Bloggers Undressed: Margaret Cho


Um… Margaret Cho rocks harder than Judas Priest! We had a great time today, and I interviewed her for my column; aaaand we chatted about porn, anal sex, makeup, sock garters and tattoos (we have lots of cherry blossom tats between us). We did an episode of bloggers undressed — yay! Embedded after the jump.

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beloved comedienne, actress and burlesque performer Margaret Cho tells me about blogging undressed (or not), and sexy geeks.

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Sex and technology conference: Arse Electronica call for speakers and sponsors!

violet blue :: self portrait

It’s time to let this genie out of the bottle: I’m helping to organize an international conference and festival all about sex and tech, with experts from the fields of science, economics, art and technology — Arse Electronica. It will take place here in San Francisco on October 5-7, 2007 at the Porn Palace of The premise isn’t the question of whether or not sex affects tech and culture, but *how* it does.

We’re looking for speakers and presenters, and researchers. If you have an interest in speaking or sponsoring, please email: arseelektronika AT

I’m helping Monochrom to organize this — a serious conference with a fun attitude about sex and tech. There are a number of speakers I’d love to invite and have fly in from various parts of the globe — this could be amazing, and could change many cultural conversations about sex and tech, and my hope is to try and smash the stereotypes that impede the organic evolution of sex and tech. This is not a corporate con; this is by and for the people who are active in sex, sex culture, and technology, and all those interested — not companies hawking products or startups trying to launch another gimmick. We’re looking at talks, presentations, demonstrations, and panels. We’re ready to evolve sex and tech: the conversation starts here.

*We need funding and sponsors*. We’ve secured the location, now we need to not worry about money while we set everything else up — and I’ll post here the minute tickets are available. Please consider funding or sponsoring our very ambitious, exciting conference. (And yes, I’ll be speaking. I can’t wait!)

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Hookin’ up in the 2.0

…because leaving the house is overrated. That’s the topic of this week’s Chron/Gate column, Web 2.0 Dating Games, where I talk about what sites people are using (and a bit about how they’re using them) to cruise. Image: the screencap the Gate was too nervous to run with the piece, which is also my favoritest Craigslist ad ever, and is tempting a response even as I write this. Snip:

And so it goes around the bay: The gays think it’s easy for lesbians, the lesbians think it’s easier if you’re gay … and the straight people think it’s easier if you’re gay. Granted, these common assumptions leave out a couple of other important letters in our alphabet soup of sexual diversity. Dating in the Bay Area may not be a happy hunting expedition for all, yet one thing’s for certain: The communities have community (from the Lexington to, and the nerds have — the Internet. And our Web 2.0 conferences. Happy hunting, and don’t get stuck at home Twittering yourself on Friday night. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. There isn’t. End of discussion. OK?

But wait, you say, don’t you frustrated tech geeks have SOMA and South Park and the Marina — I mean, the Mission — on weekends? Or how about those deliciously retro launch mixers, where you congregate and slip each other Moo cards and quaff too much dot-com startup-sponsored booze, mewling belligerently about how sunlight burns your pale skin?

Sure, if your idea of a hookup involves tracking the cosmo-spilled trail of many a girl who thinks “dress over pants” doesn’t make her look like a Bed Bath & Beyond’s Bed-in-a-Bag-wearing Barbie Facebook Edition. And put down my iBook to sniff out the day-old cigar and single-malt scent of startup jocks rocking the pleated Dockers? Sorry — they may or may not have the new Helio Heat, but their home page is MySpace, and I’ll bet their approach is one long, unwanted page load. No, there exists a Second Life because most of us ran scared from the first one long ago, thanks. We live on the Internet for a reason. And isn’t the purpose of technology to push us farther apart so we can get closer together, online?*


* I credit qDot for this last line.

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Dude, where’s my abortion rights?

Hey — is everyone so caught up in obsessing about the shootings that they aren’t noticing what happened with the Supreme Court and abortion today? And that, like, the four dissenting voices were the few “liberals” in the court, including the only *female* left on the Supreme Court? This is even if a doctor deems it necessary to protect the mother’s life! Help. Help! Snip:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who called the decision alarming, took the rare step of reading parts of her dissent.

“In candour, the Partial Birth Abortion Act and the court’s defence of it cannot be understood as anything other than an effort to chip away at a right declared again and again by this court – and with increasing comprehension of its centrality to women’s lives,” she said.

Observers say the decision reflects the recent addition to the court of two conservative justices appointed by President Bush.


Also, while you were looking at MSM’s morbid over-coverage of the guy who stalked women then went on a killing spree, and not seeing the 2ndary headlines: read my post, Possibly Fatal Blow Dealt to Web Radio.

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Speaking of pricks

Sean Bonner asks the question, who let PayPerPost into 2.0? We’re having the O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference in SF right now — the same O’Reilly who wrote the so-called civility standards enforcing ‘code of conduct’ many of us made fun of because it made little sense to actual bloggers. Well, now it’s starting to make sense — as Sean points out,

Someone who knows nothing about blogs coming across this booth might assume PayPerPost has the O’Reilly seal of approval. Of course there is no mention that much of the blogosphere has actually taken a strong stance against PayPerPost, bloggers found to be involved with PayPerPost are often shunned by their peers, or that search engines like Google actually devalue blogs found to be associated with them.


PayPerPost makes bloggers into spammers, period. It’s interesting to see these gated community 2.0 “a-listers” feel free to set forth blogger ethics in Blogistan (and MSM) and then let sleazebags like PPP set up their shell-game within the holy confines of their conference. And if you pay the $100-$1500 to attend (I couldn’t afford it and was too sick to figure out how to sneak in), you would think PPP has O’Reilly’s endorsement. Seems to me this sort of unspoken endorsement thing requires… some kind of code of conduct.

* Side note: speaking of spammers, I got an email this morning from a huge spam company offering me a couple hundred K for techyum (likely more if I stayed on to provide my original content). A real email, from a real person that I know (but didn’t know worked for this spam behemoth). This is all very weird.

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Mmmm, morning wood

Seen on Our Lady Fleshbot a while back, still yummy any time of the day or night for girls like me: Londoner Luke Stephenson’s Morning Glory series. Take two and call me in the morning? Okay!


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Celebrity hate mail

Okay, well, sort of on the ‘celebrity’ part. Paul Barresi emails me from a quaint AOL address, saying,

Dear Violet

Let me get this “straight”. You were approached by an idiot at the
GayVN’s with no class and pointed to him as the best representation of
a straight man in gay porn? Your story is a million miles off the mark.
Before you endeavor to report on such a complex subject, I suggest you
first do hundreds of interviews and extensive research.

Yours truly
Paul Barresi

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