Sex News: Toys R Us hoarded kinky domains, Stormy Daniels conspiracy theory, male sexbots, whitewashing sex ed

  • “Toys ‘R’ Us, which filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is closing stores and selling off its intellectual property to pay off creditors, has a surprise for domainers — it has some kinky domain names available.”
    * Toys ‘R’ Us Selling Inventory of Erotic Domain Names (XBIZ)
  • “Moore says there are certain sounds that she’s asked to re-create that would “literally change the rating of the film” if they were included in the finished product: “We’ve been asked to do [Foley sound for] oral-sex scenes before. They never play it. They just don’t! Because it’s not a sexy sound.” In re-creating the sounds of cunnilingus, Fang notes, she’ll “use kissing sounds instead of disgusting licks. Because you want a mouthy sound, but you still want it to have this gentleness and this sweetness. And if you’re just licking your hand, it’s like a pudding pop. That’s not sexy or tasteful. It’s just going to sound like you’re licking your hand.””
    * How Onscreen Sex Sounds Are Made, From Kissing to Hand Jobs (Vulture)
  • “… internet sleuths think the innocuous tweet about Daniels’ tattoo has revealed that she was involved in the [NXIVM] cult, as well. And while the initial accusation pertained to her left hip, some think they’ve found one on the right, too. Daniels replied online to the allegations, saying that the images were Photoshopped and the scar people pointed to was from surgery. Unfortunately, in 2018, one specious accusation online is enough to send the denizens of the internet in a frenzy. InfoWars picked it up after the fervid Trump supporters on Reddit’s r/The_Donald jumped all over it.”
    * Reddit sleuths think a scar proves Stormy Daniels is involved in sex trafficking (Daily Dot)
  • “It’s critical to ask questions about robot consent, and whether sex robots dehumanize us, and whether the small group of mostly men building the algorithms behind them reinforces gender stereotypes of passive women and manly men. But for now, McMullen’s team still needs to figure out how to make Henry walk and talk at the same time.”
    * Henry the Sexbot Wants to Know All Your Hopes and Dreams (Wired)

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  • “It’s no secret that sex education in the United States is falling behind the times … Only 20 states require that the information given in sex education be “medically, factually, and technically accurate.” … To compound things, the sex ed that is taught is often whitewashed, making it even more inaccessible to certain communities.”
    * Sex Ed in America Is White-Washed. Here’s How That Could Change. (Playboy)
  • “According to former educators at the site, while internal tensions have been brewing within O.School for some time, those issues hit a breaking point with the passage of the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), and the way that O.School has responded to it. ”
    * Anti-sex trafficking law FOSTA is hurting online sex educators, too (Verge)
  • “High street newsagents are to sell so-called “porn passes” that will allow adults to visit over-18 websites anonymously. The 16-digit cards will allow browsers to avoid giving personal details online when asked to prove their age. Instead, they would show shopkeepers a passport or driving licence when buying the pass.”
    * What are the ‘porn passes’ newsagents could soon be handing out? (Independent)
  • “Producers of adult content won’t be eligible for Louisiana’s film tax credit program under legislation heading to the governor’s desk. Louisiana’s Senate voted to prohibit tax credits to any producer that must maintain records pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2257, the federal record-keeping requirement for adult producers.”
    * Louisiana Lawmakers OK Bill Outlawing Tax Credits to Porn Producers (XBIZ)

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  • “Females were more likely to bite the rumps of males at the most fertile phase of their reproductive cycle, researchers found. Pacing also increased in both duration and frequency of a female being in season.”
    * Love bites on hairy bums: wombats’ sex lives revealed (The Guardian)
  • “Right now, Mistress Alexa isn’t the most elegant of devices, and she’s been cobbled together using Gary’s fairly limited technical knowledge. An Echo Dot connects to a Raspberry Pi, which is bolted on to an Arduino. From there, a wire runs out into the remote control of a pet-store electric shock collar that’s normally used on dogs. Both Gary and Kirsty noted they’d never use the device on an animal, describing the device’s use on pets as “barbaric.””
    * Meet the dominatrix living inside an Echo Dot (Engadget)
  • “It appalls but does not surprise me that neither of these august ideologues sought even once to examine a primary source on the issue. That neither of them bothered to emphasize that it is not incidental that incel ideology has led to multiple massacres. It is far easier to write an abstract consideration of the economics of sex and a generalized bemoaning of contemporary mores than to face the glaring and obvious truth: Inceldom is an ideological system premised in its entirety on a poisonous, irrational, and thoroughgoing hatred of women.”
    * Someone Please Tell the Times That Incels Are Terrorists (Village Voice)
  • “”I just felt violated and betrayed,” Johnson said. “I’ve shot over 50 scenes for this company. For a long time, I was one of their top guys. And I’m always publicly talking about racism. For them to even ask me was an insult, then to do it against my will, it hurts. It feels like it was a set up.””
    * Moe Johnson Says Dogfart Director Ordered Racial Slurs for Money Shot (XBIZ)

