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Pic of the day: 04/27/2017
My whore having fun with TWO Blacks guys

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This is what a Hog Kardashian looks like. The real thing, not the air-brushed, photoshopped version. Can you imagine what this trash pig is gonna look like when she’s 40?

Are you done with this disgusting family yet?

Can u stomach the sight or thought of any of those talentless, publicity-crazed, unctuously self-absorbed, vacuous wastrels for a single moment longer?

Does that feeling of utter, skin-crawling anathema towards all things Kardashian and Caitlin “whatever-the-fuck-it-is” Jenner been creeping up inside your intestines feel priceless?

Have u had sufficiently of this pitiful parody of stinking, sobbing hypocrisy that should no longer be encouraged or tolerated in civilized society?

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