Mistress Morgana’s Rockabilly Zombie Luau

Last night was the unofficial Halloween in the Castro — lots of incredible costumes, flash mobs and parties galore. I had a last minute pre-party meetup at my house for bloodsports in my driveway, then a group including me, Annalee Newitz, Charlie Anders, Thomas Roche, Jonathan, Nina (both from SRL) and others went to Mistress Morgana‘s house for a rockabilly zombie luau! That meant dressing as undead sexpots from the fifties, which I happen to have the right hair for already. At Morgana’s we were visited by a flash mob “The Birds” including not one but *three* Tippi Hedrens (see above photo), and Jackson West making a superlative cameo as none other than the king of subtle cameos, Alfred Hitchcock. Morgana and I got up to a little undead femme-on-femme action, and I’ll do another post when the photos we were posing for are online. Um — it was HOT despite the fact that our bodies were barely above room temperature…

The whole gallery starts here. Yay!

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I lectured at UCSF’s annex this afternoon to SFSI trainees and had a blast. One of the instructors was wearing this shirt — how cool is that!? I talked about oral sex, and:

a) unintentionally wore socks that were pointed out to me looked just like kneepads
b) realized at one point I was in front of a group of people making fellatio motions at my own mouth to illustrate a point
c) turned beet red

I think I also said “yay cocksucking!” Oy, it’s amazing they ask me back.

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Washington Post vs. Boing Boing: an observation

So, I know many readers here also read Boing Boing, so most of you will be familiar with the big story that’s been breaking over there (and Wired) about the guy who created a fake boarding pass generator: the web page was taken offline, he was visited by the FBI, and then the FBI ransacked his place when he was gone (albeit with a warrant).

Story background is here; the follow up about the warrant is here.

Now take a close look at Xeni’s first post. Then look at how Brian Krebs at the Washington Post lifted this item, from her post graf for graf, element for element — in order of information delivery — a day later, zero credit. It’s kind of funny, especially since it’s such a watered-down version of the BB story. Also note how there’s no credit for story sources (like the OBVIOUS Boing Boing credit in this case), and the BB posts are dripping with credits, previous posts on the topic, and with links to everyone else covering the story. The very least WaPo could do is an “also seen @”, which we do at Fleshbot when an item is seen elsewhere at the same time. This is very instructive — this is how WE report stories in the blogosphere as opposed to old media, where stories come from thin air and then grow stale with no updates and no *active* community-generated information sharing and dissemination with its reporting. Watch this, I think there’s a lot to learn here.

That’s old media for ya — and they say bloggers don’t report real news, nor are we journalists.

We lead, they follow.

Yeah, don’t credit us old media, but don’t think we’re not watching you — *all* of us.

Update: Brian Krebs from the Washington Post responds to my post — after the jump.

Update 2 (10/29): Sean Bonner takes this and runs with it, roasting Krebs + MSM. You want to read this, snip:

“Krebs has now posted comments on the WaPo as well as on this post admitting that both BoingBoing broke the story and that he didn’t credit them for it.” (…)

“But more importantly – Why does any of this matter? It matters because people still assume blogs aren’t covering real issues. It matters because this is a perfect example of bloggers doing serious work, breaking stories and reporting on things that major media hasn’t even picked up on and other people piggy backing on that and taking all the credit. It matters because BoingBoing is not indexed by Google News, the WaPo is. With no mention of BB in the WaPo story Krebs gets all the credit and all the links. It matters because Google’s reason for not indexing BoingBoing is that they only cover stories other people are talking about. It matters because when bloggers make mistakes they actively work to correct them, yet when a reporter for the Washington Post neglects to mention who did the work to actually break a story he thinks all he has to do is leave a comment saying ‘A thousand pardons.’”

Read Sean’s entire dissection of WaPo/Krebs’ story-snagging in Washington Post totally rips off BoingBoing.

And, Metblogs DC is now covering this as a live story, discovering errors in Krebs’ reported timing (among other things) in WaPo Vs. BoingBoing?

Update 3: Quinn Norton defends Brian Krebs’ actions here. Fot the record, I don’t know Krebs and for me he could really be anyone in this situation. To me, it’s not about him. Meanwhile, I’m getting tons of mail about it, all in support except for the one from Quinn. A good example is this one:

Subject: Bravo on the WP ripoff
Hi there. Long-time, first-time.