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Sex News: Cloudflare is unforgivable, Facebook is to blame, people don’t want harder porn, and there was also a penis transplant

  • Something about this news broke my brain. Cloudflare literally equates a platform for the mere discussion of sex work with naziism. And Cloudflare only feels bad about the nazi part. I can’t stop being angry about it, and I’ve been paralyzed with depression over it. After nearly 20 years of battling front-line censorship on merely talking about sex in a sex-positive, all-gender and all-orientation context (and still being broke, censored, and largely ignored about the hypocrisies behind it all) I just don’t quite know what to do. My articles about it are massively read and shared. The most vulnerable and at-risk will literally die as a result of actions like those of Craiglsist, Cloudflare, and Reddit. But none of the decision makers — the gatekeepers of speech and human expression — care. “Around 3PM ET on April 17th, Switter — a social media space for sex workers — went offline. Its disappearance, however temporary, indicated the FOSTA-driven loss of yet another haven for sex workers, this time in the form of content distribution network Cloudflare.”
    * Switter, one of the last online spaces friendly to sex workers, was just banned by its network (Verge)
  • Nothing really new, still the same depressing state of being rendered silent and invisible (and equating sex to nazis). Let’s all thank Facebook for starting the internet trend of literally equating sexual expression with naziism, and companies like Cloudflare for backing them up. Also, there’s no word on why it took Facebook 14 years to share this. “The expanded guidelines may be lengthy, but they’re broken up into six categories: Violence and criminal behavior, safety, objectionable content, integrity and authenticity, respecting intellectual property, and content-related requests. ”
    * Facebook publishes full internal guidelines on violence, hate speech, and nudity (Daily Dot)
  • When this happens for FOSTA-SESTA, it will be too late, thanks to the eager and aggressive censorship enforcement of companies like Cloudflare and Reddit. “A Texas appeals court has ruled that the state’s “revenge porn” law is unconstitutionally overbroad and runs afoul of the First Amendment.”
    * Law Prohibiting ‘Revenge Porn’ Violates First Amendment, Says Texas Appeals Court (Reason)
  • Anti-porn pundits literally conflate supply with demand, which is what many of us (who’ve worked for major porn retailers) have been explaining to the world for a very long time. “One of the major contentions against the adult film industry is that it continuously pushes the boundaries of sexual conventions, becoming “harder and harder” with every passing year. … In the present article, we sought to assess these claims. To our knowledge, no previous study has systematically examined the temporal tendencies in depictions of aggression. Indeed, while some viewers (both men and women) undoubtedly enjoy aggression and degradation of women and find such videos to be arousing and gratifying, our study provides no support for the claim that the majority of viewers prefer to be exposed to such images.”
    * “Harder and Harder”? Is Mainstream Pornography Becoming Increasingly Violent and Do Viewers Prefer Violent Content? (T&F Online)
  • “For the people fighting against Backpage, the closure of the website represents a moral victory, a blow to pimps, and a godsend for vulnerable communities. However, a wide variety of interest groups, including many people within the sex-work community, women’s rights advocates, antitrafficking organizations, and LGBT rights activists, see these actions as blows to vulnerable communities and godsends for pimps.”
    * How Sex Ads Became a Battleground for the Future of the Internet (The Ringer)

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  • Economist is super late to this story. Still, there’s one bit of new info. “The rules were due to come into force this month. But in March, buried at the bottom of an unrelated press release, the government pushed the date back to the end of the year.”
    * Online porn will soon require age checks in Britain (Economist)
  • We are all fruit flies. “Those flies that had experienced a few days of ejaculation and therefore had brains full of neuropeptide, were less likely to opt for alcohol when presented with a choice between alcoholic and non-alcoholic meals. Conversely, flies that had not been ejaculating for days opted for the alcohol.”
    * Flies enjoy having sex and will resort to alcohol if they can’t get it, scientists find (Independent)
  • “The first US penis transplant was successfully performed in 2016. Last year, a uterus transplant recipient gave birth for the first time in the US, too. Now, doctors at Johns Hopkins University have successfully transplanted an entire penis and scrotum to a young serviceman who sustained injuries in Afghanistan resulting in the loss of his genitals.”
    * Johns Hopkins performs the first total penis and scrotum transplant (Engadget)

