Sex News: Oleg Deripaska mistress arrested in Moscow, Michael Cohen’s thirsty Twitter, kink and the Geneva Convention, vibrator security advice

  • “A Belarusian [adult] model [and sex workshop instructor] who claimed last year that she had evidence of Russian interference in the election of Donald Trump has been arrested upon her arrival in Moscow following deportation from Thailand … Vashukevich, also known on social media as Nastya Rybka, earlier claimed to have recordings of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska talking about interference in the 2016 US election, but never released them.”
    * Model who claimed to have proof of Russian meddling in US election arrested (Guardian)
  • “In an age where the internet will get horny for just about anyone — including but not limited to James Comey, Robert Mueller, and a variety of actual animals — one can understand why Cohen might believe that he could reverse-engineer a sudden and surprising thirst for himself. It, obviously, did not work: As of press time, the account has just over 800 followers, and it feels doubtful that the disgraced lawyer has been anyone’s #mcm since it quietly closed in December 2016.”
    * Of Course Michael Cohen Paid for His Own Thirsty Twitter Account (The Cut)

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  • “It’s no surprise then, that the push for porn filters comes from a religious segment of campus. The Notre Dame letter, for example, was part of a yearly anti-porn campaign by a campus group called the Students for Child Oriented Policy (SCOP). The group advertises itself as nonpartisan and nonsectarian, but has hosted several anti-abortion talks on campus and once circulated a petition asking Notre Dame to take a “clear stand” against same-sex marriage. Irvine, meanwhile, is president of a pro-heterosexual-marriage campus group that has been accused of promoting intolerance against LGBTQ students.”
    * These College Guys Are Trying to Ban Porn on Campus (Daily Beast)
  • “The Last Days of August works as a hybrid of Ronson’s first longform audio piece about the adult industry, The Butterfly Effect, and You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, his popular book about online social punishment. It unfolds with the tense narrative of a true-crime podcast, with Ronson and Misitzis’ anxieties about the project’s sensitive nature as a meta-emotional thread.”
    * ‘Last Days of August’: New Podcast Probes Porn-Industry Suicide (Rolling Stone)

  • “The Infinite Love Party, Ms. Oh’s contribution to the Bushwick Starr’s winter lineup … [is] billed as a celebration of queer people, people of color and their allies, it’s a party, not a play. But there is a definite structure to the proceedings, and on Tuesday night, wrapped in a silky robe and with lacy black kitten ears on her head, Ms. Oh welcomed an invited crowd to a kind of dress rehearsal: a practice run with the same sleepover option that regular guests will get.”
    * It’s a Sex-Positive Party, Not a Play (NYT)
  • “When Elise Graves, the dark-haired woman in the clip and a Bay Area bondage enthusiast, first agreed to be waterboarded for the clip, she was aware of its history as a torture method. But she didn’t find it terrifying. For the most part, she says, she found it a turn-on. “I find the combination of adrenaline and some anxiety or fear, plus exhibitionism, to be sexy, so that whole combination of things worked for me in an arousing way for sure,” she tells Rolling Stone. She compares it to “something that’s scary but fun, like rock-climbing or skiing.””
    * Waterboarding for Pleasure: When Kink Violates the Geneva Convention (Rolling Stone)
  • “Nearly a year after YouTube pledged to remove images of graphic bestiality from its platform, simple search queries that include the word “girl” along with “horse” or “dog” (“girl horse” or “girl and her horse”) return dozens of videos promoted with thumbnails of women seemingly engaged in sexual acts with those animals. While these bestiality-thumbed videos do not depict explicit sexual acts, they are often quite suggestive, featuring women in sundresses caring for animals or crotch shots of women as they bathe or play with horses or dogs.”
    * YouTube Is Still Hosting Graphic Images Of Bestiality, Nearly A Year After Its Pledge To Purge Them (Buzzfeed)
  • “According to a pair of surveys recently conducted by Academic Mika Koverol at the University of Helsinki many, respondents said they are fine and dandy with people having sex with robots. The thing is, however, they seem only to be comfortable with it if the human part of the pairing is single.”
    * Old Beliefs in a New World: Majority Says Robot Sex Is Not Okay for Married Folks
    (Future of Sex)

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  • “I loved The Sopranos until I hated it. Having spent my early teenage years in North Jersey, the setting, the fashion, the characters’ accents and turns of phrase, even their aspirations, were familiar to me … As a recently retired stripper, I watched the scenes set in Bada Bing, the fictional strip club, with trepidation … I didn’t expect sensitivity or kind regard—the Woke Mafia isn’t a thing. But when the stripper fucking died, I tuned out for good.”
    * Rethinking ‘The Sopranos’ and Its Depiction of Strippers (Playboy)
  • “This is only made worse by the other question I get most often from these teenage boys in the classroom: Why was the rape victim so upset? They explain, The sex only took a couple minutes, but she’s depressed for, like, a year. They don’t understand the impact of rape. When a boy says these things, the girls in the class are shocked, and the teacher is appalled. They are stunned to discover how many of the guys don’t have a clue. So was I, at first.”
    * I’ve Talked With Teenage Boys About Sexual Assault for 20 Years. This Is What They Still Don’t Know (TIME)

Main post image: still from the film Spilt Milk by Maria Beatty.