Loved your smacking the Washington Post over Brian Krebs’ blantant thievery. The broader problem is that story-stealing from bloggers is considered perfectly OK at pretty much every level of the paper. (Ironic considering that they pioneered that Technorati bit.) This is nothing new for the Washinton Post.

(…) Here’s my post that the WP stole. At the top of my post is a link to the Post’s theft. I think it’s still active. Then a day or so later, here’s Fishbowl DC documenting it.

(…) One other thing: After reading the long timeline at MetblogsDC, BB, etc., I had one absurdly straightforward thought: NONE of this would have taken off if the (arrogant) WP had hat-tipped BB/Xeni in the first place. It would have been honest, it would have been simple — and it would have taken about five words.

Tyler Green
Editor, Modern Art Notes (at ArtsJournal)
“The most influential of all visual-arts blogs.” — Wall Street Journal”

Tyler brings up an excellent point. What *was* the right way to do this? In my opinion, just like this.

Also, check this email out:

Subject: Brian Krebs

John Gruber at Daring Fireball dissected Brian Krebs’ crappy reporting earlier this year, related to Krebs’ articles on the purported “MacBook Wi-Fi Exploit”. One of many posts, this one is specifically about Krebs.

Looks like Krebs is a mediocre journalist who is given extra leeway by his editors because he allegedly has more technical knowledge than most.

Just one example why 95% of my news comes from blogs unaffiliated with big media, generally more quickly and accurately. I’m constantly having people tell me about “breaking news” that I knew about hours, days or weeks before big media got around to covering it.

Happy setting-back-the-clocks day, Bryan

Aaaaand… Looks like one of Wired’s blogs picked this story up today — except Ryan Singel, in the act of defending Krebs, got the story wrong. He wrote “The sideshow all started when Metroblogs co-founder Sean Bonner accused Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs of plagiarizing Xeni Jardin’s work at BoingBoing in this story.” Wups! This whole thing started here, by me, with this post, and again, again, again — I never used the “p” word. Bonner tried to correct Singel in the comments. He still hasn’t corrected himself or commented on his own attribution error. Le sigh.

* * * * * * *

The funny thing about his email is that in his email he states that I accuse him of “plagiarism” in my post; I did not. The point of this post was in large part understanding the difference between plagiarism and what Krebs did. The public face of the blogosphere is community, where the public face of old media is “the institution.” They don’t rip us off wholesale; but in pieces they can repurpose.

He complains that I don’t have comments and he can only email me; so here are his words, cut and paste:


We don’t really know each other, but I believe you have accused me of plagiarism in my coverage of the Soghoain story, according to your blog post at:


Rather than respond in kind, I’d like to refer you to my response to another BB fan who left a similar comment on my blog:


I’ll admit I parachuted in on this story when a mutual friend of Mr. Soghoian’s pinged me at 6:50 p.m. last night to tell me what was going down, but “plagiarize?” I don’t think so.

I spent several hours tracking down FBI field agents, Mr. Soghoian himself, and gathering data from his blog and from other news outlets, no fewer than three of which I cite in the blog. That said, anything taken from those articles was put in double quotes and called out. The main reason I posted my story when I did was that no one who’d covered it had managed to speak with him around the time of the FBI visit and confirm that.

I saw the BoingBoing piece like everyone else, but I never read past the first paragraph. Frankly, I was more interested in the graphic they ran on the top of that post, as even though I’d mirrored Soghoian’s site before he took the form down, the PHP back-end code was not mirrored and I was unable to reproduce the boarding pass I’d generated from Chris’s site just prior to my calling him for the first time.
I had no idea that BB broke the story: had I been aware of it at the time, I’d have sourced them as the origin.

I am very careful to cite other blogs and writers when I am using or referring to their work. You, too, should be more careful before accusing reporters of such serious charges. Is there a particular paragraph or phrase or quote you’d like to call attention to?

Thanks for reading.”

I offer the same request to you: if there are particular sentences, quotes or otherwise you feel I have lifted from the BB story, please call them out and let me know. If your beef is basically that I didn’t cite BB as the original source of the story, then I’m guilty. I didn’t know they’d broken the story, but for better or worse this is not an uncommon problem when multiple reporters are working on the same story.