Cool event on Wednesday in Boston: Robot Sex: Connection, Privacy: Ethics in the 21st Century (Museum of Science, Boston)

  • “The problem, as you might imagine, is that this is a purely reactive approach that doesn’t actually deal with the issue. What’s the likelihood that someone looking for this content is going to report it?”
    * Pornhub hasn’t been actively enforcing its deepfake ban (Engadget)
    See also: Screen Actors Guild pledges to fight AI-driven face-swapping porn (Engadget)
  • “Former “Smallville” actress Alison Mack has been arrested and charged in federal court with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. According to investigators, Mack was “in the first level of the pyramid” below Keith Raniere in the sex cult DOS, and she actively recruited new members and solicited compromising material from them to use as “collateral”.”
    * ‘Smallville’ Actress Allison Mack Arrested In Connection With Sex-Slavery And Branding Cult Nxivm (Digg)

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  • “The waterbed soon made its presence known throughout every realm of American media. Porn films like 1971’s The Session and The Big Snatch featured them. John Lennon owned one. James Bond boned on one (in 1971’s Diamonds are Forever, when Sean Connery got intimate with Jill St. John on a waterbed filled with fish). Then there’s also 1977’s The Van, a teen sex comedy that’s basically just about a guy who puts a waterbed in his van to pick up women.”
    * Waterbeds Are Back, But Will They Make You Better at Fucking? (MEL)
  • “… only an hour after the Access Hollywood tape was made public, top officials at CAP [Center for American Progress] received an exit memo from a young woman who’d just quit detailing the sexual harassment she experienced from Benton Strong, a manager on her team — harassment, she wrote, that management already knew about — and how she faced retaliation for reporting it.”
    * Inside A Divisive Fight Over How A Top Progressive Think Tank Handled Sexual Harassment (BuzzFeed)

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Sex News: FOSTA-SESTA damage continues, Kevin Spacey, Backpage, Nikki Benz, Peter Thiel’s herpes vaccine, and much more

  • The bad news is that sex censorship and sex discrimination is moving into its darkest chapter. The passing of FOSTA/SESTA and its signing into law is equivalent to making hate speech and racial discrimination legal. Its effects are worldwide. In many instances, workers and trafficking victims are now turning to street work for the first time. The positive news is that major media outlets, for the first time in history, are listening to sex workers. Now if only lawmakers would listen … to any of us.
    * The War on Sex Workers Needs to Stop Now (Rolling Stone)
    * President says “I have to give credit it to Ivanka Trump” at signing an online sex trafficking crackdown bill (Newsweek)
    * No one wants to listen to the sex workers (Washington Post)
    * After Craigslist personals go dark, sex workers fear what’s next (CNN)
    * How the US ‘Sex Trafficking’ Crackdown Is Hurting Sex Workers in Canada (VICE)
    * “Erotic Review” blocks US Internet users to prepare for government crackdown (Ars Technica)
    * USA Sex Guide Suspends Operation of Website (XBIZ)
    * Kiwi sex workers at risk after classifieds website shut down (NewsHub NZ)
    * FOSTA-SESTA’s real aim is to silence sex workers online (Engadget)
  • “Carl Ferrer, the chief executive of whose name was conspicuously absent from an indictment of seven other Backpage officials unsealed Monday, has pleaded guilty in state courts in California and Texas and federal court in Arizona to charges of money laundering and conspiracy to facilitate prostitution.”
    * Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer pleads guilty in three states, agrees to testify against other website officials (Washington Post)
    See also: New Backpage Ruling Lays Bare Some of the Lies Undergirding FOSTA (Reason)
  • This book made me sane and it saved my life. Every person with corresponding gear in their pants should own a copy. “For generations of girls, “Our Bodies, Ourselves” was the starter pack to adulthood: It let you know whether your vulva was weird looking (it wasn’t), what kind of birth control you might want to use and whether you were the only one who had a special relationship with your pillow. (You weren’t, Page 162 assured.) But after nearly 50 years, Our Bodies Ourselves, the Boston nonprofit home of the book, will stop publishing the pubescent tome amid a period of “transition.””
    * ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’? It’s Shelved (NYT)
    See also: How Learning to Love My Vagina Affirmed My Manhood (Vice)
  • “Adult performer Nikki Benz filed a lawsuit Monday against the porn production company Brazzers, its parent company MindGeek, and fellow actors Tony T. and Ramon Nomar for sexual battery. … Benz first made the allegations via Twitter in late December of 2016, following the shoot in question.”
    * Porn Actress Nikki Benz Sues MindGeek, Brazzers, Co-Stars for Sexual Battery, Gender Violence (Jezebel)