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Sex News: CES sex discrimination, Canada’s sex ed war, AirDrop’s dick pic problem, Green Book director’s Lewis CK legacy

  • VB note: Tweet or share the team’s open letter to CES to add your voice to their fight for gender equality at CES. “The team at Lora DiCarlo was overjoyed when it received a letter from the Consumer Technology Association saying its Osé “sex positive” micro-robotic sex toy had won a CES Innovation Award, giving the company a chance to showcase itself at CES 2019 … the mostly female team was crushed when the CTA rescinded the award for the device … DiCarlo’s legal team followed up with a letter saying that CES ‘has had no problem allowing explicitly pornographic products for men.’”
    * Lora DiCarlo says CES wrongly rescinded award for micro-robotic sex toy (VentureBeat)
    See also: CES revokes award from female-founded sex tech company (TechCrunch)
  • “An image that’s being passed off as a nude of congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was debunked as being fake by a foot fetishist on Reddit … The photo, as well as the feet, actually belong to Sydney Leathers, a political activist and cam model who you might recall from Anthony Weiner’s sexting investigation in 2016.”
    * A Fake Nude of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Debunked By Foot Fetishists (Motherboard)
  • “The City of Bryan [Texas] took a step Tuesday to make sure it would have the ability to regulate the use of sex robots, should that industry ever make its way to the area. The clarification puts the definition of a sex robot into the city ordinance.”
    * City of Bryan adjusts ordinance related to sex robots (KBTX)
    See also, background: Bryan P&Z seeks to include ‘adult robots’ in city’s definition of a sexual encounter center (The Eagle)
  • “An Ontario court will begin hearing a challenge to the provincial government’s repeal of the modernized 2015 sex-ed curriculum on Wednesday. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association are set to argue the Progressive Conservative government’s reversion to an older curriculum is unconstitutional because it puts students at risk.”
    * Court battle over repeal of modernized sex-ed curriculum kicks off today (CBC)

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  • ““Now, nine years later, people search out our booth,” she says. In recent years, specifically in the particularly male-dominated field of tech), Dunham has noticed a shift in the average CES participants’ interest in items like but plugs or interactive male masturbators (pair it with your partner’s vibrator, whose movements trigger the suction patterns in the male counterpart toy).”
    * Meet the Women Who Design Sex Toys for Men (Playboy)
  • “Anyone, of any age, who has AirDrop turned on at its most unrestricted setting is at risk of picking up their phone to see a graphic image that was sent anonymously by someone in the same restaurant, cinema or train carriage. The problem has become widespread enough that MPs and campaigners are now calling for a law targeting “cyberflashers”.”
    * What makes men send dick pics? (Guardian)
  • “You may think you’re going to be examining a mysterious blotch on Peter’s torso, or checking out his new watchband. The reality is a good deal more shocking, but as actress Cameron Diaz puts it, ‘When a director shows you his penis the first time you meet him, you’ve got to recognize the creative genius.’”
    * Green Book Director Used to Flash His Penis As a Joke (The Cut)
  • “Two North Carolina women have been charged with sexual battery and second-degree kidnapping of a transgender woman in the bathroom of a North Carolina bar, Raleigh police said … In 2016, the North Carolina legislature passed H.B. 2, more commonly known as the “bathroom bill,” which required people to use public restrooms that matched the sex on their birth certificate, instead of the gender they identify with — particularly affecting the transgender community.”
    * Two North Carolinians charged with sexually assaulting a transgender woman in a bar bathroom (Washington Post)

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  • “After 25 years’ worth of accusations of sexual misconduct against R. Kelly, the R&B legend may be about to face legal consequences again. Following the airing of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly, a six-part docuseries about the singer and the persistent allegations that he has abused young women and girls, the district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, has reportedly opened a new investigation into Kelly’s alleged abuse.”
    * R. Kelly reportedly faces a new criminal investigation after Lifetime’s docuseries (Vox)
  • “Calls to Women Organized Against Rape are up. Social media is buzzing with the hashtag #MuteRKelly. “My phone has been ringing off the hook since this whole thing started,” said Movita Johnson‐Harrell, head of the Victim Witness Service Unit of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.”
    * Sex-abuse survivors triggered by R. Kelly’s explosive new docuseries gathered together to heal (Philly)