Btw, I tried to leave a comment/reply to your blog, but I notice you don’t accept comments. I’d be interested to know why not.

Brian Krebs

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Dead porn stars… Aren’t much fun

Unless it’s Halloween, of course. Halloween officially began in San Francisco last night, so I’ll be celebrating it here on the blog through tuesday! Indulge in a cold, compelling slice of morbidity by checking out this dead porn star chart, which helpfully arranges the deaths of known porn stars by name, date, time, death method — and/or rumored death. My favorite death category is ‘unsure’.

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I Am Teh Real VB — I Am All The Violet Blue You’ll Ever Need

It started with this email from my porn industry pal Gram Ponante:

Gram Ponante to me
Subject: Please
…tell me that it is you who are co-emceeing the Erotic Exotic Ball

> To: Gram Ponante
> Subject: Re: Please
> No, no it is not me.
> How awful.

Gram Ponante to me
Subject: Re: Re: Please
Yes. Yes, how awful.

Then I got another email from a journalist:

> Hi Violet,
> Just read your column about Behind Kink. We just shot there last night
> as part of the documentary we’re shooting of the Exotic Erotic Ball
> for Perry. I saw on the featured guest list that you will be there
> and we’d love to get an on-camera interview with you at the Ball or
> if you’re going to attend the Expo on Friday.

I wrote him and said, no, that’s not me but someone using my name. He wrote back and said:

> Damn! She had me fooled. If you’re even interested in attending the
> Ball I’d still like to get an on camera interview with you. I
> consider you a Bay Area celebrity since you write the column on SF Gate.
> So if you would like to attend, I can get you a VIP pass, call or
> email me.

Then, an email this morning from another journalist:

> See you tonight! (…)
>I’m going to the Expo tonight and I saw
your name on the flyer.

Curious about what’s going on here, and what I’m about to do about it? More after the jump.

* * * * * * *

In 1998, I wrote for San Francisco’s FILTH Magazine (published by Editor Seth Maxwell Malice). Way back in 1999, Gothic.net published my first article, “Cult of the Fallen Woman”, a piece about lesbian vampire porn. In May of 2000, I was hired as the editor of Necromantic.com, where I started my first porn review column, the goth-tinged “Reviews From the Darkside”. In June, I started writing another online column about the porn industry, called “Cold Crevices”. I had been hired as Good Vibrations Senior Copywriter in 1998, and had written a number of articles about porn, sex and sexuality for their website — until December of 2000, when I was hired as the founder and editor of the online Good Vibes Magazine. In January 2001, my third online porn review column was launched, “The XXX Files”. I was writing about porn and sexuality online a lot, my first book was announced on Amazon.com in March of 2000, and I launched Tiny Nibbles in early 2001. 1998-2001 was a big time for me.

In late 2001, a porn performer using the name “Violet Blue” appeared in “Simon Wolf’s Beauty and the Bitch #2.”

My first book, Sweet Life, was released in November 2000, and according to my publisher, sold out of its first printing immediately. The porn performer using the name “Violet Blue” (aka “Violet” aka “Violet Lust” aka “Ada Mae”) launched her website in April 2002.

The name Violet Blue — my name — is on my ID, my passport, my social security card, and many other useless documents. And there are far worse things than seeing your own name on porn boxcovers like “Planet of the Gapes” and “White Trash Whore #22”. How about having someone forward an interview “you” did, where “you” — a racist porn performer — said:

DUC: “What did you think about the war to free Iraq?”
Violet [the porn performer]: “I think it was kinda silly but I think we should just kill the entire Middle East. That way we wouldn’t have terrorism any more.”
DUC: “Are you bothered that California is being overrun by illegal immigration?”
Violet [the porn performer]: “Yeah, I think they should all go back to where they belong or learn how to speak English. Did you know that there’s no word for ‘maintenance’ in the Mexican language? I know a lot of nice Mexicans but there are a lot of Mexican scum who tend to live off the government and have a bunch of babies. I don’t think we should be that open to immigration from Mexico.”
DUC: “Do you think we need more Muslim immigrants
Violet [the porn performer]: “No, they keep buying up all the 7-11s. I think all immigrants should learn how to speak English. If they speak English, I’m happy. I hate when I drive through the Valley and I can’t read any of the billboards because they are in Spanish. That’s why I am going to go back up to Washington where all there are a few American Indians and Koreans. Everybody is white. It’s a wonderful wonderful thing. It’s clean. There aren’t a lot of icky people. If you look at it, most bums are either black or white. I’m surprised there are not more Mexican bums.”