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  • “SAG-AFTRA [Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists] has called for a ban on auditions in hotel rooms and residences, where many reported incidents of sexual harassment and assault have occurred.”
    * SAG-AFTRA Bans Auditions In Hotel Rooms And Residences (Deadline)
  • “The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing a sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey, Variety has confirmed. The former “House of Cards” star has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous men in the U.S. and in England. Scotland Yard is investigating at least three sexual assault complaints against the Oscar winner.”
    * Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Case to Be Reviewed by L.A. District Attorney (Variety)
  • “A pornographic video that falsely claimed to show Hillary Clinton engaged in a sex act has been traced back to an account that Reddit acknowledged on Tuesday is linked to Russia’s Internet Research Agency. … The video was viewed more than 250,000 times on Pornhub.”
    * Russia-linked account pushed fake Hillary Clinton sex video (NBC News)
  • “The Food and Drug Administration has launched a criminal investigation into an offshore herpes research trial that began with secret injections of an unauthorized herpes vaccine in US hotel rooms, according to a report by Kaiser Health News.”
    * Report: FDA Launches Investigation Into Research by Peter Thiel-Backed Herpes Vaccine Company (Gizmodo)

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  • Guardian writes about Control, but won’t link to the artist. “Çağdaş Erdoğan, a 26-year-old Kurdish Turk, is part of SO Collective, an anonymous, independent photo agency set up in 2013 by photojournalists who, for many reasons, have been blacklisted by the authorities and marginalised by the now largely state-run media.”
    * Dog fights and sex parties: the man who photographs Istanbul after dark (Guardian)
  • “During an interview on Megyn Kelly TODAY on Wednesday, [Stormy] Daniels’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, suggested that CBS edited out Daniels’s detailed description of the president’s genitals … “60 Minutes and CBS, as you know, they are a conservative network. I mean there is a lot of information that was said during that interview that did not make it into the final 60 Minutes,” Avenatti said, adding, “… For instance, she can describe the president’s genitalia in great detail. That did not make it.””
    * Stormy Daniels Can Describe Trump’s Genitals ‘in Detail’ (The Cut)
    See also: Donald Trump’s Embrace of Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is an Absurd Twist on a Failed Policy (Intercept)
  • “In a landmark case in California, one of the largest ever judgements in a revenge porn case has seen the United States District Court awarding $6.4 million to a Los Angeles County woman. … It took four years for the case to come to a head … Copyright, not necessarily human decency, won out in the end, with the plaintiff basing the case around the violation of copyright regarding the distributed images.”
    * Woman is awarded $6.4 million in one of the largest revenge porn cases ever (Mashable)
  • “Reliable data are difficult to come by, but softer services seem to be gaining popularity at the expense of harder ones such as vaginal sex (which is illegal but widely available) or oral sex (which is legal). The sex trade in Japan has long been about not only intercourse, but also the yearning for intimacy and romance, says Masahiro Yamada, a sociologist, and these are the services that are growing.”
    * Japan’s sex industry is becoming less sexual (The Economist)
  • “Three years after revealing the (AI-enhanced) Realbotix project to the public, the first iteration of the robotic sex doll head will finally make it into bedrooms around the world. This week RealDoll, the makers of the famous silicone love doll line, announced that the RealDoll X will go on sale later this month.”
    * RealDoll X: 1st Generation Sexbot from Realbotix Goes on Sale This Month (Future of Sex)

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Sex News: Sex censorship ramps up, anti-porn bill withdrawn, Playboy quits Facebook, Slutever does monsters

  • “One week ago, the worst possible legislation curtailing free speech online passed and sex censorship bill FOSTA-SESTA is on its way to be signed into law by Trump. Hours after the announcement, everything from the mere discussion of sex work to client screening and safe advertising networks began getting systematically erased from the open internet. Thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of women, LGBTQ people, gay men, immigrants, and a significant number of people of color lost their income.”
    * Congress just legalized sex censorship: What to know (Engadget)
  • “A proposal that would have required a filter for online pornography that could be lifted with a $20 fee was withdrawn Tuesday by a Rhode Island lawmaker who cited the “dubious origins” of the measure. Sen. Frank Ciccone said he pulled the bill after The Associated Press reported Monday that the legislation had been pushed around the country by a man with a history of outlandish lawsuits including trying to marry his computer as a statement against gay marriage.”
    * Lawmaker withdraws anti-porn bill, citing ‘dubious origins’ (Washington Post)
  • “Playboy issued a press release late Tuesday night to announce its withdrawal from Facebook. It has deactivated the Playboy accounts that Playboy Enterprises manages, directly affecting some 25 million fans, according to the company.”
    * Playboy deletes its Facebook accounts (Verge)
  • “A man in the UK has caught the world’s “worst-ever” case of super-gonorrhoea. He had a regular partner in the UK, but picked up the superbug after a sexual encounter with a woman in South East Asia. Public Health England says it is the first time the infection cannot be cured with first choice antibiotics.”
    * Man has ‘world’s worst’ super-gonorrhoea (BBC)

