Huge blow to the straight community

Colorado Springs’ Rev. Ted Haggard (he of the Greek-flavored hookers and alleged biker speed parties and well-lubed, where’s-my-manhole-cover denials) has been “pronounced ‘Completely Heterosexual’”.

Update: A sends me this hilarious video showing the explanation for Haggard’s homosexuality cure. Also, a number of readers have emailed me about this item in outrage and dismay at the NYT for running such a piece of hateful garbage as news, and I agree.

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Everybody rock it


Oh, my. It looks like a few friends of mine had some fun last night with a video camera, some electrical tape, their boobies and the concept of war protest. Hey, if this is the new wave of how we protest policy these days, I’ve got a a pair, *and* a stash of electrical tape in colors, grrrls… YT embed after the jump, link here.

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Neat and not neat

Neato: Google’s Webmaster Central rolled out new features to help webmasters see and review more data on who links to your site, and you can filter and download the results, so cool. (via Tailrank) Update: ooh, there was a bug and someone had fun with it.

Not neato at all: Lest we all forget, videoblogger and pal Josh Wolf is still in jail, and at 169 days, he’s now the U.S. journalist imprisoned longest in contempt of court. (background here) What the hell?

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What happens in Iraq

I’ve been a fan of atlporn graphic designer Alaska (we profiled him on Fleshbot here), and I just noticed this What Happens in Iraq, Stays in Iraq t-shirt design he worked on a while back. Creepy.

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Of turning 1000, and SXSW

For the 1000th post, I’ll announce that it’s official — I’m a speaker at SXSW. I’ve never been, and I’m really excited about it. has invited me to come and participate in their “Show Me The Money! Consumers Get Paid for Video Content?” session, scheduled for Tuesday, March 13 from 10:00-11:00 am. I have some pretty unique views on monetizing content, so it should be a very interesting discussion.

Of course, I’ll be back in Austin, Texas for the duration of the Interactive conference — sweet Hacker Boy is flying me out, and coming with me, yay! I haven’t been in Texas since I participated in helping to make wireless robotic history in 1997 for our show The Unexpected Destruction of Elaborately Engineered Artifacts: A Misguided Adventure in Risk Eradication, Happening Without Known cause, in Connection With Events That are Not Necessarily Related, and as a member of SRL, was subsequently banned from Texas.

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Of TWITs and twats

Gizmodo turned my nose into a coffee shooter this morning with their post, Sex Ed Blogger Violet Blue to Start TWaT, the All-Girl Tech Podcast? (ZOMFG, thank you Gizmodo!) Snip:

“When sex/tech blogger and educator Violet Blue was listed on the Forbes list of web celebs, she didn’t expect to be publicly shit-talked by another finalist, who dismissed her as ‘some porn person.’

That person was Leo Laporte, known for his polarized and biting rants on everything from Zune to Gizmodo amidst iPhone rumors. The comment was mentioned in the only tech podcast with a combined clubhouse age of over 150-years, TWiT. That’s ‘This Week in Tech’, the irreverent podcast where Laporte pretends he’s Napoleon.” Link.

Gizmodo’s image is oh-so-worth-it. You know, while Gizmodo points to LaPorte’s “apology”, I should point out that LaPorte didn’t apologize to me, or even send it to me — he sent it to Eve Batey at SFGate, who emailed me a link to it. It’s also not the first time this guy has dissed me on his podcast (TWiT #16, thanks Nobilis). But the apology tells me something interesting about LaPorte: one, that he follows the careers of porn performers closer than GETV reporters (porn performers who only made *one film* last year, natch), and that were I actually a sex worker, his actions would be justified. Hey, he confused me with a porn performer — who am I to judge people who jack off to GETV? No one, that’s who.

Seriously however, comment detractors are saying that I’m “whining”, “overreacting” and need to “get over it” but have any other women publicly faced down men like LaPorte and Dvorak about their sneers? No — women trying to hack it in tech simply have too much to lose.

It’s clear that some of the commenters on Gizmodo get it, and others don’t — they think I wrote what I did because LaPorte hadn’t heard of me, when the point is that they were outright dismissive — if they hadn’t heard of me they could have just said, “huh, how/who is that woman on the list?” Don’t forget: they trashed all the women on that list. Any woman who chose to challenge a dis like that would surely get guys calling her “whiny” and that she “shouldn’t worry her pretty little head” (as seen in Dvorak’s comments).

Veronica Belmont writes in her post Of girls and tech,

“I’m constantly asked what it’s like to be a female working in the tech industry, and let me tell you… it’s not always easy. True, it’s not easy for women working in many fields, but technology has always had that ‘boy’s club’ feel to it. Do you know how many times I’ve been told that I should just stop bothering with technology, and maybe try porn for a living? Or that I’m obviously just a talking head that’s reading a script?” Link.

Oh — w3rd, this is post #999 for this blog! And yes — TWaT will not be left behind as a joke. I’ll be rolling out a new URL soon, so lock up your aging, easily confused tech reporter grandpas…

Update: Sexy Geek and Director of Community at Revver Micki Krimmel sent some sweet sweet blog lovin’ my way in direct regards to facing off with the boys’ club, adding a bit more to chew on. Mickipedia rocks my world!

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Six Inch Snails, porn for a Friday night


Six Inch Snails is a website you’ll want to investigate a tiny bit, though they need some site design help; definitely watch their flix (I enjoyed “showgirl”). The nasty trailer for their Austrian film Viennese makes me realize I need to go back to Vienna. And the discovery of Skin Flick Snippets looking for Viennese film stills is a bonus, indeed. (thanks, Eon)

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