And in the same interview, where “you” made Mel Gibson proud, saying:

DUC: Do you believe Jesus is God?
Violet [the porn performer]: No.
DUC: Do you believe that if you believe in him, you will have eternal life?
Violet [the porn performer]: No. I think Jesus was an amazing prophet and that it is really sad that the Jews killed him, because he could’ve been a great leader.
DUC [the porn performer]: Do you think the Jews have suffered for two thousand years for doing that?
Violet [the porn performer]: Yes. Yes, I definitely think that. I mean, look at the history. I definitely think that. They were really stupid to have done that because he could’ve really led them to victory. And they hung him up on a cross next to thieves and murderers.

(Ada Mae Woffinden nee Johnson later said she was “joking” about the racism.) This is the porn performer who goes by the name “Violet Blue”, who is co-MC’ing at Exotic Erotic this year, is on all the press materials, in the local advertising and is being mistaken — at the very least by name — for me. Spend eight years of your life writing 22 books on sex and sexuality, educating and lecturing on sex-positive sexual pleasure and health, write your ass off to inject all-gender and all-orientation and non-judgmental attitudes about sex into print and web, take heat and get hate mail and books banned, sacrifice personal relationships, be fucking broke most of the time because you think sex ed should be free and you do all your work by yourself — and have someone else use your name, writ big, in your hometown.

I wonder what she says when people tell her they like her website. Or her books.

* * * * * * *

I guess it’s really easy to accidentally end up with someone else’s name when you’re a porn performer. Not. Names are hard, and once you get one, you just can’t change it to make a name for yourself as an individual. (The porn performer using my name has used “Ada Mae” when burlesque dancing, and it is her name on Tribe.net.) I mean, look at all the trouble and confusion poor Tyra BanXXX goes through, having her name diluted by some model with a TV show. And Marey Carey — she’s just trying to run for governor and get some new teeth and better tits, and some singer has to come along and ride her coattails to fame. To be a successful porn star, you have to choose the right name carefully, so you don’t end up like Jenna Jameson. A good porn name is right up there with voice lessons for caterwauling on cue, and having a perfectly immoble pair of waxen breasts mounted on your chest. And as everyone knows, doing porn will make you famous. Look what it did for all these big names.

I was emailing with well-known and highly respected porn director (and magazine editor) Ernest Greene — AKA Ira Levine — about all this yesterday, and he wrote:

> I really am pissed to hear that you know who is taking
> your name in vain. I suppose it’s some desperate attempt to stay hip as her
> appeal has largely faded around here. I don’t think I’ve seen her in any new
> picture of note in over a year.

So, I have to wonder — what’s Exotic Erotic’s deal with all of this? Evidently they’re not making any kind of a clear distinction between the real Violet Blue (me) and the impostor (Ada Mae Woffinden nee Johnson), in their press, ad, or promo materials. The proof is in the emails I’m getting from journalists. Will they make a distinction when the porn performer is onstage, or are they indulging in the confusion — and now my name and reputation as a Chronicle/SFGate columnist — to sell a few more tickets, get more press attention and garner more excitement from the crowd? Surely they must know there’s a difference, unless “no one” told them. Maybe the Exotic Erotic people don’t have TVs, or internets, or maybe they haven’t had time to read anything about sex for the past 8 years. Which would be sad, because they would have missed the Paris Hilton video.

So, if you go to the Exotic Erotic ball this weekend — you will see someone using my name, and it’s not me. I will not be there. And if you get a chance to talk to the person using my name, tell her what you think.