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  • “A Massachusetts woman has filed a federal lawsuit accusing her tenant of using her Martha’s Vineyard home to shoot pornographic videos without telling her. Bassett says the filmmakers used “nearly every room of her home for their porn production purposes,” including her bedrooms, sofas, dining room table and laundry room appliances.”
    * Massachusetts woman files lawsuit accusing tenant of shooting porn in her home (CBS News)
  • “If you haven’t seen it, Karley Sciortino, the writer of the Slutever blog and a regular for Vogue magazine, has a Vice TV video documentary series (also called Slutever). … At Heliosphere we had a screening of the whole 6 minute segment at the reading and Vice did a fantastic job of capturing why so many of us find writing erotica about monsters empowering.”
    * Viceland TV’s “Slutever” Talks to Erotica Writers about “Women & Monsters” (Cecilia Tan)
    See also: We Met the People Who Fantasize About Monsters (Vice)
  • “Walmart stores will no longer feature Cosmopolitan in its checkout lines … In a press release by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) featuring the news, executive director Dawn Hawkins states, “This is what real change looks like in our #MeToo culture, and NCOSE is proud to work with a major corporation like Walmart to combat sexually exploitative influences in our society.””
    * Why Walmart Is Removing Cosmo From Checkout Lines (The Cut)
    See also: FSC Blasts Walmart’s Decision to Remove Cosmopolitan From Checkout Aisles (XBIZ)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. “Authorities caught up with the alleged fugitive self-help guru behind the walls of a luxury gated community near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. … Keith Raniere — known to his followers across the world as the Vanguard — was living inside one of the properties with several women, according to federal prosecutors. … [He used] a mix of New Age jargon and Ayn Randian self-determination. But according to federal authorities, Raniere used his position of power to lock women into a bizarre master-slave relationship.”
    * Feds say self-help guru coerced followers into sex, had them branded with a cauterizing pen (Washington Post)
    See also: Expecting arrest, Allison Mack website shows adoration of sex cult leader Raniere (Artvoice)

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  • “Eventually, I learned to weed out what I’d call the “client” types—men so engrossed in themselves that my presence barely registered. Men who’d choose a bar as our first or second date, even though I’m sober. Men who talked on and on about their novels, never asking what I did for work. I stopped giving time to just anyone and held out for men I actually found interesting.”
    * What Being a Sex Worker Taught Me About Men (Vice)
  • “One man, however, holds the distinction of having not one, not two, but three games banned by Twitch. The first, Cobra Club, is an interrogation of surveillance culture framed as a game about taking dick pics. The second, Rinse and Repeat, is about showering with hunks. And the third, Radiator 2, features a man languidly sucking a popsicle …”
    * The Renegade Game Designer Who Aims to Challenge the Industry’s Attitudes Toward Sex (Mel Magazine)
  • “Stormy Daniels today was denied by a federal judge in her motion seeking to depose President Trump and lawyer Michael Cohen in the case over the adult superstar’s NDA.”
    * Stormy Daniels’ Bid to Depose Trump Is Denied (XBIZ)
  • “… One such app is SophieBOT, created by students at Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in 2016, and hailed as the “Siri” for sexual and reproductive health information.”
    * SophieBOT Project Hopes to Be the “Siri” of Sex Education in Kenya (Future of Sex)

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Sex News: Stormy Daniels goes to war, FOSTA censorship begins, the male pill, and much more

