qDot found religion


“Dude. Robot. Motherfucking. Condoms.
I mean, let’s go over this. We have:

* Robots
* With Lasers
* And Guns
* On a CONDOM Package”

Link: Battling Seizure Robot Condoms

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Stunning Asian all-girl soccer photos

Found at sexblo.gs. See the whole set here. Can anyone tell me what this is about? It’s an incredible set. I really like this one and this one a lot, too.

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American voices does .xxx

It ran last week, but if you’re following the whole ICANN and .xxx domain craziness, you’ve got to read The Onion’s treatment on it: American Voices on .xxx Rejected.

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Cone-head the Barbarian

alexAt the surgeon’s office yesterday afternoon, I was on an accumulated 2 hours of sleep. I ended up having to wake almost every hour to administer one of the four medications the emergency hospital gave me; plus, the thorn was still *in* my cat’s eye as they were afraid to remove it, so I had to hold him from struggling all night while he incessantly pawed and clawed at his face and the cone on his neck, despite the impressive amount of painkillers he was on. I handed him over to the surgical team of two and warned them, “He’s squirmy. He can get away from anyone, so watch out.” Oh, he’s okay, they said and next I heard, “Oh, that’s a good boy. Okay Alex, hold on. Alex — Al — Frank! Frank come in here! Frank!” The male tech ran past the doorway. I could envision the scene. But then again, if strangers were coming for my eye with pointy things, I’d put up a hell of a fight, too.

I got him back in the equivalent of a kitty straightjacket. It was totally not fetish or sexy, nor was it in rubber or leather or black. They were amazing specialists — the whole thing was over in five minutes, tops. I saw the thorn — it had been embedded in exactly the center of his cornea — and it looked like bougainvillea. I have scars all over from a tussle with that particular plant and a wall I had to climb once.

cat foodSo the warning sticker is to warn the people around him. He’s depressed, on only two meds now, and can’t eat, drink or use the litter box on his own right now. I feed him (he eats but I have to hold it), I force a dropper of water into him (he has no interest in water but I have to keep him hydrated), and when he tries to use the box he bumps into the walls and comes to find me. He comes to me, I set him in the box, he goes, and all is well. Only a few hours ago did he try getting out by himself, and he made it. I think it’s because he can’t see out of one eye, has the bukkake cone on his head, and might be kind of high from whatever they shot him with yesterday. At any rate, I got him his favorite food for the interim (at right); sadly, Best In Show was out of the Turducken he likes so much.

I’m not sure what will happen with the sight in his eye; I take him back in on friday and I think they’ll make him read a little kitty eye chart with little fish and fluffy birds on it or something. I *so* need a massage. So sweet — when I got home Jonno had made me dinner. He’s too busy with his young Apple Genius boy-toy for a shoulder rub, but it’s the world to me. Caretakers need care, too. Thanks to everyone who wrote me worried about Alex — my inbox is a disaster zone and I’ll try to write back soon.

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Yay bloggers, yay EFF!

In the Mercury News, a victory for bloggers, the EFF and First Amendment protections. Snip:

“In a 69-page ruling, the San Jose-based 6th District Court of Appeal broke new ground by concluding that bloggers and Web masters enjoy the same protections against divulging confidential sources as established media organizations. Civil liberties groups and journalism organizations have argued that online journalists need to protect the confidentiality of sources just as much as traditional media, such as the New York Times and CNN.”

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Friday night

At about 6:30 I noticed something with my kitty’s eye — I spent the entire evening and tonight in the emergency hospital. Tomorrow we have surgery. I don’t know if he’ll keep the sight in his eye; 11 months old and he has a thorn stuck in his eye. I have been told that he is in a lot of pain, and they gave me four kinds of meds on various schedules — one for pain that I wasn’t supposed to have, in a syringe — to make it to tomorrow, on a schedule that has me administering drops and salve every 3 hours. I just keep holding him. I’m so glad I’m not alone this weekend. My heart hurts.

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Please pass the porn

In a rare moment, I answered my phone:

he: “What are you doing?”
me: “I just got out of the shower.”
he: “Are you naked?”
me: “Pretty much.”
he: “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”
me: “Eeeek!”

It’s not what you think — or maybe it is. Within 20 minutes Jonno was in my kitchen molesting my coffeemaker (“Can I drink out of the Hustler mug?!”) and on my couch needing blankets and pillows and wifi and publishing Fleshbot and playing horrible bad rock music set to a “support our troops gangbang” sent to us via tips@fleshbot (“America, fuck yeah! Terrorists can lick my balls! America, fuck yeah!”). My house is now Fleshbot ground zero for the weekend. Send help!

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