The question is, how on earth will you know the difference between the real, and the fake Violet Blue? I shall offer up a field guide, how to distinguish The Real Violet Blue (TM) in the wild:


The Real Violet Blue (me): At home in supplication before Apple Cinema display, dancing on bars with renegade marching bands (or in corner of room alone with camera), working on and operating lethal machines in dark parking lots, in cafes with “Don’t Get Caught” laptop, in any space conducive to molesting attractive hacker boys and robot-obssesed blogger girls. Also: Amazon.com, tinynibbles.com, Fleshbot.com, Metroblogging SF, SFGate.com/SFChronicle, Geek Entertainment TV, iTunes, Technorati, Laughing Squid, Boing Boing, 10 Zen Monkeys, more than I can list, and almost every major print and web publication you can think of.
The fake Violet Blue: Super-classy events like Exotic Erotic, violetblue dot org, sets of porn videos with names like “Shut Up and Blow Me #29”.


The Real Violet Blue (me): The Castro because it is gay; San Francisco because I grew up here; the internets because that is home. Also bars.
The fake Violet Blue: Porn Valley because it is the other kind of gay; Porntopia because she got an award for being new in 2002; anyplace they will put the name “Violet Blue”.


The Real Violet Blue (me): Black and pink hair, chipped black nail polish, green eyes, black clothes, sock garters, shiny gadgets.
The fake Violet Blue: Brown hair, brown eyes, pentagram necklace, shining originality.


The Real Violet Blue (me): Apple products, camera, industrial machine equipment, strap-on, lip gloss, glasses, rapier wit.
The fake Violet Blue: Ability to perform dance steps, twat.

Oh, snap! I’m your real Violet Blue. Now onward, into the weekend… I’ll be going to fun Halloween parties, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Ada Mae Woffinden nee Johnson is now known as NoName Jane.

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Off to the GV film fest

I’m about to leave for the Good Vibes amateur “erotic” film fest. When I went to the GV offices on monday for the screening it was the first time I’d been in that building since I literally threw my key at the marketing manager, tossed my desk belongings into a box, and walked out.

I’d emailed one of their other marketing people a week previous asking if there was a press screening for the film fest, and she’d said no. But another friend told me, yes, there is one, monday afternoon. So I went, uninvited. When I walked into the conference room, their publicity person leaned to another journalist in the room and said something along the lines of, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how she got invited.”

But I’m invited tonight. The one woman in my life who I consider my (adopted) mother is taking me. I’ll supposedly be arriving in a limo with mom Theresa Sparks, Mark Leno, Cecilia Chung, Angel, my date Jonathan Moore, and people I don’t know: Sydnee Steele, Kaylani Lei and Joy King, who supposedly launched Jenna Jameson’s career. (Trebuchet?)

It feels weird. I’d really rather be up to my neck in machine grease. I’ll update with photos and videos later.

Update: after the jump.

* * * * * * *

Photo gallery here. It was quite a night. Leno and Lei didn’t show up (Leno had like 5 events that night), and we were joined by local queer TV host Tim Gaskin — and in my possy of friends, we added the gorgeous, hilarious and whip-smart Christina. It was a strange, strange experience to pull up in a big white car, step out in front of lines of people and have cameras shoved in your face, and then go stand around while people stare at you. It’s a curiosity, but I don’t think I’ll do it again. Such a bizarre artifice, though it didn’t prevent me from talking to my friends and snatching my pal Thomas Roche and making him part of our VIP entourage.

And all that meant was bags of free stuff (like a Jenna Jameson porn DVD and a vibrator or something) and a long wait in line for the free booze. My bad — I recognized the ‘bartender’ as an old fellow coworker and circumvented the line. I told people I saved her cat when her apartment burned down. Actually, I gave her my old iBook a few years back, so a couple beers and no wait were a good trade.

Halfway through the films, and too far into the artsy, no-explicit-sex feminist entry I had to pee so I fled the theater. I ran into the mainstream porn people in the lobby, and when Jonathan came out to find me we watched them run across the street to a gay bar — Daddy’s. We followed, curious. We found Sydnee Steele and her friend (whose name I forgot), and they were all like, ‘omigod, we came in and realized we were the only women in here!’

Uh-huh. We had a cocktail with them for entertainment value, and while Sydnee kept explaining about how because of her age she has to reinvent herself and wanted to do ‘love coaching and write books about self-love’ I interrupted to tell her she really made a hot vampire in Nic Andrews’ Dark Angels. She seemed delighted I remembered the film.

