Are you going to fuck Scott’s dad previous to this fellow leaves? You have solely got a little over a week left. U better receive on it!

Well, that’s not intend to happen.

I have pranced about naked a scarcely any times when that guy was sitting alone by the pool, and I went out for a swim. But that’s about it.

That man didn’t react much, although I could tell that man was looking at me.

On each occasion, by the time I got without the water, this chab had gotten up and left to go back inside. I think to avoid embarrassment or soever.

Anew, he and I were sitting outside having breakfast underneath the gazebo, and I was in a teasing, playful mood. His slutty wife was off somewhere, doing something inside the abode.

The conversation kind of went like this…

“Do you mind if I ask u a personal question?”


“When I first met your son, I guess I fell in love with him almost immediately. He was so appealing and smart and knowledgeable about anything. And laughable. That man always made me laugh.”

“Well, Scott’s always been a charmer, ever since that dude was a little lad.”

“But there was this thing about him that caused problems for us later on, particularly after we got married.”

“Yeah. What was that?”

“This is kind of embarrassing. Are you sure u don’t mind if I ask you?”

“Go ahead.”

“Ummmm… Scott has a really tiny cock. Like truly small. He’s always been exceedingly self-conscious about it. And I just always wondered… if it was genetic. ‘cuz that’s what that chap always told. That it wasn’t his fault.”

Scott’s father didn’t answer me. Instead that chap just stared at me for a scarcely any seconds, looked away, and then got up and left. And that was the last time he ever sat out and had breakfast with me.

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