A few things to consider… 1st – Was his Mom able to visit him alone in advance of you saw him this week? If so, she could be manipulating him based on what this babe discovered in your room. Second – Is it possible Scott is trying to take the high road and letting u go cuz this dude knows how he is drilled? 3rd – Is lashing out at u the solely way this stud has to deal with what is happening to him? Fourth – His lawyers are feeding u a line of bull and u are being played to leave.

Well, I solely found out about it later… when Scott said me the details of their conversation… but yep, his mother went to go watch him previous to me, which I wasn’t aware of. This babe apparently got there right exactly when visitation started. ‘coz of work, I wasn’t able to see him until much later in the afternoon.

This babe told him about Kimberly, what that babe saw that night when Ty was leaving the pool house… that the chap was black, seemed much aged than her, was sneaking out, wasn’t wearing a shirt, and that she thought Kimberly had just had sex with him.

That babe told him about the argument she got into with Kimberly, which got marvelous heated, when Kimberly stood her ground, and told her grandmother, “Who are you to tell me how to live my life? I don’t tell u how to live your life, with all your specie and your white privilege. So what if he’s African-American? What’s it to you?”

I wasn’t in the room while Kimberly and her grandmother were arguing, but I could overhear ’em.

Scott’s mother said Scott that Kimberly was being irresponsible, that that babe was ruining her life, and that she would must go back to live with her mother.

This babe said him, “This is exactly what happened with Dana. Kimberly is intend to end up preggo by some nigger. Is that what u desire? Do u realize what an embarrassment and what a catastrophe that would be?”

This babe said him she thought I was probably responsible for it. That she has noticed how close Kimberly and I are, that this babe thinks Kimberly looks up to me, and that that can’t be good.

This babe said him that because I’ve not ever had children, that I’ve no idea how to set a proper example for a child.

That babe told him that I merely married him for his money, and that that babe has at no time trusted me.

She said him that I don’t come from a worthwhile family. Reminded him that my father was a drunk.

That babe reminded him that she tried hard to warn him about me; that I was trash, always have been, and always will be.

That babe said him that that fellow needs to look out for himself, that that chap needs to just now file for divorce, and protect his daughter.

And then that babe said him, “Look at where you’re right now. I don’t make no doubt of for a minute that you’re here ‘cuz of everything u did. Are u covering up for her? Is that what’s going on? Are u that blind to her manipulations? My Lord, what has this babe done to u?”

Among other things, this is why Scott is so upset and blames me for anything.

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