We went back across the street, having missed the end of the films and the awards and waited in front of the Castro. Sydnee, who is sweet as pie, went on describing her goals to launch a line of dildos that use vibrational energy and the chakras to heal. I was truly glad for the champagne-vodka combo coursing through my system. Then she asked what Jonathan did. I said, ‘he’s a hacker.’ Silence. Sydnee: ‘oh, you’re into computers.’ She looked at each of us, and asked, ‘are you guys into fiber optics?’ Jonathan and I skipped a beat, and he said, ‘no.’ Then her phone rang. And we were off the hook.

I had a good time at the event: my date was attractive and cordial, and only a couple GV people were obviously cold to me — most former coworkers were gleefully happy to see me there. Such is the strange relationship I have with Good Vibrations. The films were half good, half painful art films, and overall, there was not enough sex in the selections. I disagreed with the judges’ decisions about the winners, of course. At the end of the evening, my hot tranny possy picked up Carol Queen, Robert Lawrence and Sexy Sadie and we had a late dinner at Absinthe. I fantasized over french fries about making a sandwich with Christina and Jonathan, and even came close to asking Jonathan back to my house — I never get to go on dates with guys in nice suits, and I love it. His Dolce and Gabbana was giving me ideas; I wanted to go home, strip down to my bra, panties, sock/sockgarters and heels, and drape myself across him in his suit, and take pictures. Instead, we shared a cab to our separate destinations, I pecked him on the lips and thanked him for being my date, and dropped him off. I came home and curled up in bed, fancy underwear, black eyeliner, lipgloss and all. And slept tight.

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Behind Kink and spanking Morality in Media in the Chronicle

This week’s Chronicle column is a doozy, on many fronts. In Porn: It’s Not Just for Breakfast I spend an average monday shadowing the Behind Kink documentary film crews at local BDSM/kinky porn online mega-empire Kink.com; then I visit Good Vibrations for some very weird vibrations about their fear of the word ‘porn’. I tie it all together as a fine context for understanding CNN’s current porn hysteria, Nerve.com testifying at the COPA trials this week — all while Morality in Media and the Bush administration’s “Protection from Porn Week” is set to begin this sunday. (Photo gallery from the day is here, though sorry, no boobies!)

Right after I filed the piece to the Chronicle, I saw new press hit Google News, Anti-Pornography Week Starts Sunday, where “Morality in Media is asking people to wear a White Ribbon Against Pornography for the week of Oct. 29 through Nov. 5.”

A white ribbon. Think Bush will wear one?

I read that and thought… white ribbon. Okay, red ribbon is AIDS. Pink ribbon is breast cancer. White for purity seems so… uh… southern. It *must* have another meaning. There’s got to be some kind of intelligent design sense behind all this, right? Clearly, my answers were in the one community that has literal translations for wearing colors symbolically. So, according to gay hanky codes, the white ribbon will mean different things depending on what shade of white, and what side you wear it on. Here’s a helpful guide to keep you stylish *and* sending the right message:

* A pure white ribbon worn on the left will mean “beat my meat (likes to be jacked off)”, while a white ribbon on the right signals “I’ll do us both (mutual masturbation)”
* A cream-colored ribbon affixed to the left says “comes in condoms” (so no barebacking with those twink congressional interns this week), and worn on the right proclaims the wearer to enjoy “sucking the come out of condoms”.
* White lace (a lovely choice for ladies) on the right is for morality fetishists who “like white bottoms”, and our gentle lace lovers who pin their ribbons on the left want us to know they prefer “white tops”.
* White velvet ribbons look great anywhere — in front of the abortion clinic, Crystal Cathedral or Oval Office — and on the right will say the wearer is a “voyeur: likes to watch”, and on the left gracefully states the wearer “will put on a show”.

Read the article and see how much fun (of the trouble-making kind) I’m having with/at the Chronicle. No, they were too scared of boobies (and maybe overlarge electrified butt plugs) to link to Kink.com or Behind Kink, but I’m not worried about people finding the sites. And will I wear a ribbon? Most certainly, but I’ll be using this hanky code guide to get what I want.

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