Bipolar + Borderline + Narcissism = Wench

With narcissists, no thing about ’em is consistent, predictable, safe, or usual. Their manners, the stories they tell, their behavior towards us are always characterized by mysteriousness and unpredictability – and it’s exactly this shadowy aura that often attracts us to them.

Being with ’em is not ever boring, as they are always capable of suprising and thrilling us – and of involving us in an emotional rollercoaster ride.

The excitement makes it very hard for us to let go and to acknowledge just how harmful their inconsistency is for our well-being.

We are incredibly drawn to their eccentricities and their anomalous behavior because it provides a welcome diversion.

Consequently, after the end of our relationship to the narcissist we often feel empty and desolate – and we come to regret the fact that we receive to return to our seemingly eventless, monotonous and lonely existence.

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