Can’t see some images here? Adblock Plus is FAIL for legit content

Image by bodyscape.

A number of people have let me know this week that some images (not all — and it’s seemingly random, including images linked from Flickr) on my blog are not showing up. This is thanks to Adblock Plus, which, as it turns out and many people are informing me, is blocking oodles of non-ad, non-porn, legitimate content — Internet-wide. Not just on sites like mine.

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It’s an older article, but clearly something’s recently changed with Adblock Plus. If you’re having trouble seeing my images, see if you can set my site (or feed) as “safe” in AP. I have no ads on this website. Here’s the transparency: Every business linked to in my right hand sidebar is NOT an advertiser; they are affiliates and almost every single one of them is run by a personal friend (I usually create the thumbnail art myself). It took a while for me to even be okay with being an affiliate, even with friends. Other than that, I am sponsored by a couple of companies (but I receive no payment from them): Nokia, Virgin Helio, Laughing Squid, Libsyn,, Qik. I run a few widgets, and have an Amazon affiliate account, with sidebar widget. That’s it. Additionally, I do not do link trades (I delete those emails on sight), nor do I take payment for endorsement for linking. I’d probably make money if I did accept ads on this site, but I think it would undermine my credibility and mission here. So there’s no reason for an ad blocker to censor images on Tiny Nibbles.

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