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Christmas Sale! Get 20% off your adult shopping from Japan

If like us, you prefer some adult items for Christmas rather than the usual socks and Hollywood DVDs, then there’s a treasure trove of toys in Tokyo waiting for you.

After all, though the Christmas season is generally spent eating and watching TV with family members, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t also be a period for enjoying some private time either alone or with a partner.

And that’s, of course, where adult toys come in. In our humble opinion, the sheer range and originality of the toys in Japan makes them the best.

Our friends at Kanojo Toys, the best online destination for Japanese adult items, are offering a special Christmas discount for the holidays. You can get 20% off any purchase, whether it is some Christmas shopping for a lover or just something selfish for yourself. Use the coupon code “christmas” to claim your discount.

christmas shopping adult toys japan sex

So what are you waiting for?! Visit Kanojo Toys to check out their full catalog.

Our personal pick from this month’s new arrivals on the market is the ViViDoll series by Maccos Japan. These are torso onahole toys, so effectively a cross between a sex doll and masturbator sleeve. The Moe version features a more modest bust inspired by petite Japanese girls, while the Ayaka version has a larger pair of breasts.

Both feature an integrate inner frame that allows the torso to stand upright on its own as well as two holes (vaginal and anal) with distinct stimulation.

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese


vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

vividoll 01 moe torso doll masturbator onahole japanese

So do you like your Japanese girls sweet and small? Or busty and big? Now that’s the kind of Christmas choice we like!

Maccos Japan also created the popular Lollipop Misty Nightmare Girl Onahole, to which these ViViDoll toys are spiritual sequels.

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

And so…Tumblr dies

Looks like the end of days for Tumblr and the older content world – and any chance Tumblr had of being profitable via advertising, but that’s their call.

As with everyone else, I don’t know yet where we’ll all land, but Twitter @cuckoldmarriage is at least a likely bet for now.

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Nude nostalgia: Six gorgeous Japanese gravure idols from the 1970s and 1980s

As the Heisei period enters its final months, what better time to look back to… the Showa days!

Clearly there is still something alluring about the 1970s and 1980s, given the way idol Yumi Asahina’s recent photo book brilliantly imitated their vintage charms, and the references to these older style of shoots made by Iori and Rukino.

We wanted to take a trip back in time and pick out five examples of Japanese ladies who hit it big back in the 1970s and 1980s. (This isn’t actually our first stab at doing this of list. For other examples, check out the selection we made back in 2012.)

Our first choice will probably come as no surprise, even if she does not qualify as “Japanese.” The Hawaii-born Agnes Lum is, of course, one of the archetypal glamor models in Japan. It’s easy to see why. Incidentally, she adorned the very first Weekly Playboy cover.

agnes lum japan retro vintage gravure idol

Nami Asada is sadly little known today but made quite an impact in the 1970s with a nude shoot that showed off her F-cup to the full. Her use of an apple prop caused a stir, for obvious reasons, though she was unable to build on this debut and establish herself as a real star.

japan retro vintage gravure idol nami asada

japan retro vintage gravure idol nami asada

Still hot today in her early forties, the actress Yuki Uchida looked great in a swimsuit a couple of decades ago.

yuki uchida japan retro vintage gravure idol

Shinobu Horie was a beautiful star from the 1980s whose career was tragically cut short in her early twenties by cancer.

japan retro vintage gravure idol shinobu hori

Like Uchida, Yuriko Ishida is another actress whose early gravure days have not been forgotten by fans.

japan retro vintage gravure idol yuriko ishida

And finally, the idol Hikaru Nishida made her debut in the late 1980s. Between singing and acting, she also found time for some swimsuit shoots.

japan retro vintage gravure idol hikaru nishida

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Asahi Mizuno announces retirement from porn

Asahi Mizuno, one of the biggest names in adult video, announced her retirement from porn on December 1st.

Posting the announcement on Twitter, she says she will continue to appear in AV until the end of February, which marks her sixth anniversary since entering the industry.

Of course, it’s possible that she might just be leaving her current agency, C-more Entertainment, and will graduate to somewhere else under a new performer name, perhaps after a short period of time off.

Either way, fans have less than three months of official new Asahi Mizuno porn to consume. We can only speculate what her final release will be like.

The G-cup Asahi Mizuno started her career in the industry in February 2013 and is now 28 years old, making her a real veteran in AV terms. In addition to her hundreds of porn titles (a search of her name on Fanza brings up over 1,000 videos!), she has also released several photo books.

asahi mizuno porn star adult video retirement

asahi mizuno porn star adult video retirement

It really is the end of the Heisei era, then, if all our favorite AV ladies are departing our lives!