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Sex News: Tumblr exodus overwhelms Pillowfort, Margaret Cho’s Mercy Mistress, R. Kelly is a monster, Grindr harassment case

  • “If you were one of the Tumblr users impacted by the Tumblr porn ban, then chances are you’ve heard of Pillowfort, an up-and-coming Tumblr alternative … On Dec. 13, just days before Tumblr officially banned NSFW content, the site announced on Twitter that it acquired “over 10,000 users in the last two weeks” … Last but not least, if you’re looking for adult content, Pillowfort hosts a ton of NSFW blogs and communities … Tumblr NSFW Art, BDSM, Kink and Sex-Work Refugees features 18-plus content of all kinds.”
    * What is Pillowfort, and how is it different from Tumblr? (Daily Dot)
    Also (PR blog): iLOOPit Trying To Be The Best Tumblr Alternative For NSFW Bloggers (
  • “[Margaret Cho is] executive producing “Mercy Mistress,” an Asian-led web series exploring BDSM through the relationship of its lead, queer Chinese-American dominatrix Mistress Yin (played by actress-activist Poppy Liu), and her new client. The series is based on sex-work activist and BDSM educator Yin Q’s memoir.”
    * Give Margaret Cho a Hand: Comic Talks New Kink Series, Queer Sex & Hollywood Homophobia (PrideSource)
    See also: Mercy Mistress on YouTube (
  • “Dia says that she enjoys turning the fetishist’s expectation on its head and defying stereotypes. “The sex worker stigma has a counteractive effect to the ‘model minority’ stereotype, but at the same time, brings up the idea of how media has singularly projected Asian sex workers as trafficked, submissive, and destitute,” she says. “It’s a rare treat and a coveted experience to be with a highly-sought after Asian sex worker, I imagine.””
    * These Dominatrixes Want to Smash Stereotypes About Asian Women (Allure)
  • “After years of asking the same questions, she suddenly saw a sharp uptick in students describing feelings of humiliation and disgust toward their bodies and sexual identities … Digging deeper, she found that many of her students had been involved in youth groups that taught them not only to abstain from sex before marriage, but also that they should not feel any sexual desire at all.”
    * Whatever Happened To Those Girls Who Signed “Purity Pledges”? Hint: It’s Not Good (BUST Magazine)

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  • “In order to properly grapple with R. Kelly, one must honestly interrogate the dynamics of toxic black masculinity, the complicity of the black community itself that allowed his brutality to thrive, cycles of abuse, and our cultural obsession with stardom … Several high-powered pop-culture figures — including Dave Chappelle, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z, the latter two who actually collaborated with him — refused to appear in the documentary.”
    * Surviving R. Kelly Is a Necessary Awakening, But It Asks the Wrong Questions (Vulture)
  • “The airing of Lifetime’s three-part series on the sexual misconduct allegations against musician R. Kelly on Thursday provoked a public outpouring of anger and disgust. More quietly, it also appears to have moved some sexual abuse survivors to reach out for help.”
    * Sex Abuse Hotline Calls Surge During ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ (Daily Beast)
  • “On Jan. 11, Netflix will take the evolution a step further with Sex Education, a British dramedy series that casts Hugo star Asa Butterfield as Otis Thompson, a sweet, unassuming 16-year-old outcast whose single, free-loving sex-therapist mom Jean (Gillian Anderson) is always embarrassing him with her lack of boundaries. After watching him give some surprisingly great sex advice to a fellow student, Otis’ rebellious crush Maeve (Emma Mackey) persuades him to set up his own informal therapy practice on campus and cut her in on the profits.”
    * ‘Sex Education’ Is a Teen Sex Comedy with a Gen Z Twist (TIME)
  • “One of the largest club operators in San Francisco is BSC Management, which operates the majority of adult clubs in San Francisco — 10 out of 12. The only exceptions are the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre and the Crazy Horse. According to Axel Sang, BSC’s marketing director, all of the clubs’ dancers were formerly contractors but are now “club employees being paid an hourly wage and commission on dance sales … [with] payroll taxes, unemployment compensation, workman’s compensation, Healthy San Francisco costs, Affordable Care Insurance costs and San Francisco sick leave pay for several hundred new employee entertainers in addition to the hourly wage,” he told the Examiner. Sang estimated that 200 dancers have quit their jobs since the policy change to paychecks.”
    * S.F. Strip Clubs See Performer Exodus as Paychecks Enter Equation (XBIZ)

