A moment of pretty girl fetish

I think it’s kind of odd how whenever I feel a non-sex post coming on, I have a strong sense of duty that I need to bracket it with sexual content. Not sure why. But, I did get a fresh new slew of fetish girl galleries in my inbox before I got off the plane, and they are unusual enough to share. If you’re ready for something a little different than the usual pretty girl, Met Art style gallery posts I like to curate, you may find these a welcome distraction.

Girls with braces and mouth fetish, non-explicit: here’s Black Mali, Asian Schoolgirl one and Asian Schoolgirl two, Red Ribbon (tease), and a more extreme Asian-girl white leather mouth gag shoot.

Bondage babes: since I know models who literally do “schoolgirl” shoots on mondays and finish with MILF shoots on fridays, take the Bound MILF galleries with the appropriate grains of salt — I like the electric blue rope, a redhead in hand and ankle cuffs, pretty Karina frog tied in pantyhose. First timers are at Rope Rookie, such as this cutie in glasses, another pantyhose capture in Glamor Bond, this hot girl with lots of attitude, plus a garden-variety blonde in red rope (call me crazy, but I just don’t get the sense she’s an amateur). Light fetish glam in Biting the Bullet, Closet Kink and Pinko.

Gas mask fetish includes Disturbed, an explicit double in Mask Mayhem, Gas Vamp, eerie asphyxiation fetish in Prototype, and you can almost hear the rubber squeak in Matrix. There’s also Tissue Queens and Everyday Slaves (link: no exit).

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