While Asahi Mizuno might well be leaving the porn industry, we can still satisfy our urges to see her in action with just a few clicks and, even better, try out her range of clone adult toys.

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Sex News: Tumblr bans porn, Starbucks bans porn, California stings sex workers, male contraceptive gel

  • “Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December 17th in a move that will eradicate porn-related communities on the platform and fundamentally alter how the service is used. The ban includes explicit sexual content and nudity with a few exceptions.”
    * Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th (Verge)
  • “With its massive distribution and strict rules, Apple’s App Store has had a broad homogenizing and sanitizing effect on the internet. Tumblr’s iOS app has been unavailable since November 16 … We don’t know for sure whether Tumblr made this final decision under pressure from Apple, or because the platform felt like it could not competently moderate the platform any longer.”
    * Apple Sucked Tumblr Into Its Walled Garden, Where Sex Is Bad (Motherboard)
  • “It began over the Thanksgiving holiday as [an incel] effort to intimidate sex workers and women who sell access to private pornographic social media accounts by reporting them to the Internal Revenue Service for tax evasion—without evidence of wrongdoing. But it quickly morphed into a battle over who has the right to make money on the internet. The harassers are taking advantage of user reporting tools made available by companies like PayPal, Venmo, and CirclePay, in an attempt to force their targets offline and freeze their finances. The tactic has far-reaching implications beyond adult entertainment.”
    * A Quiet War Rages Over Who Can Make Money Online (Wired)

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  • “Under the guise of “anti-trafficking” efforts, police practices in northern California and a new federal law have broadly affected adult sex workers both online and in the streets. The result, activists say, is a risk of increased violence and suffering for the very women whom lawmakers [claim] they are rescuing.”
    * Abused then arrested: inside California’s crackdown on sex work (Guardian)
  • “Starbucks said to The Verge, “While it rarely occurs, the use of Starbucks public Wi-Fi to view illegal or egregious content is not, nor has it ever been permitted…We have identified a solution to prevent this content from being viewed within our stores and we will begin introducing it to our US locations in 2019.””
    * Starbucks says it’ll block porn on its public Wi-Fi next year (Verge)
  • “The Vice headline is lurid. Just a few days ago, on November 28, it screams at us: Millennials in China Are Using Nudes to Secure Loans. The article is breathless and couched in very current terms … It turns out that Vice was just clickbait-remilling (which is to say, ripping off) this more detailed Australian news story, which offers much more clarity about what’s going on — supposedly a sort of extortion-collection ring — and its Chinese sourcing.”
    * Vice Turns Stale Chinese Propaganda Into Nude Clickbait (ErosBlog: The Sex Blog)
  • “The movement has taken hold, says community organizer Lola Balcon, in part as a result of long-term de-stigmatization efforts from human rights groups including Amnesty International, which recommended the decriminalization of sex work in 2016. But it wasn’t until the passage of the so-called Online Trafficking bill SESTA-FOSTA last spring that many workers began to organize locally, forming grassroots coalitions not just to oppose the bill but also to support sex work decriminalization efforts more broadly.”
    * Are Sex Workers Becoming a Viable Political Bloc? (Rolling Stone)
  • “Unicron contends that this brothel, if it ever opens, will be different. That’s partly because of the decor, which Unicron says will feature lots of plexiglass, colored lighting, shiny surfaces and “spaceship vibes” designed by a local artist. It’s also because the brothel will serve as an arm of the cult. “The goal of Eve’s as an aspect of Unicult is to spread matriarchal change through AI and robots,” Unicron, who works as a copywriter, told The Daily Beast.”
    * California Cult Leader Plans Sex-Robot Brothel—With a Twist (Daily Beast)

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  • “The first clinical trial is underway to test a new male contraceptive that could be a game changer for preventing pregnancy … If proven effective, it would be the first hormonal birth control for men. The gel is applied to the back and shoulders.”
    * New Male Contraceptive Gel Enters Clinical Trials (CBS NY)
  • “After he implanted a small magnet inside Aneta, it was suddenly possible for her to get an erotic jolt from the vibrations triggered by the energy of a basic house fan. Starting a car motor also felt good, and the notion of “feeling the music” in a club took on new meaning, as, according to Samppa, large speakers produced enough of an electromagnetic field to give Aneta sexual pleasure. “As far as I know I was the first who had a clitoris magnetic implant,” she says.”
    * Meet the people hacking their bodies for better sex (CNET)

Main post image: Rachael Lange by Ashley Olah MQ Photo Shoot (

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