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  • “His former partner created fake profiles on the app to impersonate Herrick and then direct men to show up at Herrick’s home and the restaurant where he worked asking for sex, sometimes more than a dozen times per day. Herrick took action against his ex, filing 14 police reports. He also filed a lawsuit against Grindr in 2017. The alleged harassment continued for months, even after Herrick obtained a temporary restraining order against Grindr that required the company to disable the impersonating profiles. Herrick’s story echoes the online harassment that many people have experienced, often with little to no legal consequences for the companies that created the technology in question.”
    * A Grindr harassment suit could change the legal landscape for tech — and free speech (NBC News)
  • “[Dancers] are fighting to keep their real names and addresses private – and Thursday morning a federal judge sided with them. A Pierce County man, David Van Vleet, filed a public disclosure request for information related to the businesses licenses of workers at Fox’s strip club in Parkland … U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Leighton agreed [and] issued a preliminary injunction keeping Van Vleet form getting the information through public disclosure.”
    * Strippers to judge: Keep our real names private (KIRO Seattle)

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Elf booty booty booty: Art by Kieran Thompson

While compiling these posts I’m scrolling through the timelines of artists with established followings and communities who found themselves suddenly kicked off Tumblr, and scrambling for a new home. Kieran Thompson is one of those artists, and through them we can see what’s not working … Case in point: Like you probably did, I saw PornHub put out an open call to Tumblr refugees as a new home. Unfortunately, that has turned out exactly as some of us thought it might — unwanted erectile dysfunction ads, the site forcing trans accounts into the “straight sex” category when they’re not …

Don’t let that distract you too much from the art of Kieran Thompson. Quick links:

  • * Website: Kieran Thompson (
  • * Kieran Thompson on Twitter (@Kytri)
  • * See also: Weenie Mobile, a mobile of weenies on Twitter (@weenermobile)
  • * Kieran Thompson on Patreon (
  • * Ko-fi: Kieran Thompson (
  • * Kieran Thompson on Itchi (
  • * Kytri – Commissions (
  • * Fur Affinity: Kytri (

Kieran Thompson is an erotic cartoonist who likes to “draw and write fantasy comics featuring mostly LGBTQ+ casts. I like to think of them as stories featuring queer people without being stories that are mainly about being queer.” I especially like that his Weenie Mobile account specifies “gay elves and monster dick” — seriously, what’s not to love?

The Raleigh, North Carolina artist describes himself as a “gay trans comics guy, not necessarily in that order.” But I’ll also add that he’s a sculptor of tasty, tasty elf butts and truly joyful erotic comic characters who remind me that art is for exploring the limitless possibilities of sexy fun. Consider me a fan.

Also: Thompson’s $2 level on Patreon gets you mailed a new sticker mailed to you every month, while only $20 a month gets a sketch request. It’s nice when being horny is affordable 🙂

You can support this ongoing artist feature series on my Patreon. There are so many former-Tumblr artists I’m going to be featuring, and I really hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I am.

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Gods, monsters, and sex: Art by Celine Loup

In our ongoing quest to shine a light on artists harmed by Tumblr’s disgraceful, censorious porn ban, it’s a pleasure to discover the erotic works of Celine Loup.

Quick links:

Website: Celine Loup (
Celine Loup on Patreon (
Etsy store: Celine Loup (
Nazgul Queen on Twitter (@celineorelse)
Shop on Gumroad: Celine Loup (

Right now, Loup is working on “Hestia, an erotic gothic romance comic set in Ancient Greece.” The artist “graduated The Maryland Institute College of Art in 2010, and moved to France where I continue to balance editorial illustration work and my independent comics projects.”

About the above piece, “Market Day” (created for Sean T. Collins and Julia Gfrörer’s Mirror Mirror II anthology) Loup adds: “Thread for essential context to this piece.”

On their Etsy store, “Here you will find archival-quality prints of my original watercolor illustrations, comics and zines, stickers, pins and the occasional original painting. My work explores the feminine and the erotic, with a sense of nostalgia and dread for the natural world. I am a Paris based illustrator and comics artist collaborating with Baltimore-based printmaker and photographer Sarah Robbins to run my shop.”

Find more erotic creators I love — and exquisite Tumblr refugees — on the Erotic Art archives page. Support this series with a contribution to my Patreon.

