[Audio] Open Source Sex 38

Before I run off to BEA, I should let you know about the new podcast I uploaded before I left SF — it’s one of my all-time favorite interviews to date. If you want to laugh, listen in! Text:

In the ongoing interview series I’m doing at NPR, this has to be one of my very favorite interviews *ever*. Just listen to me talk to Pink and White Productions‘ Shine Louise Houston and see if you can’t resist laughing — Shine is the producer, director and creator behind what is one of the hottest, most authentic lesbian porn companies around, and it’s all DIY, indy porn. Listen and see what I mean; Shine talks about why fluffy-haired long-fingernailed “lesbians” in regular porn just don’t seem to reflect how girls are having sex with each other (really?), amazing behind the scenes tales of fisting and female ejaculation on the set of her cult hit porn film The Crash Pad, what’s in her future and all about that crazy party I went to a week ago… She invited me to a party, things got out of hand with fists and lesbian porn stars and bread products and I took pictures… So much fun. Look at all the images I shot at that wild party in these two galleries: Pink and White Party; More Pink and White Party. But really, listen to the podcast and see how we crack ourselves up so bad about stuffing loaves where bread has never been before that we make actual snorting noises.

MP3 not enough for you? Watch and listen with the video slideshow version of this podcast at:

Please note: there is an extra 6-7 minutes of music on the end of this podcast from the local 30-piece Extra Action Marching Band. I left it on there for a little something different; skip it if you hate it.

Also: NPR is a community not-for-profit volunteer organization and they’re hosting my filthy dirty interviews for free. They’re having a hard time coming up with rent for one month this summer — it’s $800 — so if you can spare ten bucks, please donate it to NPR!

* * * * * *

My podcast defiles whole-wheat baguettes at Libsyn.com

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Mistakes are awesome

I saw the Capitol building today for the first time (I think that’s where they keep the Senatards) and the Washington Monument, all on the way from the airport to the hotel. The conversation with the cab driver went like this:

he: “First time in DC?”
me: “Yes.”
he: “Welcome. (pause) This is a bad part.”
me: “Are there a lot of bad parts?”
he: “It’s DC.”

Travel went well, until I got to the hotel — to find out that a rookie employee gave away my reservation and they oversold the hotel. Tired, my filters were off. I said, “It’s your fault.” I never talk to people behind counters like that (it’s been *me* behind that counter too many times), but I was actually right and quite put out. They said they’d have to put me in a special room and I was nonplussed — until I got to the room. They put me in a suite! I have two giant bay windows (kitchen, living room, dining table) with a sweeping view of the DC monuments, capitol and the Pentagon, which is like two blocks from here. I have to be careful not to get any on me when I go to BEA tomorrow. Look out — you almost stepped in some Pentagon.

They also sent up courtesy drinks and snacks to my room. I really wish I had more friends here, or especially a lover — it would be so cool to have sex in front of that view.

Anyway, I’m tired and landed, and wanted to post an update for people who want to come see me tomorrow. So if you want, I’ll be in the “signing area” at BEA from 4:30-5:30 tomorrow (saturday) looking like a sitting duck with really nice hair. Prior to that, I have my video camera and plan on seeking out christian or anti-porn book peddlers for interviews — I’m looking for advice on my porn addicition. It’s just not working. No matter how much I try, I just can’t get a habit going. I hope they can help me. Plus, christians seem to know all about worshipping a guy — I occasionally worship men but it’s on a case-by-case basis, and I could use their advice on finding “the one” like they have. I also want to know about the whole “blood of christ” thing; I want to know if when they drink his blood if they’re thirsty for more afterward. You know, stuff like that.

Like the room I’m in right now, most everything meaningful and fun has happened to me by mistake, accident or chance. It’s not an easy way to live, but at least it’s interesting. Wish me luck. I feel like I’m doing all this without a map. Right now it feels a little lonely. But I’m pretty tired, too.

Image: over the south bay from the plane this morning.

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Leaving San Francisco

It’s 3am and I can’t sleep — but I just spent an hour in a mosh pit and got kicked out of a leather bar with about 30 musicians and dancers, so it’s no wonder. Extra Action, and seeing all my friends in it, is the most perfect way to leave home I can think of. So since I’m up, here are a few photos I took tonight — gives you an idea about how much alcohol was spilled on me and why my clothes are soaked through with sweat from dancing. Allen and Daphne came too and brought me a present, yay! I’ll have to open it when I get back, it’s a huge box. I danced my ass off and got lots of hugs, which was just what I needed.

Photos are after the jump.

* * * * * * *

Here I am before leaving the house:

The band:

The random go-go dancer:

After the gig I saw my pal Danny Starling sitting there looking all sexy and teasing all the boys — just like he did on the cover of last week’s SF Bay Guardian. He spotted me:

Then he came after me, crawling across the fire pit (!) for a pose:

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Azimuth Design finally gets it right

violet vixenReader Z has alerted me to Azimuth Design’s cast resin replica Violet Vixen, obviously named and modeled after me. I can tell by looking at the comic book that comes with her that she’s a cyborg of some kind — a femmebot! — and has an itchy trigger finger. Oh, and mighty nipples. That’s how I know it’s totally me. I especially liked the instructions for “de-finning” Violet, and I have to say that it’s tempting to get one of these for myself and paint it in the right colors (black hair, green eyes). Very nice. Thanks Z!

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Super cool NYT link generator

A London reader sent me this URL to a New York Times link generator, which allows a blogger to plug in the URL to a NYT article and not have it expire when NYT archives it. This way people who read the post through archives and search engines can read the article in the future. It’s a neat trick, especially for bloggers like me who sometimes link to crusty old journalism sites. Thanks, U!

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Sock garters: Check

I’m packed. It took 20 minutes. Viviane wrote to tell me, “You think that Wired Rave party was straight? Boy, DC will have your skin crawling in a few hours. By all means, wear extra garters.”

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[Video] Nerd Salon and Roomba Cockfights


Must-see geek TV! This is my favoritest video that I’ve ever been in, ever! I attended Nerd Salon and spontaneously became my Geek Entertainment TV correspondent self to interview Annalee Newitz, Jennifer Granick and Phillip Torrone. We’re all having way, way too much fun. Watch and enjoy! Text:

“How can anyone say no to cockfighting Roombas? That’s right, it’s simply not possible. GETV Roving RoboReporter Violet Blue goes deep with Nerd Salon’s high priestesses Annalee Newitz and Jennifer Granick to discover geek polination games, fighting robots and other stickiness that brings out the nerdy geek. Violet then talks to Phil Torrone, master Roomba warrior from the land of MAKE, who describes the impossible mission that got the Roombas fighting.”

Nerd Salon and Roomba Cockfights (geekentertainment.tv)

Update: video embed after the jump!

* * * * * * *

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