaden, is a hardened, bad-ass soldier, and the thought of submitting to anyone or anything is as alien to him as the mysterious and deadly invaders who’ve laid waste to large swaths of a future Earth. Kayla does a good job in setting the stage for what transpires later in the story, firmly establishing that Jaden doesn’t submit to anyone willingly. Enter Sonil, a beautiful, bewitching, and (despite her frequently indulged penchant for dishing out some serious pain), ultimately vulnerable heroine as the Domme. I loved her, and as a dominant male, that takes some doing for me to connect so strongly to a Domme in erotic fiction.” (Amazon review)


Wetware cover

  • Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica ($3.89) edited by Violet Blue
    “Wetware ended far too soon. When I finished the last story, Synthetic Skin, my favorite of the seven, I was left wanting far more similar stories. I could easily read far more set in the worlds of Synthetic Skin; Bishop to King’s Pawn, Two; and Rough, Trade as well. Everything was hot, the plots underneath them all varied more than I’d imagined, and the small bits of cyberpunk culture recommendations in between worked wonderfully as transitions. This is the level of substance I want to read in more erotica collections. The lack of any stories that made me cringe or skim through only adds to it. The one time I thought a story would be gross is the time my expectations got tossed on their head. Wetware is simply fantastic.” (Amazon review)


  • ’tis the Season ($0.99) by Sommer Marsden
    “I sat down to read a few pages to see if it was what I wanted. Cup of coffee and a few oatmeal cookies later and I was all done, blinking and going “that’s all? But I wanted MORE…” This is a quick read, like 50 pages, but 50 steaming pages! Wow! I loved this novella … Natalie has a problem; the thermostat in her apartment is stuck open and her upstairs neighbor – her insanely hot, sexy, and unfortunately, attached, upstairs neighbor – is the local handyman. She goes up to ask him to fix it and discovers him… well, entertaining himself after a breakup… as per the usual Sommer Marsden read, hijinks ensue…” (Amazon review)
  • Holiday Kink: Dirty Christmas Quickies ($2.99) edited by Violet Blue
    “Sure, it took me a little while to get into it (see “Santa/Elf/Holiday themes aren’t typically my thing”), but once I was (starting with “Unwrapped” by Ayre Riley—cis m/f pegging fun that was extraordinarily well done), I was totally wrapped (ha!). Other stories totally worth the $2.99: “A Very Naughty Elf” by Felix D’Angelo (“I got your North Pole right here”—nice—and a fantastic tale of BDSM santa comes home to his naughty elf), “Mandatory Fun” by Alison Tyler (everything you’ve come to expect from Alison: fun, entertaining, and sexy kink at an office party), and Violet’s collected recipes and solid advice on sex and safe BDSM play. It’s like Redbook gone Hustler, I swear it. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a damn good thing.” (Amazon review)

Holiday Kink

See also, on writing and reading erotica:

Why I Write Bisexual Romance (Huffington Post)
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Riveting, sensuous erotic nudes by CubCollab

Tanya Dakin CubCollab

If you’re a Tumblr erotic photo/art nudes prowler, you’ve probably come across photos with the name CubCollab appended to them. Like most things Tumblr erotic or not, the source of these is tough to track down, and Google’s increasingly muddled (and prudish) search doesn’t help in tracking down artist attribution. Lucky for you, research is one of my fetishes. I found out who, and what, CubCollab is.

CubCollab is model, photographer, stylist and office manager Tanya Dakin and her sweetheart. In response to a comment on her Tumblr, Erotic Tonic, she writes,

Thank you, all the work with CubCollab are intimate projects between myself and my boyfriend who’s much younger than I, hence the name Cub, he is not a photographer per-say, I select the location, mostly when we are vacationing, choose wardrobe and styling to play up the surroundings, set the cameras exposure and base tone, and hand the camera over, he shoots and brackets, and interjects his ideas, he then let’s me do the rest, skin edits, final toning and adjustments. Lately he is the only one I have been wanting to model for In an erotic sense, I’m losing my hunger to express myself in the hands of others, it’s a nice transition into retirement, and beautiful memories we share as artist working together as not just a team, but an intimate couple. We have another vacation getaway coming up end of December, lots of bright rooms with beautiful muted and earthy tones, I’m brainstorming for style and wardrobe already.

Tanya-Dakin CubCollab

I’m a fan. And now I have another mad crush… and I’m looking forward to whatever direction CubCollab decides to go. Also, this photo she styled has an outfit so cute, I’m dying for it.

