I’m typing this with my feet

DSC00108-vi.jpg…because my hands are in my inbox. Sound dirty?

From Tiny Nibbles reader Chaz:

“I’ll get right down to it. This morning just before I woke up I had what is most likely one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had in my life. (…) My fiance and I were at a club in NYC. We live in a small city in Canada and neither of us have ever been to NYC, but for some reason in the dream she was a NYC expert. (…) As we are leaving the club, you and Mary Carey enter the club together. I recognize you both, even though my familiarity with you and your site is mostly limited to what I’ve read on BoingBoing, and mention how much I love your site, I really do think your site is great from what I’ve seen, and I tell Mary that I think it took balls to run for Governor of California and I respected her for it. You both thanked me, and my fiance and I left as the two of you entered the club.

The dream skipped dinner, and ended up in our hotel room. We were laying in bed watching a movie, not porn, and there was a knock at the door. Seems both you and Mary were staying at the same hotel and saw us enter after our dinner. You recognized us, got curious, followed us to our room, and later decided to come back to see us. We all end up sitting/laying on the hotel bed chatting and carrying on like old friends. You and Mary both say you were so happy to be recognized by someone and not have them act like an idiot. We talked about whatever, you gave me a foot massage, and Mary and my fiance just sat there enjoying the conversation and company that all of us had.”

From anonymous, a Tiny Nibbles reader, who enjoyed my foot fetish gallery and wondered if I could put my feet in my mouth, then told me:

“If I were President, all women limber enough to lick and/
> or suck their own toes would be given substantial government grants,
> or at the very least, a %50 discount on any shoe purchase
> (Birkenstocks excluded, naturally.) I’m not really sure which party
> would allow me to run on such a platform; the rest of my campaign
> needs work, frankly.”

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Patrick Califia

Beloved friend and hugely respected colleague Patrick Califia has had a heart attack. This being America, he doesn’t have health insurance. If you liked Macho Sluts, Doing it for Daddy, Sensuous Magic, Best Sex Writing 2005 or any number of things he’s written, please visit his LJ page (being updated by a friend) and make a donation or send a card.

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Shibaricon 2006

james mogulI’m excited to say that after a weekend of negotiation, Tiny Nibbles is being sponsored for the next two weeks by the event Shibaricon 2006! From the same pervy and sweet people who brought us the bondage rope dyed in my namesake (no link because it sold out in five days), Shibaircon is an open-to-the-public conference of rope bondage aficionados and sexy bondage models, all in an atmosphere of learning, demonstrations, cool stuff to buy and try at home, warm welcoming and of course, playing.

Why I’m really happy they asked me:

* They have great ethics and are proudly pansexual (all genders and orientations are welcome).
* Unlike many other leather and BDSM conventions they are great for newcomers or people who don’t know their hanky codes from their emoticons. You can go and just look around.
* They’re serious but they remember that bondage and S/M is fun, sometimes funny and ultimately really hot. So many BDSM people forget that it’s sexy and that if it’s done right it makes you want to have sex.
* It’s in Chicago, which currently needs to be known for more than Menopause the Musical.
* Really cool people I admire very much will be there, like Monk, Sir C, Graydancer (and yummy podcastress Minx?) and The English Tart.
* Kinky people in the Midwest need a shout out!

Image by photographer James Mogul.

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Dirty, dirty podcasts for lesbians

This is extremely exciting — I’m in the San Francisco Bay Times, featured in Felice Newman’s latest column under the title, Dirty, Dirty Podcasts for Lesbians! If you’re not familiar with Newman, she is the esteemed author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book (2nd edition), is a professional sex educator and Somatic coach and well-respected columnist on all things sex within the lesbian community — worldwide. On a personal note, this means that lesbians in South Africa will read this column about lesbian-specific porn podcasting, yay! But it also means that while I have your attention, you should check out some of her other great writings found on her site, including Spray It Out: Female Ejaculation (this article which should be considered one of the most accurate sources of this information on the web, ahem) and How to Be A Great Lover (an excellent explanation about touching and remaining present during sex, almost form a bodyworker’s perspective).

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“Doing” the dishes

poison ivy glovesWow — I flipped when I saw the Varla: Tura Satana (Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!) rubber dishwashing gloves at sexblo.gs, but now I’m ready to chain myself to the kitchen sink after seeing the whole line of Dirty Dishes gloves, including The Cramps — Poison Ivy: Smell of Female gloves (at right). Also from Faster Pussycat — Billie and Rosie (oh Haji, how I loved you).

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Coop strikes again!

With another HOT present for me: a hand-picked playlist, with CD cover on the right. Hubba hubba! Thank you, Coop! I tried to make an iTunes playlist but they only had a little over half the songs — regardless, here’s a partial playlist for this on iTunes (link opens iTunes).


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Wrenched my back this morning rushing my kitty to the pet hospital (he weighs 14lbs). Ow, ow, ow. He’s sleeping now and on watch; the skin had been scraped off the front of his nose in a big patch and it was messy, bloody and alarming. He was really cool at the vet’s, totally knew what was going on. While waiting for the doc to come back in the room kitty sat next to me on a bench (out of his carrier) and we read People together, and I pointed out to him the airbrushing techniques on a photo of Joan Collins and Linda Evans (combined age: 162). While the vet and I discussed his treatment, kitty jumped into his carrier and barked at us whenever our conversation paused. The vet and I couldn’t figure out what happened, but he’s on antibiotics now. Poor sweetie.

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