  • “Stormy Daniels ramped up her legal battle against Trump on Monday, alleging in court that his personal attorney Michael Cohen defamed her by insinuating that she lied about an affair with Trump more than a decade ago. Daniels amended her existing lawsuit against Trump, adding Cohen as a defendant in the pending case. ”
    * Stormy Daniels accuses Trump attorney of defamation (Washington Post)
    * See also: Five takeaways from Stormy Daniels’s big interview (The Hill)
  • “In the wake of this week’s passage of the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) bill in both houses of Congress on Wednesday, Craigslist has removed its “Personals” section entirely, and Reddit has removed some related subreddits.”
    * Craigslist personals, some subreddits disappear after FOSTA passage (Ars Technica)
    * See also: Sex Workers Say Porn on Google Drive Is Suddenly Disappearing (Motherboard)
  • Incredible resource. “What is clear is that sites like Reddit will try to unload their [FOSTA-SESTA guesswork] to comply with this law onto users and volunteer moderators [VB note: and algorithms/censorship farms]. Right now, most users on these sites are in the dark with no clear path forward. A social media site can shut down your account whenever they want, for any reason, with no recourse or appeal. The First Amendment implications of this are still untested. One measure people have discussed is self-censoring your profile. ”
    * Post-SESTA/FOSTA Self-Censoring for Twitter, Reddit, and other Social Media (Tits and Sass)
  • “A proposal targeting online pornography and human trafficking billed as the “Elizabeth Smart Law” has grabbed headlines around the country for its unusual approach: require a filter which can be lifted with a $20 fee. But Smart, who was kidnapped from her Utah home as a teenager in 2002, has sent a cease-and-desist letter to demand her name be removed from it.”
    * Elizabeth Smart wants her name removed from anti-porn bill (KUTV | Salt Lake City)
  • “Dorcel Lab is the latest innovation from Marc Dorcel, a pioneer in producing and distributing adult video on demand and virtual reality content. The first of its kind, the lab aims to help sex tech startups in France and around the world grow their businesses.”
    * Sex Tech Incubator Dorcel Lab Takes on 5 Startups (Future of Sex)

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  • “There are no official figures on how many sex workers exist globally, with estimates roughly running between 13.8 and 30 million people. … You won’t read about sex workers’ contributions to women’s rights in the history books. Most of their efforts have been ridiculed at best, and ignored at worst.”
    * What We Owe to the Hidden, Groundbreaking Activism of Sex Workers (Broadly/VICE)
  • “She carries two smartphones with her wherever she goes, including visits to her private clients. The older iPhone, which has a seafoam green case designed to resemble a cannabis prescription bottle, isn’t tethered to any cell service, but can still pick up wifi. She uses it for music, storage and her “public” Snapchat. The other is a sturdy millenium pink. This is the one she uses to make nearly constant content on her “VIP” Snapchat.”
    * The Sex Workers Making Underground Porn on Snapchat (Mel Magazine)
  • “Researchers in Germany have found hundreds of links to child sexual abuse imagery on Bitcoin’s blockchain. This could make using the blockchain, a digital ledger of crypto-currency transactions, illegal.”
    * ‘Child porn links’ on Bitcoin blockchain (BBC)
  • “Still in its infancy, Plexstorm aims expand its library of hosted games and become a worldwide social network and adult distribution platform. It plans to bring together game developers, adult content studios, talent, and fans.”
    * Watch Models Play 3D Sex Games on New Adult Streaming Platform (Future of Sex)
  • “I posted about my Twitter shadowban (what it is, how it works, and the wider issue for adult content creators on social media platforms), way back in October last year. My account was shadowbanned before that and had been shadowbanned ever since. Note: This is not worth doing UNLESS you have been shadowbanned for ages”
    * PSA: How I beat the Twitter shadowban (Domme Chronicles)

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  • “A male contraceptive pill has been developed which is effective, safe and does not harm sex drive, scientists have announced.”
    * Male contraceptive pill is safe to use and does not harm sex drive, first clinical trial finds (Telegraph)
  • “Just last year, in the promotional run-up to the delightful Super Mario Odyssey, an image was released revealing the exact shape and location of Mario’s pert nipples. … Now, in the run-up to the new title Mario Tennis Aces, they have released some screens of the characters in their new athleisure get-ups, and the breathable mesh tennis shorts reveal conclusively that Luigi, too, has a dick.”
    * Luigi definitely has a dick, and it’s 3.7 inches flaccid (AV Club)
  • “The MeToo movement has upended a status quo that tolerated sexual harassment at work. Well, at some workplaces.”
    * Missing From #MeToo — Sex Workers (1A)
  • “A male anglerfish’s first and only sexual adventure results in his becoming permanently fused — by his lips, no less — to the side of a relatively gargantuan female that resembles David Cronenberg’s nightmare about the shark from “Jaws.””
    * The worst sex in the world is anglerfish sex, and now there’s finally video (Washington Post)
  • “Penthouse magazine told XBIZ today that it will be publishing an exclusive 12-page nude layout featuring adult superstar Stormy Daniels. … Daniels’ Penthouse pictorial and profile will be available on newsstands on May 8, with subscribers getting the magazine earlier.”
    * Stormy Daniels Shoots Nude Pictorial for Penthouse Magazine (XBIZ)

Main post image via This set of erotic Japanese vintage matchbox covers is charming af (Dangerous Minds).