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Erotic fantastic: Art by Dechanique

It remains to be seen what the effects will be to Tumblr as a company from removing at least 1.3 million erotic blogs in its recent mass-purge of artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers, and communities. But the world’s loss of a place to find all of these creators (and their reblogging fans) is huge.

Tumblr’s loss is certainly the gain of other online businesses as artists collect themselves and move on — and one of those incredible artists is Dechanique.

Quick links:

  • * Dechanique – Comics and Erotica (
  • * Dechanique on Twitter (@dechanique)
  • * Dechanique on Patreon (
  • * Dechanique on Pillowfort (
  • * Works on Archive of Our Own (
  • * See also: Robofucker on Twitter (@OnePunchPorn)

Dechanique describes herself as “a mid-30s queer Latina raised in Miami FL, now residing around Washington DC. I’ve created romance and erotica comics and fiction compulsively for over 20 years, posting webcomics since Webrings, Geocities, and AOL Hometown pages were commonplace.”

Her body of work is massive and spans everything from “space exploration and aliens, elves and magic and queer relationships” to “animal-people; sex and gender fluidity or ambiguity; angels, demons, and death; androids and cyborgs; love polygons; familial dysfunction; and various unhealthy coping mechanisms.”

I spotted that she also does commissions at fabulously reasonable rates. How cool to find someone who will create custom invitations for your dream fetish wedding!

Find more erotic creators I love on the Erotic Art archives page.

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Sex News: Tumblr fallout, FOSTA havoc, Cardi B at AVN, the flipside of deepfakes

  • “Daily activities, like opening business accounts, have become problematic for sex workers because of the overreaching legislation, according to Akynos, founder of the Black Sex Workers Collective (BSWC). “It has made it impossible for us to walk into a bank and try to get a business account under our known title,” Akynos told Blavity.”
    * How FOSTA-SESTA Legislation Is Wreaking Havoc On The Lives Of Sex Workers (Blavity)
  • “]OhMiBod] has announced that it is building both an Apple Watch app, something it originally pledged to do back in 2015, as well as an Alexa Skill for its pleasure products. Apple Watch users will be able to use their heart rate — via the Pulse feature — to control the intensity of its Bluetooth-enabled vibrators.”
    * OhMiBod debuts an Apple Watch app for its remote vibrators (Engadget)
  • “I’m a 19-year-old bisexual woman really into orgasm denial and edging. With the recent Tumblr ban on all NSFW content, I have no idea where to indulge my kinks and find my community.”
    * Savage Love: The new, prudish Tumblr is ruining my sex life (City Pages)
  • “I was trying to fix a busted Tumblr link in a post from 2010. First I checked the Wayback Machine, but it only had two crawl snapshots and both of them were broken. (They were empty redirects from some point when Tumblr was jerking web crawlers around.) …”
    * Pornocalypse FUCK! (ErosBlog: The Sex Blog)

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  • “The “Money” rapper will perform at the 2019 AVN Awards, becoming the first female musical artist to ever do so, the Adult Video News Media Network announced in a press release.”
    * Cardi B will be first woman to perform at ‘Oscars of porn’ (Page Six)
  • “In an excerpt from her new book, Gods & Robots, a deep and lively look at how Greek and other early mythologies conceived of artificial intelligence and automation, author and historian Adrienne Mayor reveals how old the concept of the sexbot really is.”
    * The First Sex Robot Was Conceived in Ancient Greece (Gizmodo)
  • “But underlying all of this is the perception that no matter the gender a person identifies as, they have an underlying sex they were born with. This represents a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of biological sex. Science keeps showing us that sex also doesn’t fit in a binary, whether it be determined by genitals, chromosomes, hormones, or bones (which are the subject of my research).”
    * How Human Bones Reveal the Fallacy of a Biological Sex Binary (PS Mag)

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  • “Clinically, I’ve encountered this “fake porn” issue many times over my career, and it has rarely involved misogynistic motivations. I don’t discount those threats and anger, but suggest that attention to these motives creates a false, two-dimensional image of a complex phenomenon.”
    * The Psychology Behind Fake Porn (Psychology Today)
  • “In a foolish opinion piece that erases LGBTQ people and echoes incels, the New York Times suggests you trade in your smartphone to have sex 16,000 times a year.”
    * The Misogynistic Rhetoric Behind That Anti-Smartphone Op-Ed (Rewire)
  • “For nine harrowing days, one Grafenwöhr, Germany-based Army unit was barred from engaging in a laundry list of sexual acts and forms of physical contact, all in the name vehicle and equipment upkeep.”
    * Army unit lifts sex ban, cancels order prohibiting ‘rubbing, humping, grinding’ (Army Times)

Main post image by Luke Nugent via Behance.

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