After giving it lots of thought yesterday, I decided to go…

After giving it a lot of thought yesterday, I decided to go against my instincts.

When I got home, Scott was awaiting for me. I walked into the kitchen from the garage, and this chab just now came up to me, hugged me, put his head on my shoulder, and told, “I love you. And I’m sorry.”

When he said those words to me, his lips were trembling; this chab was on the verge of tears.

I could tell this chap was anxious, nervous, and worried.

I had told him earlier in the day… “When I acquire home tonight, we need to talk about what I saw this morning, and the condoms I found in your luggage.”

I responded, in a matter of fact tone, “I’d like u to please go upstairs and await for me. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

That fellow didn’t answer me; this man just nodded his head, and went upstairs like I asked.

I didn’t go up right away. I took my time, doing a tiny in number things downstairs. I wanted him to sweat it out.

After about 30 minutes, I joined him upstairs. This guy was sitting on a chair in the corporalist bedroom; not relaxed, but sitting forward, with his back up straight, anxious.

Walking into the dressing room, I called out to him, “Would you please run the shower for me. Not too hot.”

As I stripped, he did as I asked.

I walked without the dressing room naked towards the shower. “Please receive your clothing off. I’d like u to join me.”

This chab started undressing immediately. I was already in the shower when this man walked in.

We have this massive, custom-tiled shower area that could easily hold six people, with three shower heads, and another rain-type thingy overhead. It has two redwood benches on either side, and 2 windows that bring in natural light, which face the sea under.

Not sure how to react, where to stand, or what to do, this chab just kind of stood there, off to the side, about two feet away from me, almost like this chab was asking for permission to acquire closer.

I extended my arms to him, “Come here, sweetie.”

I cradled his head in my hands, held his face, and kissed him. Lengthy. Unfathomable. Sensuous. And kept kissing him until his mouth opened and this fellow offered me his tongue. And I gently sucked on it, then offered him mine to engulf on; kind of a thing we do when we kiss sometimes.

It was clearly not what this chab was waiting.

When the kiss broke off, I whispered in his hear, “I love u. That’s all you need to know right now. I love u.”

And this guy started crying. Quiet tears. Within about a minute, his body started trembling. Then this chab started sobbing, not loud, but gently, softly.

And I just held him, with the warm water streaming and spraying on us.

“Would u wash me, please?”, I asked him.

Reaching to the shelf for the liquid soap, this man softly responded, “Of course.”

His hands, rubbing all over my body, slippery with soap, felt astounding. He’s done that for me a thousand times, but this time, it was smth very, very particular. This chab was taking his time, making it feel fine for me.

As this chab was doing that, I noticed that his balls were hanging down, one lower than the other, but his pecker was soft and small, nearly disappearing into his body. I reached down to touch him, cupping his nuts in my hand.

“Did you take one of your little blue pills this day?”


“I’d like u to take one when we acquire without the shower. I’ve to feel you inside me tonight.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

He was taking his time washing my body, gently, touching and exploring each curve and crevice. At some point, I sat on one of the redwood benches, and offered him my feet to wash. That guy dropped down to his knees.

We were in the shower maybe thirty minutes, before we rinsed off, and got out.

Then this dude dried my body with a towel… from head to toe… and handed me my white thick cotton robe.

As I finished towel-drying my hair, this fellow slipped away for a few minutes to his dressing area, came out wearing a robe, and walked to the medicine cabinet.

One time in bed, I laid back, propped by 2 pillows beneath my head and shoulders, and widen my legs. That dude knew exactly what I wanted… and needed, and expected of him.

Out of saying a word, this chap went down on me.

I’ve mentioned before how astounding he’s with his throat and tongue… really the stud is gifted in that regard… and that stud didn’t disappoint. He spend maybe 20 minutes down there, doing his thing.

After bringing me to orgasm… this dude kept bringing me close, and then would back off, and then this man would start on me again… he got on top of me, missionary style, and made love to me.

Everything about it was ideal!

After this chab ejaculated, his wang was still hard, and this chab stayed inside me for a during the time that, as we kissed and touched and I told him once greater amount and once more how much I loved him.

And then, out of my nudging him, or saying a word, that dude slid down the daybed, gently pulled me down towards the edge of the daybed, knelt down on the floor, lifted my legs and put ’em over his shoulders, and went down on me afresh.

And then we fell asleep, and slept in each others arms until this morning.

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