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Sex News: The Stormy Daniels refund, UK age checks delayed, Trump’s pee troubles, social media screws sex workers

  • “The UK government has confirmed that a controversial compulsory age verification check for online porn visitors will no longer be introduced in April as planned. In a statement, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said it would now start “later in the year”. The regulator, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), has yet to explain how the process will work.”
    * Online porn age checks delayed in UK (BBC)
  • “Want to look at adult content? [Rhode Island Democratic state senators Frank Ciccone and Hanna Gallo’s] law would have you submit a request in writing that you be allowed to look at adult content, present identification proving that you are 18 or older, get a written warning about the dangers of being allowed to look at the unfiltered internet (which, as someone with a brain poisoned by too much online content, fair enough), and pay the state $20.”
    * Rhode Island Wants You to Apply, Pay $20 to Look at Porn (New York Magazine)
  • “Silicone Sex World has likely dashed the dreams of many eager job seekers. After releasing a job posting for a sex doll tester last week, the UK love doll supplier said it can no longer accept any new applications.”
    * Job Posting for £35k/year Sex Doll Tester Gets ‘Overwhelming Response’ (Future of Sex)

  • “Facebook has admitted it was a “mistake” to ask users whether paedophiles requesting sexual pictures from children should be allowed on its website.”
    * Facebook asks users: should we allow men to ask children for sexual images? (Guardian)

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  • “A bombshell new report suggests Donald Trump consummated a deal to hold his Miss Universe pageant in Moscow while hobnobbing with Russian oligarchs at a Las Vegas nightclub later shut down over lewd performances involving women and urine.”
    * Trump partied with Russian oligarchs at Vegas nightclub shut down over ‘lewd’ acts involving women and urine: report (Raw Story)
  • “In a statement sent to Ars on Tuesday, Best Buy wrote that it continues to “discover what appears to be child pornography on customers’ computers nearly 100 times a year. Our employees do not search for this material; they inadvertently discover it when attempting to confirm we have recovered lost customer data.””
    * Best Buy defends practice of informing FBI about child porn it finds (Ars Technica)
  • “One morning last May, Melody Kush discovered that someone was using her Twitter photos to catfish people into paying for a Snapchat premium account that didn’t even exist. … She asked the imitator to stop; they refused, and blocked her. So she screenshotted the person’s snapcode and asked her 114,000-person Twitter following to report the account for her. The next day, her Twitter account was permanently deleted.”
    * Social Media Is Reshaping Sex Work—But Also Threatening It (WIRED)
  • “Following a successful sex tech hackathon in New York City last year, Bryony Cole of the Future of Sex Podcast is now bringing one to her native Australia. The weekend-long event will take place in Sydney from March 23 to March 25 at Academy Xi in the central business district. Participants will form teams to develop sex tech projects while receiving mentorship from industry leaders.”
    * Australia’s 1st Sex Tech Hackathon Seeks Women-identified Participants (Future of Sex)

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  • “As Capitol Hill backslides into dysfunction and bickering, the capital city is taking matters into its own hands to get work done: Washington, DC, might soon be the first US city to fully decriminalize sex work.”
    * DC May Soon Be the First US City to Decriminalize Sex Work (The Nation)
  • “In a letter obtained by CBS News, Clifford’s lawyer Michael Avenatti writes to Cohen that the porn star wants to nullify and void the nondisclosure agreement with the returned funds, thus allowing her to “speak openly and freely about her prior relationship with [Trump] and the attempts to silence her.” If the NDA is deemed void, she’ll also be allowed to publish, without fear of legal action, any text messages, photos or videos she has relating Mr. Trump.”
    * Stormy Daniels’ lawyer on potential Trump photos, texts, videos: “No comment” (CBS News)

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Sex News: FOSTA-SESTA, Alamo Drafthouse, sex abuse at ICE, and a scary masturbation story

  • This will help sites continue to censor and ban me, as well. “In a 388 to 25 vote Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed legislation that makes websites criminally responsible if they can be seen as facilitating sex work. It still needs to get through the Senate, but with his daughter’s endorsement, Trump is anticipated to sign it. Along with its maddening misconceptions about preventing sex trafficking and helping victims, FOSTA-SESTA incorrectly defines sex work and sex trafficking as one thing.”
    * How ‘sex trafficking’ just opened the censorship floodgates (Engadget)
  • “… it began when Devin Faraci, editor of in-house movie news publication Birth.Movies.Death., resigned after being accused of sexually assaulting and harassing several women. The Alamo was applauded at the time for its swift response; yet in September 2017 (…) the company confirmed he had in fact been rehired as a copywriter only four months after his ignominious exit … Faraci quit again, but [there were] other cases of sexual harassment and misconduct by employees and favored customers. Indiewire published specific accusations by former Drafthouse staff against Ain’t It Cool News founder and publisher Harry Knowles (which he has consistently denied) for serious sexual misconduct at Drafthouse events.”
    * A Broken Trust at the Alamo Drafthouse (Austin Chronicle)
  • “A Brazilian man carrying the two cushion-like implants, which were attached to a pair of swimming trunks, was detained by Portugal’s anti-narcotics agency. It is not yet clear how police discovered the haul.”
    * Men arrested after police discover cocaine haul stashed in fake buttocks (Sky News)
  • “After 17 students and teachers were gunned down at a Florida high school, the state legislature voted 71-36 Tuesday against a measure to consider a ban on semi-automatic weapons. But they declared pornography to be public health risk.”
    * Florida lawmakers refuse to debate assault rifles — but say porn is dangerous (CNN)