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Sex News: Sex-obsessed Paris attacks manifesto, Charlie Sheen HIV positive, Doctor Who ‘sex storm’

Check out my anthology on cybercrime and passion: Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica ($3.89)

la paree revue

  • Susie Bright weighed in on the just-released Paris Attacks terrorist manifesto on her Facebook page, reposted on Towleroad. The manifesto said it “set out targeting the capital of prostitution and vice” and Bright elaborates on “Their obsession with sexual revenge, the revenge of the sexually rejected.” Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma.
    Susie Bright on the Sex-Obsessed Paris ISIS manifesto (Towleroad)
  • One year after demonstrators convened outside Parliament to protest a change in regulations for online adult content distributors, organizers are planning another one. This year’s demonstration, called “(Pro) Porn Protest 1 Year On,” is slated for Saturday, Dec. 12, at noon at the Old Palace Yard opposite the Palace of Westminster.
    London Porn Protest Slated for Dec. 12 (XBIZ)
  • November 14 saw an unnamed porn performer interviewed by UK media alleging that she’d had sex with a Hollywood actor who is HIV positive, and that the actor had sex with at least 50 adult movie actresses, despite knowing his condition. It wasn’t hard to guess it might be Charlie Sheen — who had now disclosed that he is HIV positive. Added: The actor said he had paid “millions” to unnamed individuals who had threatened to expose his HIV-positive status. Sheen said he was diagnosed with HIV about four years ago. He insisted that it was “impossible” that he could have transmitted the virus to someone else since his diagnosis, while acknowledging that he had unprotected sex during that time with two people.(Variety)
    TMZ and People Magazine: Charlie Sheen Is HIV Positive (XBIZ)
  • Earlier this week, PornHub announced a 10% drop in traffic among videogame fans the day Fallout 4 was released. Using anonymous user affinity profiles from Google GOOGL +1.47% analytics, the site saw the biggest drop between 6AM and Noon, and then again between 6PM and 10PM, hours it assumed most people were just beginning their trips into the wasteland.
    Pornhub Says Its Gaming Audience Dropped 10% The Day ‘Fallout 4’ Came Out (Forbes)
  • Indie porn film fest Porntopia was last weekend, and it looked amazing! I can’t find any coverage or afterglow posts (yet), but the thank you post is here, and some really nice photos are up here.
    Porntopia 2015 photos (Gourmet Book Design, Porntopia 2015)

Thanks to our sponsor in Spain, women-run Lust Cinema.

  • San Francisco grand dame and larger-than-life ’60s cultural figure Carol Doda has died. The 78 year old was beloved and revered for her bare, entrepreneurial spirit — not to mention her bare, once world-famous, silicone-injected 44D breasts — and will be missed and remembered by many for her legacy of positivity and free expression.
    Carol Doda, ’60s Stripping Sensation And Cultural Icon, Dead At 78 (SFist)
  • Doctor Who producers are bringing back flirty female favourite River Song to serve up a Christmas Day “sex storm” for fans. They decided to include River – played by Alex Kingston – as surprise guest star in the raunchiest-ever episode of BBC 1’s long-running sci-fi show.
    Doctor Who is serving up a ‘sex storm’ as favourite character returns (Mirror UK)

Much gratitude to our thoughtful sponsor, Nubile Films.

Donald Dick

  • The mosaic portrait of Donald Trump made entirely of dick pics is uncredited on every website right now, including NY Mag, Esquire and many others. It’s actually by HomoPower, who says, “I give you a pic showing what Donald Trump is really made of. This is a high-resolution photo mosaic of Trump made with 500 dick pics.”
    HomoPower: Donald Trump (
  • Larry Flynt appeared on the Nov. 11 episode of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing,” negotiating the sale of Hustler’s Sunset Strip property to developer Zachary Vella of VE Equities. It will reportedly be turned into an upscale restaurant and nightclub.
    Larry Flynt Sells Hustler Store on ‘Million Dollar Listing’ (XBIZ)

Thank you to our sponsor in Holland, Abby Winters.

  • A Secret Service officer assigned to the White House was arrested after he was caught in a sting sending naked pictures of himself to someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl from Delaware, according to a criminal complaint unsealed last Thursday. The complaint comes after a series of high-profile controversies for the Secret Service.
    Secret Service officer arrested in child sex sting (CNN)
  • After 10 years honoring some filmmakers in erotica, organizers of the Feminist Porn Awards have decided to draw the curtains on the show. Carlyle Jansen, owner of Toronto adult toy store Good for Her, which launched the awards program in 2006, said that the show will take “a short break” in 2016 and return at a later date.
    Feminist Porn Awards Won’t Be Held in 2016 (NAME)
  • A man who admitted to stealing nude photos from women’s email accounts and selling the images for publication on a website was sentenced Monday to more than two years in federal prison. Charles Evens confessed to breaking into the Gmail and Yahoo email accounts of hundreds of women, obtaining nude photos and selling the images to another man, Hunter Moore.
    Judge sentences ‘revenge porn’ hacker to 2 years in federal prison (LA Times)

Thank you to our sponsor and friends, Pink Label TV.

  • A Christmas print ad for retailer Bloomingdales shows an image of a woman and a man with a very questionable headline between them. The headline reads, “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.” Like every brand which finds itself in this situation, an apology has been issued on a Facebook post. It begins by avoiding accountability, saying “In reflection of your feedback …”
    Bloomingdales’s Slammed With Social Media Outrage Over Date Rape Ad (Adrants)
  • A porn star is revealing what it’s like to date as a sex worker and sharing her three cardinal rules she says people must follow if they want to be in a relationship with her – or another sex worker.
    Porn star reveals the three rules of dating a sex worker (Daily Mail)

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