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  • “Anastasia Vashukevich (Nastya Rybka), an escort service worker from Belarus who catapulted to a certain measure of fame after filming a yacht trip with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, was detained in Thailand over the weekend in a police raid on her “sex training” seminar. While still in custody Tuesday, she published Instagram videos asking U.S. journalists and intelligence agencies to help her.”
    * A self-described sex expert says she will spill information on Trump and Russia to get out of a Thai jail (Washington Post)
  • “A few weeks before a major change to the way in which UK viewers access online pornography, neither the government nor the appointed regulator has been able to provide details to the BBC about how it will work. From April 2018, people accessing porn sites will have to prove they are aged 18 or over.”
    * Porn checks deadline looms amid uncertainty (BBC)
  • “In the webinar, Greenfield and Comella explain how the procedure worked. Greenfield had U.S. Stem Cell isolate stem cells from his body’s fat cells. Then, said Greenfield, those stem cells were injected into the “meat of the tissue” of his penis. (“You don’t feel a thing other than a little bit of pressure,” he said in the webinar.)”
    * This Guy Injected His Dick With Stem Cells to Try to Make It Bigger (Gizmodo)
  • “In a series of posts on 2channel, the anonymous masturbator from Japan told users that he works with anglerfish on a regular basis, and decided to wank with the fish’s stomach out of ‘curiosity’. He described how he had taken precautions, carefully disinfecting the raw fish organ using salt and ethanol before rubbing it against his penis.”
    * Man who used anglerfish stomach to masturbate ends up in hospital (Metro UK)
  • “With the way Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been taking over cyberspace lately, it’s not even shocking that there’s a new crypto-cash in the porn industry called Vice Industry Token, or VIT, that rewards online smut lovers every time they watch porn.”
    * There’s a New Bitcoin-Style Cryptocurrency That Pays You To Watch Porn (Maxim)
  • “A North Carolina man with a felony conviction for indecent liberties with a child was one-half of the poster couple for a new “Trump Dating” website.”
    * Man featured on “Trump Dating” site has child sex conviction (CBS News)

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  • “How does the adult entertainment industry feel about artificial intelligence (AI) technology that makes it possible to easily doctor porn videos, and exchange the faces of adult film actresses with those of Hollywood stars and other celebrities? The answer, in one word: conflicted.”
    * Porn Producers Offer to Help Hollywood Take Down Deepfake Videos (Variety)
  • “My immediate reaction was repulsion, followed by a kind of morbid curiosity. I’d only encountered this level of male entitlement in other people’s personal essays. Was there something to learn here? When I told him I didn’t think this would be possible, he grew angry and sullen, sent a stream of raging texts. He tried begging. He tried calling.”
    * What Happens When a Married Woman Goes on Tinder? (The Cut)
  • “Women in refugee camps in Syria have been forced to offer sexual favours in return for aid from the United Nations, a report has found … Aid workers would allegedly regularly harass and abuse women and girls trying to access humanitarian assistance in the war-torn country, to the point that some stopped asking. Some victims were allegedly forced to marry locally-hired officials working for the UN and other international charities for “sexual services” in order to receive meals.”
    * Women in Syria ‘forced to exchange sexual favours’ for UN aid (Telegraph)
  • “Monterrosa is a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from El Salvador, who says she was the victim of sexual abuse in her home country. But instead of receiving medical or psychiatric help, she’s being held at the T. Don Hutto detention center, where she says she was sexually abused by a guard and subjected to escalating retaliation from staff for reporting that abuse. Now advocates are deeply concerned about Monterrosa’s physical and mental health, reporting that she has attempted suicide at least once … “It seems the detention center is focused on hiding things from the press and hiding things from elected officials, instead of doing the right thing by letting Laura out,” said Gregorio Casar, a city council member from nearby Austin, in an interview with Salon.”
    * Asylum seeker held by ICE says she was sexually abused, now faces retaliation (Salon)

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